FRIDAY, MAY 5, 2017

Like the Irish heritage, the Mexican heritage in the U.S. shouldn't be reduced to another of those big "amateur drinking days." But Cinco de Mayo (a day feted more here than in Mexico itself) is with us once more.

How about, instead of downing tequila shots while wearing costume-shop sombreros, we instead devote this day to learning about the Latino/a/x folk directly around us, and to helping fight for their right to remain around us?


After Thursday's highly dramatic weather extremes, it's back to showers for another day or two; then sunny skies return late Saturday or Sunday.



Thursday was "an amazing day of lightning" all over western Washington—"at least several hundred strokes." (Cliff Mass) (KING) (KIRO-TV) (image: Tim Durkan)



A judge reprimanded and fined the attorney for Ed Murray's principal accuser, saying Lincoln Beauregard violated court-conduct rules, using filing announcements as media events. (Slog) (PubliCola) (Crosscut) 

Murray's defense tactic of attacking his accusers "is common, but experts say it keeps survivors of sexual abuse quiet." (Slog) (Weekly)

Murray's backing out of a scheduled appearance at Seattle Colleges' first-ever systemwide graduation ceremony. (SeaTimes) 


Rep. Dave Reichert voted no on Zombie Trumpcare 2.0, but not until after it was assured the (dreadful and deadly) legislation would pass. (KIRO-TV)

State Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler says the Obamacare repeal is great, as long as you're not sick, elderly, or poor, and don't plan to be any of those in the future. (KUOW)

Amanda Knox says she doesn't owe the White House occupant blind loyalty or anything like it; and brands some of his followers as bereft of both reason and "values." (LAT) 

Local religious leaders speak out against the "religious liberty" executive order, allowing churches to endorse candidates and discriminate against women, gays, minorities, etc. (Joel Connelly) 

Ex-Sonic Ray Allen has joined the board of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, commemorating an historic tragedy some "alt-right" goons want to deny. (PI.com)

WSU administrators are investigating a racist video shot on campus that spread thru social media. (AP) 


Seattle could outlaw some police interrogation tactics, such as lying to suspects about evidence. (Crosscut) 

A federal judge approved the plan to equip Seattle police with body cams. (SeaTimes)


A man shouted homophobic slurs while pointing a gun at two people along Rainier Avenue. (PI.com) 


Rejecting the argument that sex work is (usually) a "victimless crime," the Legislature passed a bill to make it easier to arrest and prosecute "johns." (News Tribune)

A simple primer on just how regressive Wash. state's tax structure is. (Civic Skunk Works) 


A group of artists and musicians petitioned Paul Allen to financially support artist-housing projects. (Weekly) 

Media home prices in Seattle are approaching three quarters of a million. (SeaTimes) 

And Tacoma's got double-digit rent increases, second-highest in the nation. (News Tribune)

In some of Seattle's single-family neighborhoods, populations are shrinking, because family sizes are shrinking. (Sightline) 


Murray's almost certain to approve one of the KeyArena rebuild schemes, with or without a team to put into it. (Stephen Cohen, PI.com) 

Opponents of the Seattle Asian Art Museum's expansion project are readying a last-ditch legal action to stop it. (Capitol Hill Seattle)

A "surprise bidder" for a land tract near the Rainier Beach light-rail station puts a crimp into plans to establish a "food innovation district" there. (South Seattle Emerald)

Can Seattle ever get a more pedestrian-friendly street infrastructure? (Crosscut)


Amazon staged a media event for the installation of the first rare plant in its Belltown "spheres." (KUOW) 


Black Dot, the Af-Am community "business incubator" project that got evicted from the 23rd and Union strip-mall block, has reopened in a much bigger space. (GeekWire) 


The Mariners roared under the roof for an 11-3 romp against the Angels. The Texas Rangers are in town for three games starting tonight.

Sounders FC home tomorrow vs. Toronto.

The Storm's brief preseason ends Sunday at Phoenix.

The Seattle (really Kent) Thunderbirds start the Western Hockey League finals tonight vs. Regina. (KCPQ) 


Henry Partch's "Oedipus: A Music Dance Drama." (UW Meany Theater, Fri-Sat) 

Cinco de Mayo block party. (Tacos Guaymas Green Lake, Fri-Sat) 

Miss Coco Peru in "The Taming of the Tension." (Re-bar, Fri-Sat) 

"Centrifuge 2," short plays about science. (North Seattle College, Fri-Sat) 

"Spiritrials," adaptation of musical piece by Dahlak Brathwaite. (Langston Hughes Center, Fri-Sat) 

Crypticon. (Airport DoubleTree, Fri-Sun) 


"Urban Bird Treaty" signing ceremony. (Lincoln Park, Fri)

Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, Stephen Kellogg. (Neptune, Fri) 

Cave Singers, Chris Cheveyo. (Crocodile, Fri) 

Trash Panda, Paul S. Jenkins. (Café Racer, Fri) 

"45: The Art of the Deal," posters by cartoonist Jeremy Eaton. (521 NW 43rd St., Fri) 

Lushy, Johnny Astro, DJ Vodka Twist. (Parlaiment, Fri) 

Red May presents "Luxury for All" panel. (Town Hall, Fri) 

PJ Harvey. (WaMu Theater, Fri) 

Seattle Composers' Salon. (Chapel Performance Space, Fri) 

Bobby Medina, Trio Los Latinos. (Triple Door, Fri) 

Teen Night Out. (SAM, Fri) 

Alma y Azucar Septet. (Royal Room, Fri) 

"Proud & Nasty" party with Michael Zabrek, Scott Morning, Aaron Harmonson, Adam D. Gross. (Pono Ranch, Fri) 

Cashmere Cat. (Showbox, Fri) 

Windermere Cut party with the Lovejacks, Spike & the Impalers. (Montlake Cut, Fri) 

Thadayus & the Electrofunks EP release. (Columbia City Theater, Fri) 

Shivering Denizens, Disco Cowboys, Gunn and the New Barbarians. (Slim's Last Chance, Fri) 

The Family Curse, the Gods Themselves, Mirror Ferrari. (Sunset, Fri) 

Soul singer Christopher Martin. (Red Lounge, Fri) 

Author Annie Proulx. (Central Library, Fri) 

Bob the Drag Queen in "A Queen for the People." (SIFF Egyptian, Fri) 

David Shields with Amanda Knox. (U Book Store, Fri) 

Jack Straw Writers Reading. (Jack Straw Center, Fri) 

Deep Sea Diver. (Elysian Brewing, Fri) 

Author Karen Russell. (Washington Hall, Fri) 

"Pod Save America" podcast recording. (Showbox Sodo, Fri)

Moon Hooch, Cumbieros. (Nectar, Fri) 

"Andheim's West Side Story," electronica night. (Substation, Fri) 

Sazerac Orchestra, Butterflies of Death. (Highline, Fri) 

Devil's Advocats in "Mystic's Strip Trip." (Rendezvous, Fri) 


Magnetic Fields. (Moore, Sat-Sun)


Aaiiee, Insect Man. (Café Racer, Sat) 

SInger Elaine Bonow, pianist Steve Rice. (Egan's, Sat) 

Debacle Fest. (Columbia City Theater, Sat) 

Opening Day of Boating Season and Windermere Cup. (Montlake Cut, Sat) 

Cinco de Mayo celebration. (El Centro de la Raza, Sat) 

Art Rising, series of interactive installations. (Various spots, Sat) 

Free Comic Book Day. (Various spots, Sat) 

Seth Nahil, RM Francis, Cameron Shafii. (Chapel Performance Space, Sat) 

Giants in the Trees, MKB Ultra. (Blue Moon, Sat) 

South Lake Union Saturday Market opening. (139 9th Ave. N., Sat) 

Young Pioneers, Ball Bag, Sky Penis. (Slim's Last Chance, Sat) 

"Community Power Summit: Building People Power in Seattle." (All Pilgrims Church, Sat) 

"Hootenanny!: A Sing-Along for Social Change." (Town Hall, Sat) 

Sylvan Series presents "Efflorescence," art/light show. (Volunteer Park Conservatory, Sat) 

South Sound Tug & Barge. (West Seattle Brewing Co., Sat) 

Jet City Brass. (9 Lb. Hammer, Sat) 

Com Truise, Clark (no relation), Roland Tings. (Neumos, Sat) 

Guitarist Antigoni Goni. (Benaroya Hall, Sat) 

Son Volt, Anders Parker. (Crocodile, Sat) 

"Sky High" series presents Pezzner, Foofou, Errant Sons. (Smith Tower, Sat) 

Flogging Molly, the White Buffalo, Dylan Walshe. (Showbox Sodo, Sat) 

Ramiro, GriffinGrrl. (Vermillion, Sat) 

Gnash, Sweater Beats, MAX, more. (Neptune, Sat)

Okkervil River (acoustic). (Triple Door, Sat) 

Federale, Kingdom of the Holy Sun, Purrs. (Sunset, Sat) 

"It Takes a VIllage: Caring for Our Community's Black Kids." (NW African American Museum, Sat) 


Red May presents "Capitalism, Technology, Subjectivity," short films. (Grand Illusion, Sun) 

"The King of Metiabruz," Seattle-shot Indian film. (Kirkland Performance Center, Sun) 

Melissa Etheridge. (Paramount, Sun) 

"LInes of Flight: An Atomic Memoir" author Julie Salverson. (Elliott Bay Book Co., Sun) 

The Moonshine Revival Tent presents musical play "Carny Girl." (West of Lenin, Sun thru May 21) 

Real Friends, Have Mercy, Tiny Moving Parts. (El Corazon, Sun)

Blue Janes CD release. (Royal Room, Sun) 

Sacri Monti, the Josephine Chopper, Michael Wohl. (LoFi, Sun) 

Charity car show for PAWS. (UW Red Square, Sun) 

Iranian documentary film "Starless Dreams." (NW Film Forum, Sun) 

Virtual reality pop-up. (New Holly Gathering Hall, Sun) 

"Alice in Lubeland," burlesque revue. (Rendezvous, Sun) 

Kiefer Sutherland. (Tractor, Sun) 


Both I and the newsletter have big birthdays coming up. Know a good place in town to hold it at? Lemme know.


(Isadora Duncan):

“You were wild once. Don’t let them tame you.”


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