TUESDAY, MAY 9, 2017

Remember: It's not whether Ed Murray will stay or go. It's whether he'll try to stay four years longer, or simply finish out his current term.


Dry and mostly sunny for another day or two. Highs could reach 70 today.



Sinclair Broadcasting, the notorious right-wing-biased station group that bought KOMO (and laid off a huge chunk of its newsroom), now plans to buy Tribune Broadcasting, owner of (among many other stations) KCPQ. The latter could be kept pending FCC approval, or it could be downgraded into a cheap "repeater station," or it could be sold off (possibly to the Fox stations group). In any event, it's not good news for independent local journalism around here. (SeaTimes)  (AP) (CNN) 



Ed Murray may announce as early as this morning that he won't run for re-election after all. (KIRO-FM) (KCPQ) 

In a rare non-election-season unsigned editorial, the Stranger expressed hope that Murray will withdraw: "Our conclusion that you should not seek re-election comes in reaction to the way you’ve handled the accusations against you."

There are options for Murray's $200,000 campaign "war chest" if he opts not to file for re-election. (Weekly) (Slog) 

With three more-or-less major challengers to Murray, the mayor's race is getting aggressive. (Crosscut) 

And now there's yet another challenger: State Sen. Bob Hasegawa. (Crosscut) 


The US Justice Department ordered the Seattle-based Northwest Immigrant Rights Project to cease much of its work to "advise immigrants of their legal rights and help them fill out paperwork." The group sued in a Seattle federal court to block the order, saying it would force thousands "to go without legal help in deportation cases." (KUOW) (SeaTimes)

State Sen. Marko Lilas (D-Lynnwood) wants to force the White House occupant to release his tax returns or not get to run for re-election. (KING) 

Anti-immigrant posters have gone up in South Park. So have pro-immigrant counter-posters. (Slog) 

Why's this state's undocumented-immigrant population rising? Because there are jobs here. (KUOW)

Knute Berger argues that the under-construction new Nordic Heritage Museum will be a shining example of the Scandihoovians' superior ways of doing most everything. (Of course, it fiscally helps that some of those countries have nationalized North Sea oil.)

A Muslim woman says Sound Credit Union's Kent branch discriminated against her for wearing a hood, refusing to serve her while other women with headgear were called by tellers. (Seattle Globalist)


Six African American community groups in King County are trying to coordinate their work, to present a "unified agenda." (KNKX) 


We now know more about the drug charges against Seattle police officer Alex Chapackdee. He and his alleged business partners supposedly transported "several hundred pounds" of pot, in multiple car and RV trips, across state lines to Baltimore, where the stuff's still officially illegal. (KING) (Slog) 


Those "Notice of Land Use Action" signs you see all over town these days will get a re-design. The projects they describe, however, will likely be as ugly as ever. (GeekWire)

Even if Chris Hansen's Sodo Arena project gets approved and built, the city will still have do do something with KeyArena to make it profitable again. Under that condition, a major KeyArena rebuild, even with indirect taxpayer participation (via bond guarantees, parking garage subsidies, etc.) might still be a better overall deal. (Geoff Baker)

The former Batelle Research campus in Laurelhurst is for sale. The last time someone tried to buy the 80-acre site to carve into home sites, neighbors put up an awful ruckus. What'll happen this time? (SeaTimes) 


KCPQ asks, "Is there any glimmer of hope for prospective home buyers in Western Washington?", then immediately answers, "Nope."


A UW study says we're living longer, at least in this state; but by how much varies a lot. (SeaTimes) (GeekWire) 

A local toddler may have a rare disease linked to "roundworms found in raccoon droppings." (SeaTimes)


Another of those silly surveys claims Amazon is America's "most loved brand." (PI.com) 


Activists temporarily shut down a few Chase Bank branches Monday, protesting its role in financing the Keystone XL pipeline. About a dozen of the activists were arrested, possibly including City Council candidate Jon Grant. (Slog) (PI.com) (KOMO)


The Mariners go to Philly for three games starting tonight.

The Thunderbirds play game 3 of the Western Hockey League finals tonight in Kent.


Payali Bhattacharya, editor of "Good Girls Marry Doctors: South Asian American Daughters on Obedience and Rebellion." (Elliott Bay Book Co.) 

Jim Basnight & Mikel Rollins. (Triple Door) 

Aimee Mann, Jonathan Coulton. (Neptune) 

Jamey Johnson, Margo Price, Brent Cobb. (Showbox Sodo) 

"Political Postcard Happy Hour." (Cure) 

Red May series presents "Open the Borders: The Socialist Case for Full Equality." (Common Good Cafe) 

"Radiotopia," revue of podcast personalities. (Moore) 

"The Round" series presents Nikkita Oliver, Reed Turner, Joy Mills, and live painting by Matthew Brennan. (Fremont Abbey)

"Research and Development Wing" play festival. (Annex Theatre, thru May 17) 

"The Music of Prince with the Seattle Symphony." (Benaroya Hall) 

Regrets, Elia, Bad Saint. (Chop Suey) 

"An American in Paris: A New Musical." (Paramount, thru Sun) 

Funk drummer Stanton Moore. (Jazz Alley, thru Wed) 

Charly Bliss, Dude York, Gobbinjr. (Vera Project) 

Author David R. Montgomery on "bringing our soil back to life." (Town Hall) 

"At the Inkwell" series presents "The Morning After," group reading. (Vermillion) 

Thurston Moore Group. (Neumos)  

"Six Pack Series" presents "How I Got My Groove Back" variety revue. (12th Ave. Arts)

"Dismantling Racism: A Forum for South Seattle." (Rainier Arts Center) 


(F. Scott Fitzgerald, “One Interne"):

“He saw her before he saw anything else in the room.”


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