FRIDAY, MAY 12, 2017

Mother’s Day is here, the fifth anniversary of the last Mother’s Day my own mother and I had together. Hope some of you can stilll fete this, or have fond memories of when you could. Like hiphop producing superstar Ryan Lewis, whose mom has battled HIV for over three decades.



Showers off-and-on all weekend.



The recent firing of FBI head James Comey reminded many old-timers of the “Saturday Night Massacre,” in which a beseiged Richard Nixon tried to stifle investigations into his corruption. One of these firees, Bill Ruckelshaus, is from here, and has told his story about the incident several times. (Crosscut) (KCTS) (image: Washington Secretary of State’s office)

State Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s threatened to sue the White House to keep the Hanford Reach National Monument preserved. (SeaTimes)

Ferguson’s also among reps of some 20 states calling for an independent counsel ot investigate Russia’s ties to the last Presidential election. (Weekly)

Rep. Dave Reichert (R-WA) is rumored to be among those considered to be the next FBI boss. Considering his record of sucking up to GOP powers-that-be and billionaire campaign contributors, he just might have a shot. (Slog)

Tacoma’s regulatory strides against the for-profit immigration jail may be “too little, too late.” (Weekly)

“Democracy Now” host Amy Goodman, in town this week, interviewed Kshama Sawant, who said current political conditions have led to “a historic period of revolt,” here and in other countries.

The Seattle Times found the internal courage to print the word “bullshit,” in a story about the UW class about how to detect just that. (PubliCola)



Ed Murray’s staff released his aborted re-election campaign’s final finances. The remaining cash can be returned or donated, but not directly transferred to a legal defense fund. (Weekly)

The next (potential) mayoral candidate: CIty Councilmember Lorena Gonzalez. (KING)

Meanwhile, longtime deputy Mitzi Johanknecht is running to unseat embattled King County Sheriff John Urquhart. (SeaTimes)


Hanford officials officially claim the most recent potentially radioactive accident there has been safely contained. (KOMO)

Hanford, not Fukuhsima, is “the big radiological threat to the west coast.” (CounterPunch)


Two state Senate Republicans, including Dino Rossi, want an “investigation” into Sound Trensit. (KIRO-FM)

A Bothell Legislative Republican is launching an initiative to ban “safe injection sites” in King County. (KCPQ)

The latest crisis at Western State Hospital: a “critical safety situation” involving insufficient fire-safety protections. (KCPQ)


Local weather blogger Cliff Mass again betrayed his dorkiness when writing about any other topic. This time, he offered a “solution” to the homelessness crisis. It involves building cheap (even sub-code) shelter facilities somewhere in the south end, while prohibiting the homeless from appearing or existing anywhere else in town (i.e., anywhere people like him would risk seeing them). Impractical as well as elitist. (Michael Maddux)

“Why is ‘affordable’ housing so expensive to build?” Partly because even partial local-government funding requires paying living wages to construction workers and adherence to “green building” guidelines, the latter saving money in the long run. (Outside City Hall blog)

It can sometimes be cheaper to barge surplus homes down from B.C. than to build them from scratch here. (KING)

Tacoma may join Everett in suing pain-med makers, for helping create the opioid epidemic that’s helped create the homeless crisis. (News Tribune) (AP)


SHould we really pay no mind to all the tiny earthquakes around the Sound in the past few weeks? (PI.com)


“Don’t call a black woman ‘exotic,’ ever.” (KUOW)


The Folklife Festival isn’t the only nonprofit music fest dealing with a cash-strapped future. (Weekly)


Chris Hansen’s Sodo arena group issued a statement striking back against both KeyArena rebuild schemes. Hansen’s people insist their plan would have a lower net cost to the city, and would be more attractive to the NBA and NHL. (Art Thiel) (KCPQ)


The Economist says Seattle is now America’s second tech hub; “joined at the hip, now more than ever” with Silicon Valley.


Amazon caught, and diabled, software “bots” originating from Walmart, trying to keep track of Amazon’s prevailing prices on lots of stuff. (PS Biz Journal)


There’s finally a print memorial to local ballet celeb Kabby Mitchell. (SeaTimes)



The Storm’s regular season begins Saturday in Los Angeles.

The Thunderbirds play Regina in Kent tonight, in game 5 of the deadlocked Western Hockey League finals. Game 6 is at Regina Sunday.

Sounders FC at Chicago Saturday.

The Mariners’ injury-struck pitching staff fell to Toronto 7-2. The series continues thru Sunday.



Katgy Malkasian: "Eartha." (Fantagraphics Bookstore) 

Garek Druss: "Immensity Without Horizon." (Bridge Productions) 

Robert Hardgrave: "Pulp." (Studio E)

Nauticult. (Georgetown Trailer Park Mall) 



Upstream Music Fest + Summit, with too many acts to mention here. (WaMu Theater and many other spots, thru Sat)

Downstream Music Festival & Art Show. (Substation, thru Sat) 

“Everfree Northwest,” “My Little Pony” fan convention. (Airport DoubleTree, Fri-Sun)

Flight to Mars, Thunderpussy. (Showbox, Fri-Sat) 

PhinneyWood Art Walk. (Various spots, Fri-Sat) 

Seattle Recycled Arts Festival. (Urban Light Studios, Fri-Sat) 

"Hump!," annual DIY porn fest. (SIFF Uptown, Fri-Sat) 

"Transit of Metis," classically-inspired dance performance. (Erickson Theatre, Fri-Sun) 

"In Somnia: A Circus Journey through the World of Dreaming." (SANCA, Fri-Sat) 

"The Mama-Logues: A Comedy About Motherhood." (Youngstown Arts, Fri-Sat) 

Improvised Music Project “IMPFest.” (UW Ethnic Cultural Theater, Fri-Sat)

“Gutenberg! The Musical!” (Rendezvous, Fri thru May 22)


Everclear, Vertical Horizon, Fatball. (Showbox Sodo, Fri)

Local animated feature "Torrey Pines," with live score. (Central Library, Fri) 

Snubs, Hellbat, Mud On My Bra. (Cafe Racer, Fri) 

Author Claire Dederer. (Town Hall, Fri) 

“Rumi’s Secret” author Brad Gooch. (First Baptist Church, Fri)

“The Girl on the Train” author Paula Hawkins. (Town Hall, Fri)

"The High Bar" podcast taping with Lindy West and Sir Mix-A-Lot. (Art Marble 21, Fri) 

Henry Art Gallery’s “Brink Awards Bash.” (Filson store, Fri)

The Pop Cycle, Haymaker, Swedish Finnish. (Darrell's, Fri) 

Screens, Select Level, Patrick Galactic. (LoFi, Fri) 

LP. Josiah and the Bonnevilles. (Tractor, Fri) 

Todrick Hall in "Straight Outta Oz." (Moore, Fri) 

Seattle Symphony presents “Celebrate Asia.” (Benaroya Hall, Fri)

“Music of Today” concert. (UW Meany Theatre, Fri)

Meklit, Gabriel Teodros, WD4D. (Crocodile, Fri) 

Pauly Shore. (Laughs Comedy Club, Fri) 

Greta Matassa Quartet. (Tula's Fri) 

Luna Moss, PLFC, Value Ape. (Blue Moon, Fri) 

The Minimalists. (Neptune, Fri) 

Zachary James Watkins. (Chapel Performance Space, Fri) 


Flower festival. (Pike Place Market, Sat-Sun) 


Big Dig Record Show. (Vermillion, Sat) 

Jim Henson Con. (Central Library, Sat) 

Native Art Market. (UW Burke Museum, Sat) 

Hamsaz Ensemble. (Town Hall, Sat) 

Gamelan Pacifica tribute to composer Lou Harrison. (Chapel Performance Space, Sat)

“QTPOC Is Not a Rapper: Poetic Justice.” (Scratch Deli, Sat)

Riffbrokers, Navins, Radio On. (Slim's Last Chance, Sat) 

Pleather, Nightspace, DoNormaal, MMMelt. (Timbre Room, Sat) 

Emel Mathlouthi. (UW Meany Hall, Sat) 

Night Market, Asian food fair. (UW Red Square, Sat) 

Tape Face. (Neptune, Sat) 

Jesse Lanza, Kate NV. (Barboza, Sat) 

Eagle Teeth, SeepeopleS, Mts. & Tunnels, Pimpsons. (High Dive, Sat)

The Dip, True Loves, Whitney Mongé. (Neumos, Sat)

Bobby V, DJ Kun Luv. (Hard Rock Cafe, Sat)

Goldnwolf, Johnny Sonic. (Columbia City Theater, Sat) 


Joe Goddard. (Nectar, Sun) 

Kongos, Mother Mother. (Showbox, Sun) 

"The PrEP Diaries" author Evan J. Peterson, with burlesque dancers. (Narwhal, Sun) 

Conan, North, He Whose Ox Is Gored. (Highline, Sun)

Anais Mitchell, Hip Hachet. (Tractor, Sun)

Color Run 5K. (Seattle Center, Sun) 

Red May series presents “The What Is Capitalism Contest.” (Union Bar, Sun)

“Concentration Camp Resistance & Anarcho-Nihilism” workshop. (Left Bank Books, Sun)

“Your Stories” podcast presents “Sleepless.” (Wayward Coffeehouse, Sun)

U2, Mumford and Sons. (CenturyLink Field, Sun) 





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