Observer.com, the online-only successor to the old NY Observer weekly newspaper (and run until recently by First Son-In-Law Jared Kushner), ran an essay by Cliston Brown asserting that Democrats shouldn’t try to impeach the current White House occupant (something Congressional Republicans wouldn’t support anyway). 

Brown’s reasoning: VP Mike Pence would pursue the same ultra-reactionary agenda—but much more competently. Brown believes it would behoove the Dems to let the current Dumpster fire keep a-smolderin'.

The thing is, the current occupant isn’t just destroying the GOP from within. He’s a threat to our country’s national security, even its sovereignty. 

There may come a time, perhaps soon, when we’ll need to act to preserve the nation. Even if it means preserving the right wing. 


At last! Clear and warming today; up to the high 70s by the weekend.



A “spaceship house” in Snohomish County, built in 1983 by a Boeing Everett worker, is getting torn down. (Everett Herald)



We know who’s the “business candidate” for mayor, at least for now: Jenny Durkan, who’s raised more campaign cash than anyone else in just four days. (PubliCola)

Not running for mayor: City Councilmember Lorena Gonzalez. (PI.com)

The Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission said Ed Murray’s supporters can’t solicit donations to a Murray legal-defense fund, not while Murray’s still mayor. (SeaTimes)

You know that big City Light project to install “smart meters”? It won’t be as big as originally intended, due to cost overruns. (Crosscut)


At the appeals trial over Travel Ban 2.0, one of the judges compared it to the internment of Japanese Americans in WWII. (KNKX)

Will the proposed slashing of the EPA’s budget “make Hanford more dangerous than it already is?” (Stranger)

“Letters of concern” from Wash. state residents to the White House, about threatened national monuments and other topics, just keep “piling up.” (SeaTimes)

At County Exec Dow Constantine’s annual fundraising luncheon, national Democratic Party chair Tom Perez said the Dems would get back to feet-on-the-ground campaigning: "We've got to be there in every community, we've got to be in every state.” Jimmy Carter, here for a Gates Foundation confab, also stopped by. (Joel Connelly)

State AG Bob Ferguson, along with his counterparts from 17 other states, filed a new amicus brief supporting transgender students’ rights, specifically in the case of a Virginia trans-male high school student who’d been forbidden to use the boys’ restroom. (Weekly)


One suggestion for dismantling “structural school segregation”: denser zoning in neighborhoods surrounding schools. (Sightline)

Seattle’s public schools are #2 in the nation—at black vs. white “achievement gaps.” (Education Research Institute)


The City Council’s police-accountability proposal is drawing flak from different sides. Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole and City Attorney Pete Holmes say the plan is “too complex,” and could undermine federally-mandated reform moves. Others note that the planned community oversight board won’t have direct power to drive SPD policies. (SeaTimes) (Slog)


BMW’s ReachNow car-share service is footing the bill for 100 public electric-car charging stations in Seattle. (Remember: here in hydro-dam country, electric vehicles may be a “greener” choice; not so much in other regions, where much elecritity comes from carbon-burning.) (KNKX)

Some “futurist” claims the whole country will convert to driverless, ride-share cars within 13 years. (KIRO-FM)


As expected/threatened, state Senate Republicans are trying to kill Sound Transit 3. (SeaTimes)


A firefighter who was seriously injured by the Greenwood gas-main explosion is personally suing Puget Sound Energy and its contractors. (SeaTimes)


Northgate, the “Mall That Started It All,” might not have survived its first year but for a popular stunt attraction: an abnormally tall Christmas tree. (KNKX)

This past Mother’s Day, Stranger writer Heidi Groover posted a poignant essay, “A Few Things That Remind Me My Mom Is Dead.” (Medium)


In February, local artist Xavier Lopez created a “Message in a Bottle” installation at Seattle Center. It invited passers-by to leave notes with the theme “Write a message to the future.” The installation’s now down. Lopez won’t say what the notes said. (KNKX)


Could the Decibel Festival, formerly Seattle’s premiere electronic-music showcase, come back? (Slog)


Sounders FC at Sporting Kansas City tonight.

The Mariners came back from a 4-1 deficit to lead Oakland 5-4 in the eighth inning, only to end up losing 9-6. Series ends tonight.

Could ex-San Francisco quarterback (and outspoken Black Lives Matter proponent) Colin Kaepernick become a Seahawk? (News Tribune)


“The Moth MainStage.” (Benaroya Hall)

Seattle 17th of May Festival. (Various Ballard spots)

History Café presentation on “Rosie the Riveter Yesterday and Today: Washington Women in the Trades.” (MOHAI)

Pete Yorn. (Crocodile)

Male/Female, Mirror Ferrari, Cool Ruins. (Timbre Room)

Tuxedo. (Neumos)

Ballard Jazz Festival. (Various spots, thru Sat)

UW prof Jill Dougherty on “Putin’s Diplomatic Poker Game.” (Town Hall)

Dr. Charles W. Mills on “Liberalism and Racial Justice.” (SU Pigott Auditorium)

Comedian Chris Fleming. (Neptune)

“Meet the Artist” series presents Margarita Bali. (UW Jacob Lawrence Gallery)

“Poetry Is Not a Symbol,” lecture by Matthew Rohrer. (Sorrento)

“Garden of Sonic Delights” with DJs Maxwell Edison and Brian Probart. (Revolver)

Schizophonics, Sir Coyler & HAB, Dr. Quinn and the Medicine Woman. (Highline)

“Piano Starts Here: The Music of Earl Hines and Mary Lou Williams.” (Royal Room)

“Post-’68 Apocalypse” film series presents “Ice.” (NW Film Forum)

“Think and Drink Seattle” series presents “A Beginner’s Guide to Populism.” (Naked City Brewery)


(Agatha Christie):

“As life goes on it becomes tiring to keep up the character you invented for yourself, and so you relapse into individuality and become more like yourself everyday.”


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