FRIDAY, MAY 19, 2017

“A Clean Place, Reasonably Priced.”

That was the headline I used back in my MISC. print zine in 1990 when “Twin Peaks” first aired. 

While others at the time (and since) called it a surreal fantasy, I perceived it as the most accurate, realistic screen depiction ever of Wash. state’s people, aesthetics, social relations, and (yes) horrors.

Now, 25 years after the last new “Peaks” footage (the prequel feature “Fire Walk With Me”), “Twin Peaks” returns Sunday.

Will it be different? Of course. Not all my favorite characters (those played by still-living actors) are in it; and those who are back are, of course, older.

Will it be as insightful, as compelling, as truly Nor’Western as the old? I hope and trust so.


Mostly clear and warming up; perhaps getting quite warm by Sunday.



A lot of us are hurting today. 

Some of us, as today’s news shows, are in a constant, ebbing-and-flowing state of hurt. 

Such has been the fate of many of us.

And it was the fate of Chris Cornell. 

One of the Seattle rock scene’s leading lights, Cornell had publicly admitted to bouts of chronic depression and drug use from an early age. 

As John Richards (below) noted at KEXP’s Cornell wake (and I can confirm from experience), if you’re prone to the kind of depression that’s “just there,” not “triggered” by one major life event, that depression never fully goes away. Wealth, fame, and even a loving family can’t really quench it for good.

Cornell had, as they say, “everything to live for.” He’d re-formed his band Soundgarden, returning to major tours. He had a strong second marriage and three kids. He’d long left Seattle (and any old temptations to go back to “using”), with homes in LA and France. 

But this sort of illness persists. 

As Julie A. Fast posted on HuffPo,Sometimes an illness is simply stronger than the person. The idea that suicidal ideation leaves people alone when they create a good life is an absolute lie. The idea that being in love and having beautiful kids you would die for is going to prevent suicidal thoughts is a lie.”

Throughout Seattle, people mourned Cornell. At the “Sound Garden” art installation in Magnuson Park; at the “Black Sun” art piece at Volunteer Park; at MoPOP; at Thursday’s Mariners game (Cornell and Ms’ pitching legend Randy Johnson were close friends). (Slog) (AP) (KING) (PI.com) (GeekWire)

Condolences poured in via social media, from celebrities, people who’d known him, and regular fans. (Slog) (KING) (KCPQ) (SeaTimes) (CBC)

“‘Be Nice to Pets’: Chris always signed his records and merchandise with these words.… Just one of the many things that made Chris and the rest of his lot a little different from your average rock stars.” (Mark Pickerel, Facebook)

Cornell had “an unforgettable vulnerability.” (Amanda Petrusich, New Yorker)

Cornell had made “an indelible presence in the musical consciousness of people all over the world.” (Sean Nelson)

“Chris Cornell was monumental, at the absolute core of what we know as Seattle music, and the fact that he’s gone does my head in.” (Chris Tharp, Facebook)

“This hits hard.” (Ryan Blethen)

“There was something wrong” at Cornell’s final show. (Detroit Free Press) (Seattle mag)

The album title “Superunknown” was derived from “Superklown,” J.P. Patches’ “secret identity.” (Rolling Stone)

“If you’re suicidal, staying alive is the most selfless thing you can do.” (TheEstablishment)



Comments and controversy continue over ex-Seattle Times reporter Alex Tizon’s posthumously published confession “My Family’s Slave.” Among them: “Three Filipina-American Journalists Discuss ‘My Family’s Slave’ and Who Gets to Judge It” (HuffPo); “Can Alex Tizon Be Forgiven for His Sins?” (Crosscut); “Filipinos Defend Alex Tizon From Western Backlash” (Quartz)

Tizon’s widow, meawhile, says she “hopes we’ll keep talking about” her husband’s family story. (KUOW)

Eva Robles writes that her own mother endured a situation similar to that of Pizon’s “Lola.” (TheEstablishment)


Remembering Mt. St. Helens from old media coverage of the time. (KOIN via YouTube) (KIRO-FM) 

What the eruption looked like from space. (SeaTimes)


Ed Murray’s principal accuser wants the trial to be held outside King County, citing the possibility of a “tainted jury pool.” (SeaTimes)


The “soda tax” proposal, and its potential impact, could be a lot more complicated than it seems in its “elevator pitch” version. (Jerry Large) (KNKX)


A Port of Seattle Commissioner’s accused of exchanging sweetheart deals with Port contractors for campaign contributions. (SeaTimes)


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in town, and spoke of the “beautiful friendship” between his nation and our state. Protesters complained outside the speech about Canada’s oil-pipeline projects. (KUOW) (GeekWire)


Immigrant activists on the Eastside invited ICE representatives to a meeting. Conflict ensued. (KUOW)

State Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s a good chess player. He tells Time magazine the White House occupant would be a “terrible” chess player. (Slog)


“Deadliest Catch” reality-TV star Sig Hansen was arrested after an apparently drunken argument with an Uber driver. (PI.com)


A study claims Starbucks’ paid-family-leave policy discriminates against coffee-shop workers, giving full benefits only to front-office staff. (PI.com)


As Seattle police reform/oversight efforts continue, stats show police use of deadly force is already decreasing. (South Seattle Emerald)


The Low Income Housing Institute’s building new offices for itself in one of its new apartment projects, and selling its space in Belltown (former home to the Downunder nightclub, a couple of art galleries, and the Punk Rock Flea Market). (Daily Journal of Commerce)

The developers of seven major apartment and/or condo projects have “opted in” to the city’s “mandatory affordable housing” program. (SeattleMet)


The two brothers who were shot by Olympia police late last year were convicted of assaulting the officer who shot them. (KIRO-TV)


Sounders FC home vs. Real Salt Lake Saturday.

The Storm’s home vs. Washington Sunday.

The Mariners survived another bullpen collapse to beat the White Sox 5-4. The series continues through Sunday.

The Thunderbirds vie for the Mastercard Memorial Cup, North America’s junior-hockey championship, Saturday vs. Erie in Windsor, Ontario. 


“The Future Is 0,” satirical game show. (NW Film Forum, Fri-Sat)

“Interiors,” multimedia exhibit by Amie Siegel. (Frye Art Museum, Fri thru Sept. 3)

“Kat Robichaud’s Misfit Cabaret.” (Hale’s Palladium, Fri-Sat)


Fleet Foxes. (Showbox, Fri)

“Community Convergence,” conference on community involvement with “nearly 30 area nonprofits.” (Town Hall, Fri)

“The Radium Girls” author Kate Moore. (Town Hall, Fri)

“Celebrational Muppetational.” (MoPOP, Fri)

“Six Degrees of Chris Cornell.” (KEXP, 6 am-6 pm Fri)

Shannon and the Clams, Ian Sweet, Dick Stusso. (Chop Suey, Fri)

G.S. Sultan, Norm Chambers, LIMITS, RM Francis. (Timbre Room, Fri)

"The Soliloquies of Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway.” (Royal Room, Fri)

“Tricked: A Mostly Male Burlesque Show.” (The Conservatory, Fri)

Kikagaku Moyo, Sugar Candy Mountain, Bod. (Sunset, Fri)

Wall of Ears, Monsterwatch, Niagara Moon. (Barboza, Fri)

Outshined (Chris Cornell tribute), Idiots Rule, Glenn Cannon. (High Dive, Fri)

Comedian Kyle Cease. (Moore, Fri)

Ukadelics Happy Hour. (Swedish Cultural Center, Fri)

“Brutalesque: The Epic Cabaret.” (Rendezvous, Fri)

Blue October. (Showbox Sodo, Fri)

Eight Legs to Nowhere, New Age Healers, Wes SP8. (Darrell’s, Fri)


48th U District Street Fair. (University Way, Sat-Sun)

Xperience! Music & Technology Festival. (Bellevue Library, Sat-Sun)


Paula Poundstone. (Moore, Sat)

Comedian W. Kamau Bell. (Neptune, Sat)

“Film and Social Justice” panel. (Cloud Room, Sat)

“Save Fircrest School” rally. (Fircrest, Shoreline, Sat)

Pop-up market with local vendors and artists. (Havana, Sat)

Jim Henson Exhibition opening. (MoPOP, Sat)

Stars on Ice. (KeyArena, Sat)

Sportswriter Terry McDermott on “Off Speed,” book about Felix Hernandez’s perfect game. (Elliott Bay Book Co., Sat)

Moonspinners, Mean Reds, Trickbag. (Royal Room, Sat)

“Intimate Illusions” starring Ivan Amodei. (Westin Hotel, Sat)

Red May presents “Marxathon 3: Capital on Capitol Hill.” (Various spots, Sat)

Red May presents “Neoliberalism: Vampire or Zombie?” panel. (SU Wyckoff Auditorium, Sat)

Jorge Cham and Daniel Whiteson in “An Entertaining Lesson in Particle Physics.” (Town Hall, Sat)

“Apollo” exhibit opening. (Museum of Flight, Sat)

Opening of “Disclosures,” painting exhibit by Denzil Hurley. (SAM, Sat)

David Bazan, Sean Lane. (Neumos, Sat)

Massive Monkees Day. (Showbox Sodo, Sat)

“Marketing and the Internet” workshop for musicians. (Vera Project, Sat)

Mark Farina, Pressha, Blueyedsoul, Supreme La Rock. (Nectar, Sat)

“Ronald McFondle’s Birthday Party.” (Funhouse, Sat)

Shagnasty, Denny Blaine, Irene Peña. (Darrell’s, Sat)

TruTV’s “Impractical Jokers.” (Paramount, Sat)

Duo Fest. (Slim’s Last Chance, Sat)

Modernist composer Missy Mazzoli. (Chapel Performance Space, Sat)


“Music of Remembrance” series presents Mary Kouyoumdjian’s “Ceija.” (Benaroya Hall, Sun)

“Twin Peaks” premiere celebration. (Central Cinema, Sun)

Too Many Zooz, Willdabeast. (Nectar, Sun)

Red May presents “Philanthropy Against Teachers” panel. (SU Wyckoff Auditorium, Sun)

Red May presents “Socialism and Feminism In (and Out of) the Workplace” panel. (New Freeway Hall, Sun)

Red May presents “Red Planets: The Left Turn in Science Fiction” panel. (Grand Illusion, Sun)

“Lost and Found in Love,” stories by Isaac Bashevis Singer. (West of Lenin, Sun)

Afrodisiac presents Erotic Poetry Slam. (Bellevue Parlor Live, Sun)


(Chris Cornell):

“There’s something about losing friends, particularly young people, where it’s not something that you get over. I don’t believe there’s a healing process.”


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