MONDAY, MAY 22, 2017

Well, that was certainly something. 

The new “Twin Peaks” turns out to largely (at least so far) be a new story (or stories), centered in the duality of the two Agent Coopers. Like the two transporter-separated Captain Kirks, one Coop is good but passive; the other very active and very evil. 

There’s just a little premium-channel “adult content.” Mostly, Messers. Lynch and Frost have used today’s “new golden age of TV” freedoms to slow down the pace, to leisurely introduce characters new and old, to keep a lot of things unexplained (for now), to emphasize mood and imagery and especially sound.


Would you believe, 83 degrees?



After 25 years, and knowing the day would come eventually, Black Dog Forge is getting kicked out of the Second Avenue space it’s held for 25 years. Co-owners Louie Raffloer and Mary Ried Gioia announced on Raffloer’s Facebook page, “Please get really angry to hear this and then let it go... seriously ..we will need you and all your hopeful energy to put together a couple of months worth of events and fundraiser types of stuff.”



Chris Cornell’s family, led by second wife Vicky Cornell, has questioned the official account of his death—whether he’d really killed himself and, if he had, whether the anti-anxiety drug Ativan had something to do with it. Their statement says, “The family believes that if Chris took his life, he did not know what he was doing, and that drugs or other substances may have affected his actions." (Rolling Stone) (AP) A Detroit police report suggests that “medication may indeed have been involved.” (Uproxx)

“A part of Seattle died today.” (John Richards, quoted at PI.com)

“As I try to process the loss of Chris Cornell, I’m seeing the loss of Seattle in another way.” Specifically, memories of Cornell’s time as a Seattle-based artist (he left in 2003) stand in sharp contrast to the techie/condo megapolis the place has become. (Brook Ellingwood, Medium) (KING)

“Cornell is speaking to us all one last time. This isn’t something we left behind with our twenties. This isn’t something cured by age or financial security. This isn’t something you “outgrow.” If it’s allowed to fester, depression is stronger than wisdom. Depression is insidious and tenacious. Depression can get to anybody.” (Rich Larson)

“No one ever knew Chris Cornell, but he knew us.” (Ted Alvarez, Crosscut)


As of the filing deadline Friday afternoon, 21 people are running for mayor. A total of 15 people are running for two “at large” City Council slots. And the perennial candidate legally known as “Goodspaceguy” is running for County Executive. (Slog) (KCPQ) (KUOW)

“Established labor is pissed at Seattle’s new left.” Specifically, King County Labor Council official Nicole Grant issued a statement bashing City Council candidate Jon Grant (no relation) and current councilmember Kshama Sawant (who’d endorsed Jon). Ms. Grant called Mr. Grant a phony and the whole Socialist Alternative movement “bad for workers.” (Weekly) (The C Is For Crank)

Ed Murray’s onetime campaign brain trust is now “scattering to the political winds.” (Crosscut)


There are signs and readings of a possible second Hanford mishap. This one would involve one of the double-shell tanks created to store nuclear waste until people figure out a permanent solution. The tank in question was meant to last 20 years when it was installed 41 years ago. (KING)

Gov. Inslee and Oregon Gov. Kate Brown begged the feds for a comprehensive Hanford cleanup solution at last. (Joel Connelly)


The (first) Legislative special session is drawing toward its inevitable close, with a second special section almost certain, becuase they’re nowhere near either an overall state budget or a school-funding fix. (KUOW) (SeaTimes)

A federal appeals court ruled in favor of local tribes and against the state, which now might have to spend up to $2 billion to replace salmon-unfriendly culverts and drainage systems. (News Tribune) (SeaTimes)


Another problem contributing to Washington’s foster-care crisis: “crippling” levels of social-worker turnover. (KCTS)


King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg has joined some 30 colleagues from other jurisdictions in officially rejecting US Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ demand for a return to harsh “war on drugs” enforcement and incarceration. (Weekly)

Immigration arrests in Seattle and the Northwest are “spiking” under the new DC regime. (KUOW)

The White House asked for pubilc responses to proposals to axe protection for a bunch of national monuments, apparently figuring few would want to keep them. They were mistaken. (SeaTimes)


What could threaten a local startup company known as “the Uber of trucks”? Uber itself getting into truck services. (GeekWire)


The massive costs of fixing the West Point Treatment Plant (up to $57 million) will likely all be covered by insurance. (KING) (SeaTimes)

“Deadliest Catch” reality-TV star Sig Hansen pled not guilty to charges of assaulting an Uber driver. (SeaTimes)


Roger Sale, 85, was primarily a UW English prof and literary expert; writing, among among other things, “reviews of histories of criticism.” But he’s best known for his 1976 book “Seattle: Past to Present,” in which he described the city as “bourgeois from the start,” always on the lookout for the next industry, development, or public-works project that would make it, as later generations put it, “world class." (Knute Berger)


Sounders FC beat Real Salt Lake 1-0. Home vs. Portland Saturday.

The Storm beat Washington 81-71. Home vs. New York Friday.

The Mariners lost three of four games to the White Sox, including a 16-1 major embarrassment Saturday and an 8-1 minor embarrassment Sunday. The Ms’ first-ever games in Washington DC start Tuesday.

The Thunderbirds in the Mastercard Memorial Cup lost 4-2 to the Erie Otters Saturday, and 7-1 to the Windsor Spitfires Sunday. Round-robin play concludes Tuesday in Windsor, Ontario vs. the St. John Sea Dogs.


Ex-Mariners manager Lou Piniella book signing. (Elliott Bay Book Co.)

Hepcats Lounge. (Smith Tower)

Collide-O-Scope series presents “May Sweeps.” (Re-bar)

Michael Kiwanuka, Cloves. (Showbox)

Yr Parents, Difficult Children, Lost in Society, Deep Wave. (Victory Lounge)

Jill Filipovic on “The Feminist Pursuit of Happiness.” (Town Hall)

Wellness, Tres Leches, more. (Sunset)


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