FRIDAY, MAY 26, 2017

It’s the weekend of what I used to call the “forklift festival”—perhaps the last, at least under its current format, unless major new funding comes in. 

Folklife isn’t the sort of thing the local “old money” arts donors go for. (A longtime board member told me the arts money here mostly gets hogged by “SOB”: symphony, opera, and ballet.)

And it also isn’t the sort of thing the local “new money” techies go for. It doesn’t have to do with sci-fi, robots, drones, or private space flights.

Folklife has brought so many great moments in recent years alone. It’s a “world of music and arts” thang these days; a lot more than just aging hippies with hammered dulcimers. 

It would be a crime to lose it.


Hotness returns through at least Monday.



The “Market Front” addition to the Pike Place Market is having a “soft open,” ahead of its official opening rite next month.

As some of you know, I didn’t like the artists’ renderings for the project: too clean, too upscale/mellow, not “Market” enough.

But now that it exists in so-called “real” life, I can appreciate its constant “ordered chaos” of different angles, elevations, colors, and exterior finishes. It’s just chaotic enough to “be Market;” and should get more so as it becomes busier.

Note: the new “hillclimb” stairs to the waterfront, part of the project’s phase two, won’t be built until after the viaduct’s gone. (KING)



Seattle, which has again become America’s fastest-growing city, reached its estimated 700,000th resident some time in the past few months. (KIRO-TV) (SeaTimes)

The biggest jumps in new rental unit construction in Seattle are in South Lake Union (natch) and Broadway. No, increased supply has NOT yet lowered “market rate” rents. (PI.com)


Another federal appeals court upheld the striking-down of Travel Ban 2.0. The court’s decision described the attempted ban of travel from six Muslim-majority countries as "steeped in animus and directed at a single religious group.” (Slog) (Time)

The proposed federal budget aims to sell off the Bonneville Power Administration’s interstate electric grid. (Oregonian)

The plan would eliminate $1.1 billion in federal funds to bring Sound Transit light rail to Lynnwood. (SeaTimes)

And the budget would also “zero out” a program called SCSEP, which provides part-time temp jobs for jobless seniors looking for permanent work. I was on that program for a year and a half. It was an experience with its ups and downs, but it got me fiscally solvent for a little while. (AP)

King County officials say they’re not backing down from the budget proposal’s latest threat against "sanctuary" jurisdictions. (KUOW)

Sen. Patty Murray’s co-sponsoring a bill to phase in a nationwide $15/hour minimum wage. Its prospects in the GOP-ruled Congress: dim. (KUOW)


State House Democrats again voted on a car-tab rollback bill that could cripple Sound Transit 3 (just like the feds want to do). (Slog)

If there’s no budget progress in the Legislature soon, there’s a chance of a partial state-government shutdown. Again. (Weekly)


The lawsuit against Ed Murray’s still in its pre-trial phase. A lot could happen before the first day in court. It could even be settled out-of-court. (KUOW)


Remember the Nike sweatshop scandal? UW president Ana Marie Cauce does. She wants the sportswear giant to provide labor investigators “unprecedented access” to info about its contract factories and their wages and working conditions, or risk losing its big UW contracts. (Weekly) 


There’s a toxic algae bloom in a Thurston County lake. It’s producing high levels of a deadly neurotoxin. People are warned not to even touch the water there. (SeaTimes)


UW researchers are looking into the long-term physical toll of subtle, racist “microaggresisons.”


A study by the Alcohol Research Group claims Washingtonians regret voting out the state liquor-store monopoly.


Amazon Fresh has opened its two grocery-pickup locations for Amazon Prime members. One of them is at the ex-Sears building in SoDo, providing a link between yesterday’s and today’s #1 “shop at home” companies. (GeekWire)


‘In the future, attendees at a Seattle conference were told, cars will be able to issue their own parking tickets. (GeekWire)


The wildfire north of Leavenworth is now “mostliy contained.” (KCPQ)


Sounders FC at home vs. Portland Saturday.

Storm at home, vs. New York tonight and Indiana Sunday.

After five straight losses (some of them mightily pathetic), the Mariners beat Washington 4-2. At Boston today thru Sunday; then at Colorado starting Monday.

Ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says he won’t move his LA Clippers basketball team to Seattle, because it’s too valuable where it is. (KIRO-FM)


Northwest Folklife Festival. (Seattle Center, Fri-Sun)

Sasquatch! Festival, with too many acts to mention here. (Gorge Ampitheater, Fri-Sun)

Comedian Kermet Apio. (Laughs, Fri-Sat)

Miles Davis birthday celebration. (Tula’s, Fri-Sat)

Couth Buzzard Jazz Fest. (Couth Buzzard Books, Fri-Mon)

“Maiden Voyage,” alternative version of the Penelope myth by Rebecca Tourino Collinsworth. (West of Lenin, Sat thru June 11)


Jesse Sykes & the Sweet Hereafter, Diminished Men. (Tractor, Fri)

Thollem Electric, Lori Goldston, Amy Denio. (NW Film Forum, Fri)

Kevin Spollen (Radioshark), Mack Rainodes, Janet Hurt. (Cafe Racer, Fri)

Queen Annes, James Nova Sky. (Darrell’s, Fri)

Girlpool, Snail Mail. (Neumos, Fri)

Divinity Roxx, Black Stax. (Triple Door, Fri)

Om Unit, Sigrah, Agate. (Kremwerk, Fri)

Woods, Golden Daze. (Sunset, Fri)

Derelicts, Thee Deception, Pukesnake. (Slim’s Last Chance, Fri)

Andy Miller’s Sweethearts of Comedy. (Mollusk, Fri)

“Rumble,” documentary on Native American musical artists; with “Indigenous Centered Perspectives” art exhibit. (Paramount, Fri)

“Flying to the Assemblies” book editor Marcus Harrison Green. (Town Hall, Fri)

Red May presents “In the Moment of General Assembly” panel. (SU Wyckoff Auditorium, Fri)

Author Geoff Mann on “Keynesianism, Political Economy, and Revolution.” (U Book Store, Fri)

“Made at Hugo House” mid-year reading. (Hugo House First Hill, Fri)


Family Science Weekend. (Seattle Aquarium, Sat-Mon)


“Cats of the Internet Pajama Party” and “Seattle YouTube Day.” (Living Computer Museum, Sat)

Digable Planets, DJ Cutz. (Showbox, Sat)

McGraw and Hill (the country singers, not the book publishers). (Tacoma Dome, Sat)

Sir Richard Bishop (Sun City Girls), Robert Millis. (Sunset, Sat)

Naomi Wachira. (Triple Door, Sat)

Shagnasty, Aaiiee!, Swedish Finnish. (Slim’s Last Chance, Sat)

Freddie Gibbs. (Neumos, Sat)

The 427s, Viking Survers, Delstroyers. (Darrell’s, Sat)

Punk as Folk 2017. (Conor Byrne, Sat)

“Peace Circles for Racial Healing: Uncovering Unconscious Bias.” (SU, Sat)

Upper Crust, Grannies, Ball Bag. (Funhouse, Sat)

Burying Ground, South Sound Tub & Barge. (West Seattle Brewing Co., Sat)

Sashay, Pink Parts, Princess Charming. (Barboza, Sat)

Red May presents “Marxathon 4: Capital on Capitol Hill.” (Various spots, Sat)

“Duwamish River: The Last 15,000 Years.” (Duwamish Longhouse, Sat)

“Not Too Late with Elicia Sanchez,” live talk-variety show. (Eclectic Theater, Sat)

Opening of “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs,” exhibit on history of animals in Seattle. (MOHAI, Sat)

Sarah Vilendrer: “Abortion? Abortion! Abortion.” art installation. (Virago Gallery, Sat)


Noel Franklin presents excerpts from graphic novel “Girl on the Road.” (Vermillion, Sun)

The Bobs (final show). (Triple Door, Sun)

Emerald Bike Ride. (Starting at CenturyLink Field, Sun)

Photographer Corky Lee. (Central Library, Sun)

Choklate, DJ Topspin. (Hard Rock Cafe, Sun)

“Stand Up for Harm Reduction” comedy showcase and variety show. (Highline, Sun)

Sunday Saints. (Hotel Albatross, Sun)

Comedian David Huntsberger. (Annex Theatre, Sun)

Red May concluding panel, “The Current Moment or WTF Trump??!!??” (Union Bar, Sun)


There (probably) won’t be an issue on Memorial Day, but we’re back Tuesday as always.

Our big birthday bash is on Thursday, June 8 at a site to be revealed.




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