Charles Mudede believes Seattle has nothing to offer as a tourist city: “There is nothing to really see here.” 

I beg, of course, to differ.

Yes, many of our dive bars, mom-and-pop eateries, and funky shops have gone. 

Yes, a lot of the new buildings going up (but by no means all) look corporate n’ bland.

But we’ve still got all of the following and more: Elliott Bay. Lake Washington. The locks and ship canal. The UW campus. The Pike Place Market. The Nordstrom flagship store. The Central Library. SAM, MoPOP, MOHAI, the Museum of Flight, and the Sculpture Park. The ferries and the water taxi. Theater, music, and bigtime sports. The Center for Wooden Boats. Some acclaimed newer foodie and drink joints. Archie McPhee's.

And, yeah, the whole out-of-town-scenery thang.

So go ahead and invite Aunt Bernice from Madison. She’ll have a great time.

And while she’s here, maybe bring her to a resistance function. Maybe she’ll get some ideas to bring home with her.


Coolness, clouds, and showers return today.



It looks like something out of a ‘30s deco-utopia sci-fi pulp cover, or some abandoned Soviet WWII bomber design. It’s Paul Allen’s “Stratolaunch” airplane prototype, which emerged from its California hanger Wednesday. It’s 385 feet wide, and has six former Boeing 747 engines. Unlike some of Allen’s pet projects, this one has a business model. It’s intended to launch satellites into space from the atmosphere, eliminating the need for ground-to-air rockets. (GeekWire)



Several Oregon lawmakers hailed the Portland stabbing victims as “heroes.” (NWNews via KNKX)

In a crowdfunding campaign, “Muslims in Portland have raised over $500,000 for the families of the heroes who defended love.” (Daily Kos)

An anti-Muslim rally, scheduled for Portland on Sunday the 10th, has been moved to Seattle’s Westlake Park. An alt-right rally scheduled for a downtown Portland plaza this Sunday is still on. (KOMO) (Slog)

Portland has a history of “white terror” actions over recent decades; by neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and even police. (HuffPo) 

Nicholas Kristof writes that the Portland incident proves that “side by side with the worst of humanity, you find the best. The test for all of us is whether we can similarly respond to hatred and nihilism with courage and, in the dying words of [knifing victim Taliesin] Namkai-Meche, with ‘love.’”


Princeton prof Keeanga Yamahtta-Taylor was supposed to have been at Town Hall last night to talk about her book "From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation." Instead, she canceled the current leg of her book tour. The reason: Fox News ran a piece of a recent speech by her complaining about the White House occupant. Afterwards, dozens of alt-right goons sent her repulsively racist emails, including several death threats. (Slog) (Weekly)

Gov. Inslee warned that a U.S. withdrawal from climage-change agreements would be “a shameful course of action.” (KIRO-TV)

Rep. Pramila Jayapal believes it’s not yet the time for impeachment, not until the evidence is so plentiful and persuasive that at least some Republicans will listen. (Crosscut)


At the most recent One Night Count in January (but only reported Wednesday), 11,643 people in King County were “experiencing homelessness.” That’s a 9 percent rise from last year. But at least part of that increase is due to surveyors using a new, more thorough model, involving ex-homeless people giuding them to previously secret encampment sites. In Seattle, the numbers are 3,857 humans “unsheltered” and 4,665 in shelters or transitional housing. (PI.com) (Crosscut) (Weekly)

Debunking the “Freeattle” myth, the report shows the vast majority of King County’s homeless were already here when they lost their homes. (Slog)

“Dozens of homeless people have died in King County this year, as illness, opiates, and homicides take their toll.” (SeaTimes)


A newly revised soda-tax proposal once again excludes diet drinks. (KUOW) (SeaTimes)

City Light loves it when you conserve energy—until the stats about “millions in lost revenue” come in. (KIRO-FM)

Will the new-or-replacement arena process be unduly affected by Ed Murray’s desire to leave a positive “legacy”? (Art Thiel)


Seattle Police are conducting an internal investigation of Det. Philip Wall. It relates to the same strip-club undercover operation that led another officer to a criminal conviction for drug and computer-trespassing charges. (SeaTimes)

A member of the Pasco Police’s child-porn task force was charged with raping and assaulting a teenage girl multiple times over a five-year period. (KOMO)


State Rep. Matt Manweller (R-Ellensburg) wants to privatize The Evergreen State College, to punish its oft-pinko ways. (News Tribune)


The Folklife Festival lives! Enough people donated at the gates this year to ensure there’ll be a festival next year.

Three local small presses will share office space in the TK Arts Building starting this summer, creating a “new literary center.” (Slog)


The Beacon Hill Food Forest is only about one-quarter developed, but it’s already “seeding change in the world.” (South Seattle Emerald)


If the SeaTimes still had some of the editors it’s laid off, the paper might not have juxtaposed a cover blurb blaming people wearing black clothes as  crosswalk hazards with a blurb suggesting ways motorists could still use cell phones while driving. (Streets Blog)


Apparently anyone can add place names to Apple Maps. Someone took the little public space next to the Wallingford transfer station and gave it the (highly unofficial) name “Dump Park.” (Wallyhood)


An injury-depleted Sounders FC squad lost 3-0 at Columbus. Home vs. Houston Sunday.

The Mariners beat Colorado 5-0 for their fourth straight win. The home-and-away series concludes tonight.


Pride flag raising. (City Hall Plaza, 3:30 pm)


Paul Komada’s “soft sculpture interpretation” of Alaskan Way Viaduct. (Gallery4Culture)

“Contemporary Japanese Prints.” (Davidson)

Yadviga Dowmont Halsey paintings. (Juan Alonso Studio)

Tyson Grumm. (Rovzar)

“The Papers of Matthew Kangas.” (Arundel Books)

“Vessel: Three Viewpoints from Contemporary Mexico.” (Soil)

Cuidado! The Help” group exhibit. (Kucera)

Gaylen Hansen. (Hodges)

Red May presents “Red Flag Ramble.” (Occidental Park)

Urban Craft Uprising. (Occidental Park)

Mwangi Hutter: “Falling in Love, Again.” (Ibrahim)

Joseph Brooks and Jeremy Gregory: “Sideshow.” (Saloon Gallery)

Jennifer Ament: “Future Prophesies.” (Pirahna Shop)

William Hooper, Ula Trudnos. (Axis)

Joshua Jensen-Nagle: “Endless Summer.” (Foster/White)


Elvis Costello. (Chateau Ste. Michelle)

Princess (Prince tribute act with Maya Rudolph and Gretchen Lieberum). (Neptune)

Chastity Belt (record release), So Pitted, Jenn Champion. (Crocodile)

Prom Queen, Something Weird Video shorts. (Triple Door)

PechaKucha (short-presentations event) on “Interrupting Whiteness.” (Central Library)

“Crash the Glass” concert series presents Lauren Murphie, Susie G, Aline Vida. (Columbia City Theater)

Joe Ross and the Bird Watchers. (Whisky West)

Mary Lambert in-store. (Easy Street)

Author Ali Noorani on “the challenges of American immigration.” (Elliott Bay Book Co.)

Marsha Ambrosius, Eric Benet. (Moore)

Nicole Moudaber. (Q)

Constant Lovers, Deep Creep. (Chop Suey)

Horse and Tiger. (Parliament)

Whores, Sandrider, Wrong, Bummer. (Highline)

Merchant Mariner, Wongs, Tetchy, the Science of Deduction. (Blue Moon)

Andrei Tarkovsky film “Stalker.” (NW Film Forum)

“Sweeney Todd.” (ArtsWest)

“The Realistic Jonses,” play by Will Eno. (12th Ave. Arts, thru July 1)

“Change from Within: Diversifying the Environmental Movement.” (Olympic Sculpture Park)

Urbanist Chuck Wolfe on “Observing and Envisioning a Better Seattle.” (Center for Architecture and Design) 


I’m having a big birthday and so is this useful e-missive. Celebrate both one week from tonight at the tenacious Two Bells, starting at 6:30 p.m.


(David Thomas of Pere Ubu):

“Did you ever wonder why your Elvis fans were so much nicer people than the people who laugh at them?”


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