TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 2017

It’s been a year since the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando. Hundreds gathered in Anderson Park, and elsewhere around the country, to remember.

Superficially, it had been a mass shooting like so many others, albeit with many more victims than most. A tragedy and an outrage; a deliberate destruction of human lives, for no good reason except one psychopath’s power madness.

Except, it was against out-and-proud LGBTQ people in one of their “safe spaces.”

This madness must not continue.


A few showers today and Wednesday. More serious rain may arrive Thursday.



Back in the 1990s, as a few of you recall, much of the Seattle rock scene was ideologically opposed to the fashion industry. They laughed and scoffed at the “designer grunge” nonsense perpetrated by NYC designers who’d never even been here. Now, ex-Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto has her own video fashion spread at Vogue.com, modeling some quite costly garment items. Ditto’s purpose behind the pix, as she notes in the accompanying profile piece, is to celebrate the right of women her size to wear beautiful things.



The 55-year-old and privately owned Space Needle has had an event space stuck onto its 100-foot level and a big gift shop installed at its base. Now, its “tophouse” will get a huge redo. It’ll cost a cool hundred-mil. It’ll include glass floors in the restaurant, more elevators, a circular stairway, and much more. It should all be done within a year. (KIRO-TV)


As we get ever closer to June 30, when a partial state-government shutdown will kick in unless there’s a budget deal, the Legislature heads toward a third consecutive special session. Can they finally get their work done? Some say yes. (Weekly) (KNKX) (AP)

Gov. Inslee says he won’t sign any temporary “stop gap” budget. (Crosscut)

Some education advocates fear a “full school funding” compromise deal could fall far short of real full funding. (SeaTimes)

The Evergreen State College president says he’s “immensely disappointed” by impatient protesters who’ve accused the campus of ignoring black students’ concerns, and says he might consider disciplining some of them. (KING)


As expected, Councilmembers Sawant and Herbold introduced legislation (backed by Mayor Murray) for a municipal income tax on the city’s highest-income households (i.e., the folks with the easiest ability to pack up for the suburbs). (KIRO-TV) (KCPQ)

The superintendent of Seattle City Light already makes more money than any other city employee. Now he wants more. He issued a self-written “employee review,” giving himself a perfect record on the job. (Crosscut)

The City Council unamimously passed a resolution committing Seattle to the emissions targets specified in the Paris climate-change pact. The resolution also asked Puget Sound Energy to stop using power from a Montana coal-fired plant, and asked other entities in the region for regulations “that could prohibit new fossil-fuel infrastructure projects.” (PubliCola) (KCPQ) 


Amazon boss Jeff Bezos and MS boss Satya Nadella agreed to attend a White House tech summit. (PS Biz Journal)

Democratic Party bigwigs held a secret meeting to plan how to oust US Rep. Dave Reichert, by publicly tying him to a highly unpopular White House gang. (KUOW)

The Federal Fisheries Service canceled new protections for endangered Pacific whales and sea turtles, which would have targeted fishing vessels that sometimes catch the critters in their nets. (AP)

Travel Ban 2.0 is still blocked, as per a U.S. appeals court ruling. (McClatchy)


King County’s black community contains fewer homeowners than almost any other major metro area. (Gene Balk) “Seattle was a better city for blacks in the 1950s, during the redlining days.” (Charles Mudede)


A transgender man was denied entry into the Central Library’s first-floor “family restroom,” because he didn’t have a child with him. City Librarian Marcellus Turner has issued a formal apology. The trans man has filed a complaint with the city’s Office for Civil Rights. (SeaTimes)


They’re “living drugs.” Fred Hutch researchers are trying to genetically engineer them from patients’ own blood, transforming immune cells into “cancer assasins.” (AP)


With a new “fast foot ferry” about to start service from Seattle, Bremerton bigwigs dream of turning their burg into the “next last best place” refuge for priced-out Seattleites. But can the ol’ Navy town overcome the image of its own “drunken, fist-fighting past”? (KUOW)


Higher minimum wages around here still aren’t rising fast enough to keep up with rent inflation: “We can’t just fight for wage increases… Seattle needs a massive public housing program.” (Jonathan Rosenblum, South Seattle Emerald)

The meal-prep company that pled guilty to underpaying its workers in Seattle has been accused of similar practices at other locations around the country. (Slog)


Thanks to the region’s growing Somali community, we’ve got our own local wholesale supplier of camel milk! (Crosscut)


The Mariners exploded to a 14-3 rout at Minnesota . Same teams tonight.

The Storm’s home vs. Atlanta tonight.

Sounders FC has a U.S. Open Cup match vs. Portland, tonight at Starfire Sports in Tukwila.


Specials, Boss Martians. (Showbox)

“Resist, Rebel, Survive,” short films about political action. (Grand Illusion)

“Generocity,” fair with dozens of local nonprofits seeking volunteers and/or donors. (Living Computers Museum)

“Resist/Recharge,” panel with Northwest Harvest about hunger, child nutrition, and the proposed federal budget’s “potential catastrophic effects” on social safety nets. (St. John’s Bar and Grill)

Musical “Cabaret.” (Paramount, thru June 25)

David Archuleta. (Triple Door)

“Rock n’ Roll Happy Hour,” with members of the Guessing Game. (Slim’s Last Chance)

Chris Cornell tribute DJ night. (King Street Bar and Oven)

Mt. Eddy, Destroy Boys, Twice Nice. (Vera Project)

Moji and the Midnight Sons. (Laser Dome)

Nina Diaz, Boy Who Cried Wolf. (El Corazon)

Comedy Nest series presents Monica Nevi and Kaycee Conlee. (Rendezvous)

Donny McCaslin Group (from Bowie’s “Blackstar”). (Jazz Alley, thru Wed)

Taylor Elizza Beth (EP release), DoNormaal, more. (Timbre Room)

Mystery author Cara Black. (Third Place Books Ravenna)


(H.L. Mencken on Warren G. Harding):

"He writes the worst English I have ever encountered. It reminds me of a string of wet sponges; it reminds me of tattered washing on the line; it reminds me of stale bean soup, of college yells, of dogs barking idiotically through endless nights."


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