Another day, another senseless act of violence, committed for no apparent reason but to give the attacker a drug-like “high” of self-righteousness. That this particular shooter used “left” instead of “right” politics as his excuse barely matters. He’s still a product of the general rise of sociopathy and brutality plaguing the whole country. (He’s also got a history of alleged volence against women, like a lot of shooters have.)


Another day or two of showers, clearing by the weekend.



“Tax the Rich” advocates packed a City Hall hearing about the city income-tax proposal. (KUOW; image: Kate Walters)



Ed Murray is off the legal hook, for now. Devon Heckard, the most prominent of the four men who’d accused Mayor Murray of paying him for sex at age 15, withdrew his lawsuit, two days before he’d been scheduled to testify under oath. Through his attorneys, Heckard said he plans to refile his suit next year, after Murray’s no longer mayor. (Crosscut) (Weekly) (PI.com) (Slog) (SeaTimes)

At a press conference, Murray claimed he’d been vindicated. He said he might revive his re-election bid, albeit as a write-in candidate (the ballot filing deadline’s passed). (KUOW) (KCPQ) (SeaTimes)

However, another of Murray’s accusers, Maurice Levon Jones, has filed a legal declaration claiming he’d performed paid sex-work for Murray as a minor. And Murray’s other two accusers still assert they’re telling the truth and have no political motivations behind their allegations. (Slog)


The real spark that escalated the Evergreen State College dustup came when racist online trolls spread out-of-context and exaggerated claims about the college supposedly being too nice to black activists. Those chats led to brutally racist threats. (Stranger)

Evergreen’s president says, “In a divided country, our campus will remain united.” (SeaTimes oped)

Dozens gathered in downtown Oly for a rally supporting Evergreen. (Olympian)

Elsewhere, undocumented immigrants can get deported for a single DUI conviction. King County doesn’t like that, and is trying some thusly accused on lesser charges. (KUOW)


April’s March for Science rally in Anderson Park, like last year’s first local Bernie Sanders campaign appearance, got thrown “off topic” when Black Lives Matter activists refused to stop talking and let the scheduled proceedings continue. In this case, they raised questions about how “science” had been abused against minorities over the decades. (Weekly)

Nicole Brodeur wrote a SeaTimes column about Columbia City, describing the neighborhood as divided between newcomers and “gang members.” Sharon H. Chang finds the piece chock full of racial code words. (South Seattle Emerald)

Seahawk Michael Bennett announced he’s writing a book called “Things That Make White People Uncomfortable.” (KCPQ)


A new report claims the Seattle area will need another 98,000 new residential units within the next 13 years. (Daily Journal of Commerce)


The port commissioner races aren’t as high-profile as those for mayor and city council, but can be just as important in setting the city’s and the region’s future. (Hanna Brooks Olsen)


The tech boom in south Lake Union, near the SR99 tunnel’s north outlet, doesn’t by itself make the tunnel project a good investment. (GeekWire)


The Folklife Festival will not only be back next year, it’ll still have free admission. (Capitol Hill Times)


A federal judge rejected the permits to complete the Dakota Access Pipeline, and said they need to be “reconsidered.” (Lynda V. Mapes)


Boeing’s moving several customer-support groups from here to Arizona, leading to several hundred potential layoffs. (KCPQ) (SeaTimes)


Official unemployment in this state’s at an all-time low. As my pal Goldy would say, “Curse you, high minimum wage.” (SeaTimes)


Chris Hansen’s Sodo arena group, refusing to back down amid Mayor Murray’s endorsement of a rival KeyArena rebuild, released a “letter of financial support” for the project from JP Morgan Chase. (KING)

The Oak View Group, would-be KeyArena rebuilders, say they’ll keep David Bonderman among their partners. He just quit Uber’s board, after making a sexist remark at a large executive meeting. (SeaTimes)


The Mariners came back from Tuesday’s debacle to win 6-4 at Minnesota. Series concludes this morning.


“#EducationSoWhite,” panel about the lack of diversity in teaching. (Town Hall)

Author Rick Wartzman on “the end of corporate loyalty.” (Town Hall)

Reception and talk with artist Daniel Mintner. (NW African American Museum)

Brady Walkinshaw and Bill Ruckelshaus on current challenges to environmentalism. (Folio)

Spectrum Dance presents “(Im)pulse,” performance piece by David Wojnarowicz and Brian Quirk about the Orlando shooting. (Leo K. Theater)

“Transit Talks: Moments in Motion,” storytelling event. (Rendezvous)

Dave Rempis and Friends. (Chapel Performance Space)

Brown Derby staged-reading series presents “Beauty and the Beast” (1991). (Re-bar, thru Sat)

Cut Copy, Dream Journal. (Neptune)

Charms, Norda, Miscomings. (Chop Suey)

Tei Shi. (Lo-Fi)

“Band in Seattle” with Prom Queen, Von Wildenhaus. (Victory Studios)

Greyboy Allstars, OG McTuff & Skerik. (Nectar)

Morgan James. (Triple Door)

Hickoids, Gallow Swings, F-Holes. (Slim’s Last Chance)

“One Big Concert for One Big Kiss,” with Lindsey Sterling, Ocean Park Standoff, Spencer. (Showbox Sodo)

Peaches Christ’s “9 to 5 Inches,” drag parody of film “9 to 5.” (SIFF Egyptian)

Northwest Terror Fest. (Various spots, thru Sat)

Dude York, Fullbloods. (Crocodile)

“Counterp(art),” self portraits by “trans, non-binary, and gender queer artists.” (Push/Pull)

“Gothic Film 101” series presents “I Walked With a Zombie.” (Scarecrow Video)

Film “The Man Who Fell to Earth,” with new live score by DJ NicFit. (Ark Lodge Cinema)

Author Rick Wartzman on “The End of Corporate Loyalty.” (Town Hall)

“Writers and Poets of Washington State,” reading wtih Gary Lilley, Ann Tweedy, Sharma Shields, Erin Pringle. (Hugo House First Hill)

BlackLives Matter March Against Hate and Racism. (Westlake Park)

“NW Inspired” art exhibit. (Harrington Fine Art)

“Seattle’s Best Damn Happy Hour.” (Seattle Center Armory)

Canton Alley reopening with “Walk Don’t Run” author Dale Hom. (Canton Alley)

Mayoral candidates’ forum on “affordable and accessible child care.” (New Holly Gathering Hall)

“Summit on Reducing the Supply of Illegal Opioids in Washington,” hosted by Attorney General Bob Ferguson. (UW, thru Fri)

Ride/Fleet Foxes listening party. (Sonic Boom Records)


(George Eliot, "Middlemarch"):

"If we had a keen vision and feeling of all ordinary human life, it would be like hearing the grass grow and the squirrel’s heart beat, and we should die of that roar which lies on the other side of silence. As it is, the quickest of us walk about well wadded with stupidity."


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