In recent years, the Pride Parade was a celebration: of legal same-sex marriage; of trans and “genderqueer” visibility; even of corporate “diversity” programs that sometimes seemed to include only white gay males. 

This year, as this year is for nearly everything else, Pride’s purpose is different.

Now it’s about defiance, about turning back the tide of officially-sanctioned bigotry.

It’s “flying your freak flag” as a battle flag.


Hot to the point of potential miserable-ness. Be careful out there.


Bill Bradburd points out that the woman accused of stabbing a man after the “anti-Sharia” rally downtown wasn’t a member of the Rat City Rollergirls but of a different roller-derby outfit.



The fight for justice for Charleena Lyles came downtown with a “black woman centric” rally in Westlake Park. (KING)

Lyles’ death at police hands “adds to a list that should shame us.” (Jerry Large)

“Is biased policing a problem in north Seattle? A survey says ‘No.’ Advocates say ‘Obviously.’” (Weekly)

Surveillance cam footage from Lyles’ apartment building, and audio of her 911 call, provide little to no new insights into the event. (Slog)

Lyles indeed had a “mental health caution” notice attached to her name in the police computer system. (PI.com)

Among the first people to see Lyles lying dead on her apartment floor: two neighbors, 12-year-old twin sisters. (KUOW)

Bias against Black mothers, perceptions of people in mental health crisis, and policing of poverty may have all played a role” in Lyles’ tragedy. (Rewire)

In what might be a new peak of insensitivity, a Seattle Police PR person talked about the Lyles shooting while narrating a live game-playing video stream. (Slog)



State Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler describes the US Senate’s latest health-care-repeal scheme as, at best, “problematic.” (KUOW)

And Gov. Inslee calls Wash. state “a loser” under the plan. (Joel Connelly)

Sen. Patty Murray had a “testy exchange” on the Senate floor vs. Republican Whip Josh Comyn of Texas, after she boldly spoke out against the repeal plan. (KING)

Sen. Murray also sparred with Paul Ryan about preserving Hanford cleanup funds; reminding him that the most radioactive site on Earth is “a big, dangerous place.” (Spokesman-Review)


A whistleblower at Hanford was fired for not going along with covering up the theft of cleanup-budget money by a phony corporation. (KING)


The CIA claims two Spokane-based psychologists devised and/or recommended a lot of its “enhanced interrogation” (read: torture) techniques, including waterboarding. A class-action lawsuit filed by former detainees claims likewise. The psychologists say they were only “reluctant participants” as consultants to the program. (NYT)


With one week to go before the Legislature’s budget deadline, still with no deal in sight, state agencies are drawing up preparations for a partial shutdown. (AP)

Getting House Democrats and Senate Repubicans to agree on a budget, specifically a school-funding solution within a budget. is like a Rubik’s Cube being “solved” by two hands, each making opposite moves. (Weekly)

One budget aspect still unsettled: renewing our state’s (already too small) film production incentives. Several women from Seattle’s film community, including Megan Griffiths and Lynn Shelton, have sent an open letter to lawmakers, pleading to get it passed. (Slog)


A new poll shows Seattle voters like a city income tax and don’t like a new youth jail. (KUOW)

First, some wag inserted the highly unofficial name “Dump Park” onto Apple Maps’ rendition of the green space next to Wallingford’s North Transfer Station. Now, some folks want to give the site an official name, and to name it after J.P. Patches, the beloved local-TV clown whose show was set at a fictional “City Dump.” (KIRO-TV)


Nonprofit affordable-housing developers, hamstrung by government-funding cuts and rising real-estate costs, are increasingly turning to “impact investors.” (Daily Journal of Commerce)


Some study placed the UW atop the “most influential schools” for placing grads into tech careers. (GeekWire)


Boeing’s not just laying people off here. It’s also dropping a couple hundred or so positions at its new North Carolina assembly plant (where the White House resident once proudly spoke about protecting American jobs). (WaPo)


The Mariners got over .500 for the first time this season by sweeping four games vs. Detroit, winning Thursday 9-6. Three games vs. division-leading Houston start tonight.

Sounders FC at Portland in a US Open Cup match Sunday night.

Storm home vs. San Antonio tonight.

For the first time, both the NBA and WNBA’s #1 draft picks are from the same school. The Philadelphia 76ers picked Markelle Fultz, star of an otherwise undistinguished UW men’s season; right after UW women’s star Kelsey Plum went in the first pick to San Antonio. (KIRO-TV)


Santana. (Chateau Ste. Michelle, Fri-Sat)


“Black Lives Matter March for Justice.” (Westlake Park, Fri)

TransPride march/rally. (Cal Anderson Park, Fri)

TransPride party. (Vermillion, Fri)

Michael Che. (Neptune, Fri)

“The Nix” novelist Nathan Hill. (Elliott Bay Book Co.)

Ronan Delisle, Ryan Feirrera. (Chapel Performance Space, Fri)

Crack Sabbath. (Blue Moon, Fri)

Woggles, Loons, Sinister Six, Primate Five. (Funhouse, Fri)

Punany Poets present “Secret of the Pearl Romantic Musical Comedy Show.” (Theater Off Jackson, Fri)

Easy Star All-Stars, Georgetown Orbits, Valley Green. (Nectar, Fri)

Guardian Alien, Stereo Embers, Kim Virant. (Sunset, Fri)

Christeene and ‘Da Boys, Sashay, DJ Mister Sister. (Crocodile, Fri)

SOIL Gallery art auction. (Canvas Event Space, Fri)

Comedian Vickie Shaw. (Triple Door, Fri)

Jackie Naylor Quartet. (Century Ballroom, Fri)

Bill Anschell Quartet. (Tula’s, Fri)


“Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird.” (Everett Community College, Sat-Sun)

Opening of “If You Don’t They Will: no. NOT EVER,” group exhibit on “countering white nationalism through a cultural lens." (Henry Art Gallery, Sat thru Oct. 1)

“Says You!” podcast taping. (Town Hall, Sat-Sun)


Amy Denio. (Broadway Performance Hall, Sat)

Party in the Park. (Olympic Sculpture Park, Sat)

Urban Craft Uprising Summer Show. (Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, Sat)

Dyke Pride March & Rally. (Seattle Central, Sat)

“Star Wars: Rogue One,” with food trucks and beer garden. (South Lake Union Discovery Center, Sat, free)

Write Our Democracy presents “June Write-In” writing/reading event. (Hugo House First Hill, Sat)

PrideFest 2017. (Various Capitol Hill spots, Sat)

Last Exit on Brooklyn reunion. (Lochkelden and Hale’s Ales, Sat)

Sara Watkins, Langhorne Slim. (St. Mark’s, Sat)

Del Vox, Joy Mills Band, Crying Shame, Julien Martlew. (Slim’s Last Chance, Sat)

Metalachi, El Steiner, Ball Bag, Hostile Makeover. (El Corazon, Sat)

Double or Muffin, Mud On My Bra, Klondike Kate, Sound & Shadow puppet show. (Slate Theater, Sat)

Sunyata Records showcase with Ayron Jones, Barrett Martin Group, more. (Neptune, Sat)

“Aunt Franzea’s Party Box: Burlesque Under the Influence.” (Theater Off Jackson, Sat)

Author/historian Sandra Vea. (Third Place Books Seward Park, Sat)

Madaraka Festival. (MoPOP, Sat)

Greenwood Classic Car Show. (Greenwood Ave. N, Sat)

Riz and Rob: “Won Love! One Week.” (Orient Express, Sat)

“Welcome to Braggsville” author T. Geronimo Johnson. (Book-It, Sat)

Black Arts Love Summer Mixer and Marketplace. (Franklin High, Sat)

“Spirit of Indigenous People,” Native American cultural festival. (Seattle Center Armory, Sat)

Roger Waters. (Tacoma Dome, Sat)


Seattle Pride parade/rally. (Fourth Avenue to Seattle Center, Sun)

Monty Banks. (Parliament, Sun)

Body-Positive Figure Drawing with Tatiana Gill. (Popluxe Brewing, Sun)

“Graveyard: Remembering Seattle,” art installation by Derek Erdman. (Volunteer Park, Sun)

Witch Bottle, Samvega, Alina Ashkey Nicole. (Substation, Sun)


(Fyodor Dostoevsky):

"The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for."


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