I’ve gotta funny feeling this is gonna be another of those days when the news items I list will be upstaged by something new and big occurring between the time this goes out and sun-up. 

A state budget deal after all these months? 

A big development in the national Resistance? 

Or just some cute baby-animal story?


Still warm and muggy with morning clouds, through the weekend.



Pioneer Square’s landmark Triangle Pub building was sold for $1.9 million, to speculators who may install yet another of those boutique-hotel thangs in it after the Viaduct comes down. (Curbed; image: Chris Murphy, Flickr)



As of Tuesday evening, there’s still no state budget deal out of the deadlocked Legislature. That means we’re closer than we’ve ever been to a partial state-government shutdown. The state’s sent layoff-warning notices to 32,000 employees—more than half the total state payroll, not counting court and higher-ed staffers. Legislators continued to negotiate through the night. (Crosscut) (Weekly) (KCPQ) (KIRO-TV)

The state’s issued a summary of what services would close, or get cut way back, during a shutdown.


Seattle Police reps weren’t at the City council’s “informal hearing” about the Charleena Lyles shooting, convened Tuesday on the UW campus. Who did show up: some Lyles relatives and many women of color, fiery with anger: "See us and protect us. Fix this system. We are dying, we are burying our children.” “We deserve to be helped and not to be murdered." (Geov Parrish) (PI.com) (AP) (Crosscut) (KUOW)

Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole claims Councilmember Sawant “shows a disappointing level of ignorance” when Sawant criticizes the SPD’s policies (particularly its internal-review process) and actions. (Slog)

King County Sheriff John Urquhart’s being targeted by another complaint. This one’s a labor-practices complaint from the Puget Sound Police Managers Association. The group alleges Urquhart and his top associates “tried to intimidate the sheriff’s political opponent and threatened to “destroy” any sheriff’s commander who publicly supported her." He denies all the allegations. (SeaTimes)


THe Seattle School District responded to an NAACP report proposing an ethnic-studies curriculum by suggesting its own plan. Critics say the district’s plan “is not enough.” (KUOW)

Eleven black men and women were forcibly removed from an Alaska Airlines flight at the Juneau airport. Airline officials claim one of the group had been rowdy and refused to heed the usual pre-flight instructions. Others who’d been on the plane said the group had merely been behaving boisterously, not aggressively or stubbornly. (Charles Mudede)


A Seattle-baed legal expert says the partly-revived Travel Ban 2.0 (“Travel Ban 2.1”?) strikes hardest against refugees. Lawyers around the country are preparing to resume airport-based defenses of travelers coming to the US. (KNKX) (AP)

Former (named) and current (anonymous) staffers with the EPA’s Northwest regional office have lots to say, none of it nice, about the agency’s new damn-the-planet official stance. (Weekly)

Dave Ross reminds you that ANY “free market”-based health care system, no matter how “reformed,” will still regularly say “no” to many treatments and procedures, just due to costs.

Al Gore spoke in Bellevue Tuesday to promote his “Climate Reality Project,” hoping to organize a grassroots movement of climate activists. (KING)


The King County Council voted to place “safe consumption sites” only in cities that overtly request/allow them. (KUOW)


Lightning-caused fires are active in four counties in central and southeast Washington, covering more than 7,500 acres. (KREM) (KCPQ) (SeaTimes)


For the eighth straight month, Seattle’s the nation’s “hottest housing market.” (GeekWire)

For even “median income” earners here (at today’s techie-inflated “median” level) to buy a “starter” home would require half their income. (SeaTimes)

Homeless families and students: “falling through the cracks” in federal funding, but better-noticed and cared-for around here. (PI.com)


Community-college students around the state keep paying tuition surcharges for computer-network upgrades that won’t be fully online for two years or more. (Crosscut)


A “ransomware” attack struck the computer systems of Maersk, a container-shipping line with outposts around the world including Seattle and Tacoma. It spread to other companies’ systems via email attachments. (KCPQ)


First, Sprint was going to take over T-Mobile. Then, T-Mobile was going to take over Sprint. Now, Sprint’s putting all that on hold while it pursues a deal to supply mobile-wireless services for resale thru Comcast. (PS Biz Journal)


The Storm fell badly to the Washington Mystics, 100-70. At Connecticut Thursday.

Sounders FC at San Jose tonight.

Thanks partly to another epic bullpen collapse, the Mariners dropped their third straight, 8-2, to the lowly Phillies. The two-game series, and the homestand, end tonight.

Seahawk Michael Bennett and his wife announced an initiative to help African girls study for tech/science careers. (SeaTimes) 


“Homeless in Seattle Project,” with presentations and videos by many local media outlets. (online)


“The Shadow Council” with Brett Hamil. (NW Film Forum)

“Two Hour Transport” reading series. (Cafe Racer)

“Sub Pop and Songwriting” forum with Sera Cahoone and Kyle Craft. (Town Hall)

Ryan Adams. (Paramount)

Joe Ross and the Bird Watchers. (Parliament)

Bloodshot Bill, Boss Martians. (Slim’s Last Chance)

!!!, So Pitted, Master Bedroom. (Crocodile)

Kahil El’Zabar, David Murray. (Columbia City Theater)

Vanessa Silberman, Heart Shaped Boxes, Love Dimension. (Funhouse)

Installation artist Inye Wokoma talks about “An Elegant Utility.” (NW African American Museum)

“Large Animals” author Jess Arndt. (Elliott Bay Book Co.)

“Jammin for Justice” with mayoral candidate Bob Hasegawa. (China Harbor)

“An Evening With Bill Bradley and Dan Evans.” (Benaroya Hall)




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