MONDAY, JULY 3, 2017

After the sublime spectacle that was the 150th Canada Day, we now must face the 242nd Fourth of July, at a time when our nation is under attack as never before—from within, by its self-proclaimed saviors.

We must save our country, and our planet, together. It won’t be easy, and it’ll take the rest of our lives. 

(image of Sunday’s “Impeach Now” rally: Jeff Pohjola, KOMO)


Cloudy mornings (with perhaps a little drizzle), burning off and warming off by the afternoon, thru Wednesday.



Prepare to say goodbye to the venerable 1st and Pike building that now houses Seattle Coffee Works, the Green Tortoise Hostel, and a T-shirt shop, and used to house the infamous International Donut Shop as seen in the movie “Streetwise.” The property owner wants to put up a 14-story tower there, natch. (Daily Journal of Commerce)



We now know what’s in the $437 billion, “mystery meat” state budget, passed in a last-nanosecond rush by a GOP-broken Legislature. It’s not so much a “grand bargain” as a sloppy melange. (KING) (Crosscut) (SeaTimes)

Thanks to the GOP-controlled Senate and its “stick it to Seattle” property-tax scheme, “three out of four King County homeowners will see their property taxes jump.” (SeaTimes) (KIRO-TV) (Weekly)

Is the school-funding overhaul “enough to get the state out of contempt of court—and stop $100,000-a-day fine?” (News Tribune)

And if it is, could a lawsuit derail a tax on third-party online sales (through eBay, etc.), a major part of the school funding plan? (News Tribune)

There’s a long-overdue spending boost for mental-health care, including an overhaul at Western State Hospital. (News Tribune)

There’s apparently some sort of renewed film-production incentive, though details are scant. (Keep Film In WA)

And the Senate Republicans rammed through more tax breaks for industry. (SeaTimes)

Also passed at the last moment: a paid family-leave measure. (KING)


“Don’t worry about the [proposed municipal] income tax driving rich people out of Seattle. First, it won’t happen. Second, it would be just fine if it did.” (Weekly editorial)


Remember, whenever Republicans rant about “voter fraud,” they’re really promoting voter suppression. Especially the current White House resident, who’s demanding detailed “big data” about every registered voter in every state. Gov. Inslee’s dead-set against it. The Republican Wash. Secretary of State isn’t. (KING) (Slog)

Two US House Republicans want a federal bill to overturn court decisions and keep two dams on the Snake River. (Spokesman-Review)

No, the immigration crackdown isn’t just affecting so-called “bad hombres.” It’s also a living nightmare for many regular folk just trying to make new lives for themselves. (Danny Westneat)

Local seniors reliant on Medicare are joining the growing chorus of ACA-repeal opponents. (KING)

My first fellow Stranger refugee to get a regular oped gig with the NYT, Lindy West, calls to “save free speech from trolls.”


A new, 500-acre fire is burning, and growing, near Highway 12 outside Naches. (KOMO)

Other big Central Washington wildfires were brought close to under control over the weekend; but dry conditions (and probable fireworks in the parks Tuesday night) mean there’s still a danger. (KING)


You know the city’s new open-bidding process for homeless services emphasizes “rapid rehousing,” which emphasizes short-term subsidies to private landlords instead of long-term permanent housing. But you might not have heard it’s also got new requirements for existing shelter programs, demanding they be open to receiving new guests 24/7. That could force many existing shelters to close. (Geov Parrish)


The ex-financial boss of a Federal Way health-insurance company was sentenced to a year in prison, for embezzling $632,000 from it. (He returned the money once he was caught.) (AP)


Seattleites who work for certain large employers now have new proections against unstable scheduling. (Slog)

Once again: “No, Seattle’s $15 minimum wage is NOT hurting workers.” (Nation)


Microsoft’s allegedly gonna lay off thousands worldwide, as it reorganizes its sales divisions around that whole “cloud computing” craze. (TechCrunch)

Microsoft continues to battle the White House, over what the tech giant considers to be overreaching requests for private email info. (AP)


The Mariners took two of three games at Anaheim, winning Sunday 5-3. Back home vs. Kansas City starting tonight.

The only Mariner going to the All-Star Game: Nelson Cruz (his fifth trip there). (News Tribune)

Breanna Stewart scored 30 points as the Storm broke a three-game losing streak, beating Dallas 89-69. Home vs. New York Thursday.

Sounders FC at Colorado Tuesday.


KNKX presents Pearl Django, Birch Pereira, Industrial Revelation, and “All Things Considered Live.” (Ballard Locks)


“Kittie & Lou’s Camp-Tacular” drag/burlesque show. (Re-bar)

This Wild Life, Dayjacket, A Will Away. (Crocodile)

V.H.S., Ex Licks, Donzis. (Cafe Pettirosso)

B.o.B. (Nectar)

Merchant Mariner, The Rule of Groove, Oliver Elf Army. (Substation)

Seattle Wind Symphony and Chorus present “Star Spangled Spectacular 2017.” (Benaroya Hall)


“Resistance is Patriotic” BBQ and zine release. (Push/Pull)

BBQ, square dance, fireworks watching. (Swedish Club)

Porchlight Records/Coffee eighth anniversary. (Seven Hills Park)

Ethiopian Cultural Festival. (Kings Hall)

The Suffering Fuckheads. (Royal Room)

Vito and the One Eyed Jacks, Palatine Trio, more. (Tim’s Tavern)


Good news: I’ve finished and sent off revised texts and images for a new version of my book “Walking Seattle.” It won’t be out again for a while, but when it is it’ll have a whole new look.

This also means I’m going back to my set-aside project of redesigning the look of this here e-missive. Let me know all your suggested improvements.

And we’re taking the holiday off, so your next e-missive arrives Wednesday.



"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious, but it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly, but the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

"For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men.

"He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear."


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