We are all patriots now, like it or not. 

It’s time to love this country (yes, even with its heritage of greed, conquest, slavery/Jim Crow, etc.).

We must do the long, tough, mostly invisible work of reclaiming and restoring our democracy, our civil rights, our voting rights, and our land.

That’s what I’ve been saying. And that’s what Seattle schoolteacher Aaron Pina says: “Resistance is the new patriotism.”


Mostly sunny with highs above 80 thru the week.



The Hiram M. Chittenden (Ballard) Locks are 100 years old this week. And they could use some refurbishing funds from the stingy feds. (KUOW) (image: MakingTheCut100.org)

Chittenden himself, who ran the Army Corps of Engineers’ Seattle branch, spearheaded the drive to build the locks; but he was retired and dying by the time they were done, and couldn’t attend their formal opening. (KNKX)



The GOP State Senate’s “stick it to Seattle” property-tax hike means we’re carrying the load-bearing for funding schools in the rest of the state. (Crosscut)

GOP-led anti-transit measures quietly died, thankfully. (Seattle Transit Blog)

As we’ve mentioned Washington’s film-production incentives were renewed by the Legislature in its last-second budget deal. But they maintain the same $3.5 million “cap” on benefits, which still puts our state at a great disadvantage compared to Oregon. (Slog)

Now that the budget crisis is over for now, time to ask the really big questions, such as “how well do our lawmakers know the works of Beyonce?” (Crosscut)


Washington’s Republican Secretary of State, apparently responding to public outcry, now says she agrees with Gov. Inslee about not giving voter-info data to the White House’s voter-suppresion drive. (KOMO) (SeaTimes)

The new EPA bigwigs consider “Superfund” sites to be a top priority. But even at those sites, including the Duwamish Waterway, the far right’s ideology clashes with the reality of climate change. (LAT)

After Oregon and Washington joined in a legal action, a federal court ruled the feds have to stop stalling enforcement of methane regulations. (KUOW)

Travel Ban 2.1 means even more “waiting and uncertainty” for refugees scheduled to arrive in Wash. state. (KNKX)

HBO’s “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” noted Sinclair Broadcasting forcing far-right propaganda clips onto its local stations, and KOMO’s “clever rebellion” against them. (Slog) (News Tribune)

A federal-level retreat from police reform efforts “would be devastating” to cities like Seattle. (Dave Ross)

Brett Hamil’s found a few local leftists who are getting their first guns, in case of attack by alt-right goons. (Weekly)


A suspect in the phoned-in death threats to the Evergreen State campus was arrested in Morris Plains, NJ. (KCPQ)

The SPD ran another of its “massage-parlor pop-up” stings, this time on Aurora. Some 200 would-be sex-work clients entered by the front door and left, in cuffs, out the back. (KIRO-TV)


Plastic “micro fibers” are in a lot of clothes these. And they can end up in the waters every time you do a laundry load. (KUOW)

Another underground tunnel at Hanford, full of radioactive waste, is at risk of failure. (SeaTimes)


A 14-year-old boy took his mom’s SUV to buy fireworks. Later, he and his pals got into a “Roman candle fight.” Result: one totaled SUV. (KING)

Could the recent Amtrak derailment near the Chambers Bay golf course have been due to a “safety device”? (KING)


Some of those hi-paid young techies are afraid of “aging out” of the coding profession, becoming unemployable as early as age 35. (Jon Talton)


Sounders FC entered MLS’s midseason break with a 3-1 win at Colorado. An “international friendly” home match vs. Eintracht Frankfurt Saturday.

The Mariners dropped their second straight to the Royals, 7-3. The three-game series concludes tonight.


Clinton Fearon. (Harbor Steps, noon, free)

Industrial Revelation. (Central Library, noon, free)


Bobby Previte Trio, Motel 7. (Royal Room)

“Oh, I Get It,” documentary short about “queer comedy and social change in Seattle.” (Central Library)

Silent reading party. (Sorrento)

“Am I Normal?: Weird French Pop Music.” (Revolver)

“Robbie Turner’s Playground.” (R Place)

Eva and the Vagabond Tales. (Central Saloon)

Pearl Django, Gail Pettis. (Jazz Alley, thru Thurs)

“Geekgasm 2.0” dance revue. (High Dive)

Novelist David Hicks. (Elliott Bay Book Co.)

Clarion West presents author John Chu. (U Book Store)

“TBASA’s Lo-Fi All Stars #91” with David Bingaman, Caleb Yi, Dylan Jackson, Mike Spine. (Substation)

Mutoid Man, Helms Alee, He Whose Ox Is Gored. (Neumos)

“Living Music,” compositions by current-day composers. (Chapel Performance Space)

Music Under the Stars. (Volunteer Park Amphitheater)




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