MONDAY, JULY 10, 2017

Today’s the day the City Council (probably) votes to enact a municipal income tax on “high earners.” 

That move will set off legal battles with conservatives, who’ll argue that the state Constitution forbids such a tax. Attorneys for both sides are prepped up and rarin’ to do battle.

Let’s get ready to, you know, rumble.


Morning clouds; afternoon warmth. Warmer as the week progresses.



A big redo of Fisherman’s Terminal’s dockside buildings, long in the works, could finally begin later this year. Managers hope it will double the amount of commercial-fishing business coming through Seattle. (PI.com)

Does the big State Convention Center expansion plan include enough money for affordable housing, as a tradeoff for “street vacation”? Some activists say it doesn’t yet. (Curbed Seattle)



Gov. Inslee undid a piece of the Legislature’s compromise Franken-budget. He vetoed a B&O tax break for manufacturing companies, which he claims was snuck into the budget deal “in the dead of night.” (KCPQ) (Slog)

Inslee’s rants against the White House resident could be a “shakedown cruise” for potential Democratic Congressional-campaign approaches in 2018. (NWNews) (SeaTimes)

The budget deal’s school-funding fix may leave fiscal inequities in our schools untouched, or even make them worse. One observer says the plan “will still send more money to districts that serve fewer students living in poverty.” (SeaTimes)

A plaintiffs’ attorney in the McCleary case, which led the state Supreme Court to hold the state in contempt for not fully funding K-12 schools, now says the Legislature’s budget plan still “falls short.” (KING)


Make no mistake: many, many people in our state would be hurt, fiscally and physically, by an Obamacare repeal. (Crosscut)


For the second year in a row, anti-trans bigots failed to get a “bathroom bill” initiative onto the ballot. (Slog)


Thanks to a state Supreme Court ruling, “it just got tougher to block jurors of color in Washington state.” (KUOW)


At Charleena Lyles’ funeral, family members painted a very different picture of the single mom fatally shot by police than police themselves gave. One person called her “a woman taking care of her babies the best way she knew how.” (Crosscut)

Lyles’ public funeral is at 10:30 this morning at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, 124 21st Ave. (KCPQ)

Deadly shootings by police in King County are about the same as they’ve been for the past dozen years. It’s just that in the age of social media, we learn a lot more about them, and a lot sooner. (SeaTimes)

A King County deputy who struck a pedestrian on his way home from work early Friday morning was the same deputy who shot and killed a man in Burien in June.” You remember, the man who was shot for brandishing a pen. (Weekly)


No place is too affluent to not have “active shooter situations”. A man on a boat anchored near the Bainbridge ferry dock shot at the shore, and then at police, for two hours, before he was finallly, fatally, shot by a SWAT team. (WaPo) (KUOW) (KOMO)

A man on a flight from Sea-Tac to Beijing allegedly started making a nuisance of himself. Reportedly, he tried to open a cabin door midflight; then punched a flight attendant, then hit a passenger in the head with a wine bottle. He’s been charged with a federal crime. (KIRO-FM) (KING)


A weekend wildfire just east of Yakima burned 400 acres and threatened 100 homes, before firefighters got it under control. (KIMA)


A study commissioned by Northwest tribal interests claims “allowing the Columbia to flow more like a natural river,” with fewer (or at least more leniently-operated) dams, would be a net benefit to the region’s economy. (Spokesman-Review)

The City of Edmonds pledges to run solely on “clean energy” by 2025. (KING)


The Seattle Rep’s planning a Seattle-set “grunge nostalgia” musical. There’s no script yet, and only an idea for a (fictional) storyline; but the Rep’s already negotiating for the rights to use old local bands’ hit songs. (Variety) (Seattle mag)


The group “Consumer Watchdog” wants the feds to block Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, unless the e-tail giant stops what the group claims are “deceptive pricing practices.” (PI.com)


The Storm came back to beat LA 81-69. Home vs. Connecticut Wednesday.

Sounders FC managed a 1-1 draw in an “international friendly” vs. Eintracht Frankfurt. The Sounders don’t play again until July 19, vs. DC United. 

The Mariners split a four-game series vs. Oakland, winning Sunday 4-0. After the All-Star Break, the Ms next play at the White Sox on Friday.


Champagne Honeybee. (425 Terry Ave. N., 4:30 pm)


Billy Mac, biographer of Mariners broadcaster Dave Niehaus. (U Book Store)

The Filly-Busters present “It’s a Sad Sad, Sad, Sad World: A Political Cabaret,” with “politically charged” speakers and artists. (Rendezvous)

Film “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” with live score. (Substation)

“Collide-O-Scope” video series presents “Summer Scorcher.” (Re-bar)

Rochelle House, Andy Coe, D’Vonne Lewis, Evan Flory-Barnes. (Royal Room)

Speakeasy, Of the Heavy Sun, Eric Rosane. (Sunset)

“Mo’ Jam” series presents Circular Reasoning. (Nectar)

Polariser, Sharkle, the Carols. (Cafe Pettirosso)


(Brian Aldiss):

"When childhood dies, its corpses are called adults."


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