Dunno ‘bout you all, but I’m old enough to remember when “the Seattle Cranes” usually referred to a fictional sitcom family. 

Now, for the second straight year and by a widening margin, we’re the US capital of construction cranes (62 in total as of January). 

And CNBC just proclaimed Washington “the #1 state for business.”

One of the criteria in the cable channel’s rankings, our lack of personal or corporate state income taxes, is also one of the big reasons why our schools and public services are underfunded.

And yet, the rabid right still likes to think of us as some hotbed of anti-business, anti-growth, anti-profit pinkos (see "Brass Tax" below).


One more day of cooling morning clouds burning off in the afternoon. Should get hotter starting Thursday.



We’re still a ways from “self-driving” aircraft, but two types of “humanoid robots” are getting tryouts as guides at Sea-Tac this week. They’re telling passengers how best to prepare for TSA screenings, and where to find food and drink. (GeekWire) (KIRO-TV)



Swaths of the social-media landscape went bonkers over the Seattle City Council’s high-earner income-tax move. “Socialist” is one of the lesser troll-isms used to describe it. (PI.com)

A move to include a B&O tax cut into the income-tax bill pitted Kshama Sawant against Lorena Gonzalez and Lisa Herbold. (PubliCola)


The Gates Foundation announced $375 million to expand access to contraception in poor countries. As part of the announcement, Melinda Gates bashed the White House’s cuts to family-planning programs in the US and abroad. (GeekWire)

Will the axing of a long-in-the-works “startup visa” hurt Seattle’s tech industry? (KUOW)

It’s “Save Net Neutrality Day” at thousands of websites, all protesting federal plans to let broadband providers favor some “content providers” over others. (SeaTimes)

Sinclair Broadcasting’s shoving even more far-right “content” onto the TV stations it owns, including KOMO. (Crosscut)


A Paul Allen-funded “permanent housing” project for homeless women and families will be built on the site of a car wash near the Mt. Baker light-rail station. (KING)

The Tacoma City Council approved a temporary ordinance banning people from camping on public property. (KING)


Steelhead numbers are in a dangerous decline. So why does one report say they're an eco-friendly dietary alternative to other salmon? (Crosscut)


State Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a lawsuit against the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), a major Democratic donor. The AG’s office claims SEIU’s state council made more than $5 million in “unreported campaign contributions.” (KNKX) 


Jenny Durkan is the only major mayoral candidate not to publicly oppose a hotel-industry lawsuit against new worker protections. (Still, Durkan got a big endorsement from the above-mentioned SEIU.) (Weekly)

Workers at Sakuma Brothers Farms in Skagit County have signed their first labor contract. (KNKX)

Barry Ritholtz penned a Bloomberg oped essay, calling the study dissing Seattle’s minimum-wage hike was “overhyped” and had “glaring weaknesses” in its methodology.


one of the few women at the top of a software firm says tech startups can avoid sexual-harassment cases by fostering a “corporate culture,” from the board of directors on down, where women are welcomed and respected. (GeekWire)

Fifty female high-school and college students toured local tech companies Wednesday. It’s part of a drive called “GenHERation,” intended to get more women in tech leadership spots. (KING)


As well as cuts to its sales units, Microsoft’s shutting down an Oregon plant it acquired a few years back, where it made the big touch-screen units seen in TV news studios. It was one of the few facilities making high-end computer hardware in the US. (SeaTimes)


Amazon filed a patent application for “at-home augmented reality” systems, intended for its expansion into the furniture biz. (PS Biz Journal)


UW chemists have developed a 3D-printed cube, made from a hydrogel containing “a yeast-infused polymer.” It’s intended to speed up the making of beer (and, potentially, some medicines). (GeekWire)


The gunman killed by police in a standoff on Bainbridge Island had lost his Amazon job and was evicted from a Seattle boat moorage. In a court case against his landlord a few months back, he’d claimed to have been dealing with major depression. (SeaTimes)


Chris Hansen’s Sodo arena group commissioned a UW study that claims it’d being more money into the city than a KeyArena rebuild would. (PI.com)

Wally Walker, the ex-Sonics exec who’s part of Hansen’s group, wants the City Council to compare the two plans, and says any objective comparison would favor Sodo. (PS Biz Journal)


Mariner Robinson Cano hit a go-ahead, 10th-inning homer as the AL beat the NL in baseball’s All-Star Game. Cano was named the game’s MVP. (KCPQ)

Storm at home vs. Connecticut today at noon.


“Living Legends” hiphop package tour. (Showbox)

Voycheck Noise Rock Circus. (Highline)

The Billy Joe Show. (Parliament)

Girls Named Tomorrow, Pulsar, Drench Fries. (Substation)

Whitney Monge. (Chihuly Garden and Glass)

Close Encounter, Buhu, Peyote Ugly. (Barboza)

Charlatan, Lord Phatrick. (Timbre Room)

“Waterway: The Story of Seattle’s Locks and Ship Canal.” (MOHAI)

“Before Everything” novelist Victoria Redel. (Elliott Bay Book Co.)

French film “Ridicule.” (SIFF Film Center)

“Pundemonium: The Seattle Pun Slam.” (Peddler Brewing)


(Peter Brook):

“Tradition itself, in times of dogmatism and dogmatic revolution, is a revolutionary force which must be safeguarded.”


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