MONDAY, JULY 17, 2017

The BBC announced on Sunday that the next “Doctor Who” star will be “Broadchurch” costar Jodie Whittaker (no relation to Johnny Whitaker, who played “Jody” on the US sitcom “Family Affair”).

There have been lady Doctors before, in spoof episodes (such as for the BBC’s “Red Nose Day” telethon) and in fan films.

Four of those were made locally in the 1980s (while the original BBC “Who” series was still on), by Seattle superfan Ryan K. Johnson. They starred Barbara Benedetti (from the original cast of “Angry Housewives,” the punk-rock parody musical that’s still the longest-running show in Seattle theater history). According to Johnson, Benedetti (who died in 1991 at age 37) had no idea at first that the film she was starring in was a tribute to an existing TV series.


Still warm but not unbearably hot. What, you were maybe expecting something else?

Burn bans are now in effect for parts of western Washington. (KING)



A Sequim householder, having a dispute with a neighbor, mowed an insult into his lawn, to be seen by low-flying aircraft—and by Google Earth. (via Olympian)



The Seattle Times attained 1984 documents from an Oregon child protective services investigation. They had concluded that Ed Murray “sexually abused his foster son.” The documents also said there was not enough evidence to prosecute Murray, but that he should be forbidden from fostering any other children. The former foster son, Jeff Simpson, later tried to bring charges, but said he was prevented by the Statute of Limitations. Murray continues to deny these and other allegations by Simpson and three other alleged victims. (Slog) (KING) (Crosscut) (Weekly) (KUOW)

"Murray needs to resign.… Now. Right now. It may or may not be fair, but it’s the right thing to do.(Geov Parrish)


Big Oil wants the state Senate to stay Republican-controlled, and is putting big money behind this desire. (Joel Connelly) (KNKX)


A jury in a Seattle federal court awarded $15 million to the family of Leonard Thomas, a 30-year-old black man fatally shot by a Pierce County police sniper in 2013, while on his porch. (Rick Anderson)

Sakara Remmu at The Bomb, a local site devoted to investigating issues of police accountability and minority communities, explores the official police record in the Charleena Lyles shooting, and finds what she believes are serious discrepancies.

Before Lyles was shot by police in her apartment, officers had been called there 23 times. (SeaTimes)


Seattle’s appointed a new “chief privacy officer,” partly to help protect the city’s immigrant communities. (StateScoop)

Chong Kim came to the US from South Korea at age 5. He grew up to serve in the US Army in Iraq. Now he sits, awaiting deportation, at the for-profit immigration jail in Tacoma. His Army team leader and a VA psychologist are among the people who’ve written to ICE demanding Kim’s freedom. (Slog)

How public reaction to the new DC regine “helped shift Tacoma’s focus” this election cycle, away from potholes and toward a planned liquified-natural-gas plant. (News Tribune)


Health insurance companies want double-digit rate increases in Washington, even though they’ve got “billion-dollar reserves.” (SeaTimes)


As hyper-gentrification spreads out from Seattle, Tacoma’s become the fifth “most competitive” real-estate market in the nation. (KOMO)


The foot bridge in Lake Union Park, closed seemingly almost since the park opened, is finally getting repaired. (SeaTimes)


Female CEOS are rare at big companies, especially around here. Of 96 major, publicly-held companies based in the region, only four had female CEOs at the start of this year. And one of those since died, and was replaced by a man. (SeaTimes)


The U.S. Postal Service is subsidizing Amazon shipments, partly to prevent more of those shipments from going to private shippers (or the company’s fledgling in-house shipping division). (WSJ)

U.S. Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI) called for a hearing to investigate Amazon’s would-be takeover of Whole Foods, claiming the deal could threaten “neighborhood grocery stores.” (GeekWire)


Washingotn may have a record cherry crop this year. (SeaTimes)


“Cross-laminated timber” is increasingly being used in taller and taller buildings. Could it bring more jobs back to timber country? (KING)

“Seattle is the seventh-densest city in the world for trees." (Charles Mudede)


George A. Romero, 77, invented the modern zombie story with the original “Night of the Living Dead.” A former Pittsburgh industrial filmmaker, his non-undead features include “Knightriders” and “Martin.” (LAT)

Martin Landau, 89, starred in “Ed Wood,” the original “Mission: Impossible,” “Tucker,” “North By Northwest,” “Space: 1999,” and, of course, “The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan’s Island.” (Hollywood Reporter)


Crystal Langhorne scored 20 points as the Storm beat Atlanta 90-84. The homestand concludes Tuesday vs. Chicago.

The Mariners swept the weekend series at the White Sox, winning Sunday 7-6 in 10 innings. At Houston starting tonight.


Out to Lunch series presents the Flavr Blue. (2121 7th Ave., 4:30 pm)

Benjamin Guy Davis “Agnostic Christianity” book signing, with the Bubbleators. (Vermillion)

J. Cole. (KeyArena)

Pat Martino Trio. (Jazz Alley, thru Tue)

Sound Underground, Hunter Gather. (Royal Room)

The Drums, Stef Chura. (Neumos)

Maggie Koerner, Katie Kuffel, Timberfoot. (Sunset)

“Brain Bytes” authors Eric Chudler and Lise A. Johnson. (U Book Store)

Activists Jane Barry and Meerim Ilyas. (Queen Anne Book Co.)

Architect Wendell Burnette. (Central Library)

Monster Planet video series presents “Robinson Crucified.” (Re-bar)

Launch party for “Spin” bike-sharing service. (Optimism Brewing)




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