TUESDAY, JULY 18, 2017

It looks like the Senate won’t get to slaughter health care for the sake of billionaire tax breaks, at least not now. 

But don’t let down your guard, or your attention. The leaders of the GOPocalypse have many other plans and plots in motion, none of them of any good for us.


At or near 80 the next couple of days; perhaps cooling off Thursday.



Yes, as a matter of fact we did get to see the Northern Lights around here late Sunday. (via KOMO)



Councilmember Lorena Gonzalez asked Ed Murray to at least consider resiging from the last half-year of his mayoral term. Some of the candidates to succeed him have said likewise. Murray says he has no intention of quitting. (Weekly) (Crosscut) (KOMO) (Slog)

Legally, the City Council could remove a mayor from office with a two-thirds majority vote. But that doesn’t mean this council will try it. (PubliCola) (KUOW)

Why did Murray’s first accuser recently drop his lawsuit? Legal experts say that sort of thing happens all the time, for reasons that often have nothing to do with evidence or with a plaintiff’s chances of winning. (PubliCola)


The City Council passed a “bias-free policing” law, codifying that have already been in place for two and a half years. (PubliCola) (SeaTimes)

Defying the Seattle Police Officers Guild, Murray’s ordered patrol officers to always wear body cams on the job. (KCPQ) (SeaTimes)

The City Council wants the police to collect and keep data on drivers they stop. The purpose: to locate any evidence of racial/ethnic bias. (KIRO-FM)


Monday’s televised mayoral debate didn’t reveal, if any, new candidate opinions or platforms. The six candidates who got invited agreed on most things, except that Jenny Durkan was more pro-corporate and pro-homeless-sweeps. (KING) (Joel Connelly) (SeaTimes)

Settling a class-action lawsuit brought on behalf of wheelchair and walker users, the city promises to build “thousands” of sidewalk curb ramps over the next 18 years. (SeaTimes)

Among the complications of the “tax the rich” plan: many of Seattle’s affluent tech workers are already spending more than they ought to, just to afford to live here. (KNKX)

People who don’t want the International District to get “upzoned” to death put up flyers for a City Council committee hearing tonight. The posters bear a deliberate resemblance to posters announcing the WWII internment of Americans of Japanese descent. (The C Is For Crank) 


Springer, the “orphaned orca” rescued and rehabilitated 15 years ago, has given birth off of BC’s north central coast. (KING) (Victoria Times-Colonist)

There’s “a thin green line” connecting the places where Northwest citizens have stopped, or at least slowed down, fossil-fuel processing, shipping, and exporting facilities. (Sightline)


Sen. Patty Murray says Education Secretary DeVos “should be fired,” for an associate’s “insensitive” comments about campus rape accusations. (Slog)

A Hawaiian court’s ruling significantly weakens Travel Ban 2.1. (CS Monitor)


Can a massive new I-5 lid downtown “pencil out” financially? Perhaps yes. (Crosscut)


A 32-foot-wide lot in Fremont will, if developers get the OK, become the site of a 44-foor-tall building with 11 luxury rental units. (Daily Journal of Commerce)


Seattle motorists can spend an hour a week or more just looking for parking. (PS Biz Journal)


A Pride Fest in a place like Seattle is one thing. But such a fest in Richland is a far braver act indeed. It’s succeeded for two years now. (Tri-City Herald) 


Another day, another complaint about the Amazon/Whole Foods acquisition plan. The head of the grocery workers’ union says the combo of these two companies (both notoriously anti-union) would be bad “for consumers and workers alike.” (GeekWire)


The Storm’s at home vs. Chicago tonight.

The Mariners crawled their way back to .500 with a 9-7, 10-inning win at Houston. Same teams tonight.

The NBA's Houston Rockets are for sale. Is there a chance of bringing ‘em to Seattle? Not much of one. (Seattle mag)


Aimee Mann, Rhiannon Giddins. (Woodland Park Zoo)

Michelle Branch, Haerts. (Showbox)

Matchbox Twenty, Counting Crows, Rivers & Rust. (White River Amphitheatre)

Javiera Mena, Elia. (Nectar)

Belcurve, Cherry Boy. (Central Saloon)

“Piano Starts Here” series presents a tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim and Lalo Schifrin. (Royal Room)

The Stranger’s “Resist/Recharge” panel with Greenpeace. (St. John’s)

“Killers of the Flower Moon” author David Grann. (Elliott Bay Book Co.)


(Ken Follett, “The Pillars of the Earth“):

“She wanted to say I love you like a thunderstorm, like a lion, like a helpless rage…”


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