TUESDAY, JULY 25, 2017

We know a little more now about Seahawk Michael Bennett’s book project. 

It’s still tentatively titled “Things That Make White People Uncomfortable.” 

It’ll be out next year, from a Chicago press that specializes in leftist political titles. 

It’ll have chapters about Black Lives Matter, intersectionality, “the importance of uplifting women,” and the need for athletes to organize. 

And it’ll have jokes.


Today’s weather-du-jour: same as it was yester-jour.



The National Park Service wants to get mountain goats (the old mascot animal of the Great Northern railroad) out of Olympic National Park, either by moving or killing them. (AP) (image: Etsy)

A $130 million project will add “fish passage renovations” to the Cle Elum Dam, to bring back sockeye salmon runs for nearly 30 miles of the Cle Elum River. It’s all being done in response to a Yakama Nations lawsuit over treaty rights to fishieries. (KING)



The Seattle LGBTQ Commission called for Ed Murray to resign. Four ex-mayors issued a joint statement calling for Murray to finish out the last four and a half months or so of his mayoral term. Councilmember Lorena Gonzalez has softened her previous call for Murray to leave. The full council, while unlikely to try to force Murray out, is drafting a “succession plan” in case of any future such cases. (KOMO) (Capitol Hill Seattle) (P-I) (Slog)


“GOP compares Washington property-rights dispute to the plight of millions without safe water.” (News Tribune)

Ex-gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna’s joining the legal fight to stop Seattle’s high-earner income tax. (KCPQ)


Snohomish County’s now “the second fastest-growing county in the US.” (SeaTimes)

Mukilteo businessman Peter Zieve, who (1) sent out scare-tactic flyers against a new mosque in the town, and (2) was rebuked by the Attorney General’s office for religious and marital-status job discrimination, is now running for the town’s city council. (SeaTimes)


The City Council approved upzones for three intersections along 23rd Avenue, including the Union Street site of a proposed 500-unit affordable-housing complex. (KUOW)


“The path to housing justice is through intersectional tenant-led movements.” (South Seattle Emerald)


An official audit complains of poor service from Metro Access, the county’s bus ride-share system for elderly and special-needs riders. (South Seattle Emerald)

The state’s probably going to increase ferry fares. (AP)


The city’s installed an “adaptive signal system” at a major intersection in Lower Queen Anne. The result: car lights can cycle through several times without pedestrians getting any WALK signal. The result: more jaywalking. (The Urbanist)

Should the city just drop jaywalking laws? Councilmember Gonzalez is looking into it, following a SeaTimes report that police disproportionately ticket black walkers. (KIRO-FM)


There’s a “virtual hospital” in Tacoma. It’s a central command base for ICU patients throughout CHI Franciscan Health’s eight hospital locations, connected by real-time video conferencing. (KNKX)


An initiative to ban any attempt at safe injection sites in King County is collecting signatures. (SeaTimes)

Under new laws, pot stores have to make their signage less explicit (for instance, no pot-leaf imagery). One Burien shop’s already challenging the rules. (KIRO-TV)


A dump truck carrying a load of dough on I-5 in Tacoma spilled over, when the heat caused the dough to expand. (KCPQ)

The Lady Washington, a re-creation of an 18th-century sailing, ran aground off of Sequim, but later got freed. (KOMO)


Amazon’s meal-kit service costs $16-$20 for a two-serving package, plus $10 for delivery, and demands you belong to both Amazon Prime and Amazon Fresh. But you can buy one kit at a time; you don’t have to commit to a whole week of ‘em, like with the indie outfits that pioneered the concept. (AP)


Microsoft’s been getting into the hardware biz with the XBox and Surface lines. Now it’s getting into designing its own chips, for “augmented reality goggles.” (Bloomberg)

After rumors that it would be killed led to an outcry, Microsoft said it won’t kill the MS Paint application after all. (GeekWire)


The Mariners blanked the Red Sox 4-0. Same teams tonight.

The Storm returns to action tonight in LA.


Ken Burns and Lynn Novick discuss their new Vietnam War film. (Moore)

Classical Music Night presents soprano Shawna Avinger and pianist James Galbraith. (Cafe Racer)

Poet-artist Anastacia Renée and friends. (Elliott Bay Book Co.)

The Sword, Big Jesus. (Neumos)

Play “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time,” based on Mark Haddon’s novel. (Paramount, thru Sun)

Comedy Nest series presents Clara Pluton, Arijana Ramic, DJ Martinez. (Rendezvous)

Bruce Lee tribute night. (Pine Box)

“The Sodo Track,” group mural series. (5th Avenue South, thru Aug. 6)

Janiva Magness. (Jazz Alley, thru Wed)

Landmarks, Altons, Clone Wolf. (Tim’s, thru Wed)

Science in the City series presents “Harvesting Renewable Energy from the Ocean.” (Pacific Science Center)

Katie Kuffel, Mighty Brother, JOA. (High Dive)

Film “Night of the Living Dead.” (Central Cinema)

Julia Shapiro (Chastity Belt) DJ night (ACLU benefit). (Revolver)




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