I trust this isn't what Nat King Cole meant by the lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer. Particularly the "hazy" part.


Hazier than a Republican's apology. Smokier than an old-hippie tavern prior to 2000. Hotter than, well, something exceptionally hot. 

Air quality in western Washington this week can be compared to that in Beijing, and not all that favorably. (KCPQ) (KOMO) (P-I)

"What you need to know about the smoke over Seattle." (Slog)

More victims of the heat and haze: dairy cows, Sounder trains, airline schedules. (KING) (Weekly)

Besides the big BC wildfires that have given us all this smoke, there's a new big fire raging in Central Washington,possibly started by a cat. (C'mon, you knew those critters were evil minded, right?) (KOMO)




Activists feted the US Postal Service's 242nd birthday at the U District post office with a cake decorated to protest threatened nationwide USPS job cuts. (UW Daily)




Wednesday's "ballot drop" stats from King County Elections show little change in the major primary races. Cary Moon is still slightly ahead of Nikkita Oliver for the second spot in the November mayoral race; with Jenny Durkan comfortably ahead of both. (Slog)


Feliks Banel offers up some little known facts about Bertha Landes, Seattle's first (and, until this next winter, only) female mayor. 


Gov. Inslee appointed Cheryl Strange, who most recently held the Herculean task of bringing Western State Hospital back up to snuff, to head the mammoth Dept. of Social and Health Services. (SeaTimes)

A little-publicized piece of the Legislature's budget deal: sales tax goes back on bottled water, for the first time in seven years. (KCPQ)


Amazon's said to be leasing ALL the office space in the mammoth, fetish-boot-shaped tower about to go up next to Rainier Square. (GeekWire)

The regional need for developable urban land, plus the national decline in big-chain retail, equals a pending big "upzone" for Tacoma Mall and vicinity. (KCPQ)


You already know that Purr, the most recent of a series of gay bars on 11th near Pine, was priced out of that spot and will move to Montlake. Now, it turns out that a new gay bar will be in the old Purr space, to be called simply Queer/Bar. (Capitol Hill Times)


Attorneys for Leonard Thomas, the unarmed black man killed by white Lakewood police officers in 2013, already won a $15 million settlement for his survivors. Now they also seek over $2 million in legal costs. (SeaTimes)

A "microaggression study" at the UW is investigating the long-term health implications of covert discrimination. (UW Daily)

A state government office in Olympia recently displayed art works made by Leonard Peltier, the Native American political activist who was convicted of killing two FBI agents—but who insists on his innocence, as do many supporters. (SeaTimes)


We already told you about international political refugees fleeing from the US toward Canada. Now, the former Olympic stadium in Montreal's been set up as a temporary shelter for some of them. (NPR)


Politics saved the Keystone XL pipeline, at least for now. But industry economics (I.e., the cheap-oil glut) may yet kill it. (AP)


The Seattle Globalist, the oft-insightful news site devoted to the many connections between our burg and the rest of the planet, has survived a major fiscal challenge. Now, its three principals (including ex-SeaTimes freelance columnist Sarah Stuteville) are all splitting for new ventures. They vow, however, that the Globalist will go on under new stewardship.


The latest questionable "addition" to Seattle culture from California: $200-a-plate dinner parties, hosted and served by a guy in a creepy bear suit. Really. (Seattle mag)


First, Boeing spun off a lot of its component-assembly work to a breakoff company, Spirit Aviation (no relation to Spirit Airlines). Then, Boeing and Spirit got into a major pricing battle that threatened both companies' production flows. Fortunately, both companies had execs who'd been pals at the GE aircraft-engine division, and who could negotiate a settlement. (Bloomberg)


KeyArena got historic-landmark designation. This doesn't mean the 1995 structure (under the roof beans of the 1962 Coliseum) is saved. Rather, it means there may be federal funds to help pay for this rebuild. (SeaTimes) 

But complicating that plan: proposed landmark status for the Pottery NW building nearby. The would-be KeyArena rebuilders want to raze the 1923 garage building, for a loading ramp to the new arena complex. (KING)


The Mariners lost the last of a three-game series at Texas, 5-1. Four games at Kansas City start tonight.

Sounders FC's jersey-logo sponsorship deal with Microsoft's XBox line ends next season. The team's hired a national marketing agency to arrange a new deal, with MS or someone else. (GeekWire)


Seattle Art Fair. (CenturyLink Field Events Center, thru Sun)

“Out of Sight” group show. (Old Schoenfeld’s Furniture space)

“BorderLands,” exhibit of works from 4Culture’s collection. (King Street Station)

“Out of Sauce” group exhibit. (Martyr Sauce)

Chris Sheridan: “Allegories from my Subconscious.” (Core)

“Saudade and Other Untranslatable Words” group show. (Zinc)

“On Paper” group show. (Harris Harvey)

“The Drawnk Show.” (Pioneer Square Saloon)

New Mystics: “Yenom Wen.” (CoCA)

“Summerotica” group show/performance. (Box House)

Alexi Brown-Schmidt and WIlliam E. Shields: “It’s Me and It’s You and It’s Yes.” (Specialist)

“Even a Small Love” group show. (Velouria)

Melissa Cole. (ArtXchange)

Urban Craft Uprising pop-up. (Occidental Square)

Photos by Eric Bird. (Caffe Vita)

Opening of small-press XYZ Space. (300 S. Washington St.)

Damien Davis: “White Room.” (Method)

Klara Glosova: “Watching the Green Grass Grow.” (Inscape)

Mona T. Smiley-Fairbanks and Lisa Wickstrom: “‘pnea (Air-Spirit)”. (Lynn Hanson)

Einer and Jamex de la Torre. (Prographica/KDR)

Steve Sewell performs “How to Purposefully Forget Things.” (Shift)

“Xperience,” group art-music-video making night (Solid Ground benefit). (C Art Gallery)


“Sanctuary Stories: What’s Happenng in Seattle?” (Impact Hub)

Disco Tits. (Sea Monster)

Ben Thomas Tango Quartet. (Freeway Park)

Tuning Is For Pianos, Ask the Ages, Seth Alexander Quartet. (Vermillion)

“CI (embodied) Interrogates Its Own History.” (Velocity Dance)

#BlackTransMagic: A Journey Toward Liberation.” (Neptune)

“We Are Pussy Riot: Or Everything Is PR,” play by Barbara Hammond. (Theatre Battery, Kent, thru Aug. 20)

Human Condition presents “Let Us Keep You Company,” art/music group show. (Cenral District Ice Cream Company)

Youth-orienged films “Black Out” and “Pangaea.” (NW African American Museum)

Sinner Saint Burlesque presents “A Midsummer Night’s Reverie.” (Rendezvous, thru Sun)

“Sundown at the Devil’s House,” immersive theater work by Eddie DeHais. (Cafe Nordo, thru Sun)

The Libertinis present “Nite School,” burlesque-circus revue. (Annex Theatre, thru Aug. 19)

“Less” novelist Andrew Sean Geer. (Elliott Bay Book Co.)

Studio 44 series presents Ellen Allien. (Q)

Thea Farhadian, Ewa Trebacz. (Chapel Performance Space)


(Nathaniel Hawthorne):

“The world owes all its onward impulses to men ill at ease. The happy man inevitably confines himself within ancient limits.”


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