John Nichols at the Nation says, “the resistance is no longer a voice of opposition. It now speaks for the great American majority.”

And, like any great American majority, it includes whole bunches of folk who don’t agree on almost anything else.

I’ve been “intersectional” before that was a word. If you know my past screeds, you know I’m all big on bringing all different kids of people together on common goals, despite demographic and ideological differences.

In 2000, I said we can’t just have a revolution for the vegan-stoner bicycle messengers.

Now, we’ll get nowhere if we can’t at least get last year’s Bernie fans to accept last year’s Clinton fans.

We need a “mosaic movement” with everybody in it.

Even the meat eaters and TV viewers. 

Even the “cishet” males. 

And, yes, even those Republicans who realize they've been the “marks” of a long con game.


Highs “only” in the mid-80s this week; hazy skies continue.

Tuesday marks a local record 52 straight days with no precip at Sea-Tac. (KCPQ)

The air around here’s cleaned up enough that authorities have canceled burn bans. (KING) But still, “Seattle’s smoky haze is the new normal for now.” (P-I)

The Climate Impact Lab (a consortium of universities and institutions across the country) says we can expect even more extreme weather here in coming years, due to (natch) climate change. (SeaTimes) (KING)



A new ramen restaurant in U Village has little robots at the tables, recommending your meal choices for you. (GeekWire)



Monday’s ballot drop showed Nikkita Oliver gaining still more ground on Cary Moon for the second slot in Seattle’s mayoral final (behind Jenny Durkan), but with few outstanding ballots still to count. KING called the race for Durkan-vs.-Moon. (Crosscut) (Slog)

A spokesperson for Prop. 1 conceded the sales-tax surcharge measure’s defeat; but vows to introduce similar legislation for arts and culture funding in the future. (Slog)


Yesterday we told you about five volunteers who publicly resigned from GeekGirlCon, claiming the “inclusive” fandom event’s exec director practiced race/gender discrimination. Now we know the specifics of their complaint. They alleged the convention’s Latina exec director discriminated against white people and males. GeekGirlCon’s official response described the allegations as being without "supporting documentation nor corroboration." (Slog)

Everett, like Seattle, will have an all-female mayoral final in November. It’s not had a woman mayor in 124 years. (Everett Herald via KCPQ)

Spokane, meanwhile, has already had three women mayors since the 1980s; each serving a single term. (Spokesman-Review via Slog)

On the average, women in Seattle with graduate degrees earn a whoppin’ $30 Gs less per year than similarly-educated men. It’s a worse average than in similar-sized US cities. (KUOW) (Slog)


Reported rapes and sexual assaults here have doubled in the past decade, far outstripping even our massive population growth. Could rideshare drivers really play a role in this? (KIRO-FM)

Two now-former UW rowing team members were charged with assaulting an intoxicated young woman, then disseminating videos of the act. (KOMO)


The Burien City Council punted on a Seattle Republican’s challenge to its “sanctuary city” resolution, sending it to a public vote this November. (KOMO)

Once again, proponents and opponents of the White House occupant staged competing rallies in Portland. Once again, violent skirmishes broke out. Once again, the advocates of bigotry tried to brand themselves as the innocent victims of PC brigades. (KATU)


Local public-school officials are still sorting out the details of the Legislature’s last-nanosecond school-funding fix. They’ve found at least a few “inadequacies” and inequities in it. (SeaTimes)

“The birth of our real national story starts with the centrality of slavery.” (Jerry Large)


Two blockade groups temporarily stopped the same oil train; first at Vancouver USA, then (after the first blockaders were arrested) at Tenino. Eco-activists promise more such actions in the future. (Weekly)


The Seattle Public Library has acquired the collections of the Zine Archive and Publishing Project from Hugo House. The volunteer-run ZAPP closed in April after 21 years, collecting some 30,000 publications.

Some local gallery operators who were at the Seattle Art Fair report strong sales there. (Slog)


Councilmember Mike O’Brien introduced legislation to loosen parking rules for people living in RVs. (KING)

For the first time ever, median home prices in King County have risen by $100,000 in just a year. (SeaTimes)


An immigrant farm worker in Whatcom County complained of persistent headaches, and was told to keep working. Eventually, he landed in Harborview, and died over the weekend. His plight led 70 colleagues to stage a one-day strike. (Slog)


HBO’s “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” doesn’t always find positive things to comment upon. But this week it’s got one: Seattle gardening maven Ciscoe Morris. Oliver’s segment title: “You Wish You Loved Anything As Much As Seattle Gardening Expert Ciscoe Morris Loves Everything.” (KING)


The Storm’s at Connecticut tonight.

The Mariners are in Oakland starting tonight.


Seattle Indivisible rally. (Federal Building, 11:45 a.m.)


Belle and Sebastian, Big Thief. (Paramount)

Bomba Estéro, DJ Chilly. (Showbox)

“Live, Laugh, Love: Seattle’s Date Night Comedy Show.” (High Dive)

Meek Mill, Yo Gotti. (WaMu Theater)

William Bird, Heather Michelle, Nick Droz. (Victory Lounge)

New Felts, Hell Mary, Like Wine Like Water. (Rendezvous)

Aaron Crawford. (Westlake Park)

Dungen, Wolf People. (Crocodile)

Claudettes, Gravelroad. (Funhouse)

Suffering Fuckheads. (Royal Room)

Cabaret of Evil #8 (National Parks benefit). (Substation)

Dan Gardner, Steve Knuck Bostick, Brett Wood, Omar Lizarraga. (Kraken)

Democratic Socialists meeting. (Washington Hall)

Seattle 48 Hour Film Project awards screening. (SIFF Uptown)

“Over & Under,” one-act plays by Bret Fetzer and Juliet Waller Pruzan. (Annex Theatre, thru Aug. 16)




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