Instead of another rant against the ongoing Dumpster® fire that is DC politics, today we offer some housekeeping:

Here’s the answer to those of you who who’ve subscribed to our faithful e-missives but sometimes don’t get ‘em.

The problem is: ISPs and email providers sometimes mistake a legitimately subscribed-to email for junk mail, and stop it from even getting to a user’s junk-email folder.

The solution: “whitelisting.” (That’s what it’s called in the Internet biz; any racial/political reference is unintended as well as unfortunate.)

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Still mostly sunny and mostly warm.



At the big “Dota 2” gaming championship in KeyArena last week, a computer “bot” developed by the artificial-intelligence nonprofit “OpenAI” beat one of the game’s top human players in two one-on-one matches. (Dota2 is a much more complicated game to “compute” than chess or go.) Tesla Motors mogul Elon Musk, one of OpenAI’s funders, later Tweeted® that, from this evidence, maybe people should be more scared of AI taking over than they are of North Korea dropping nukes. (GeekWire)

Meanwhile, one of Paul Allen’s organizations is offering to invest a cool quarter-mill into local AI startups. (SeaTimes)



Rep. Jayapal and 31 other Congresspeople issued a resolution calling for the firing of White House aide Steve Bannon and other admitted white-nationalists in the Exec. Branch. (Seattle mag) (Talking Points Memo)

Emily Pothast: “I studied the ‘alt-right’ so you don’t have to.” Except, of course, that we all do have to.

Among those calling for fighting back against the racist/Nazi bullies: MS CEO Satya Nadella. (SeaTimes)

Among those NOT calling for fighting back: Cliff Mass, who takes the perennially ineffective “just ignore the schoolyard bullies and they’ll go away” approach. (Charles Mudede)

Someone we CAN start ignoring from now on: Dori Monson, who approved of the White House occupant's essentially pro-white-supremacist public statements. 

Hundreds marched in south Seattle Tuesday, demanding the DACA (“Dreamer”) program be saved. (KING)

Washington is among the top states for unresolved immigration cases. (P-I)

Scott Kurashige, author of the book “The Fifty-Year Rebellion: How the U.S. Political Crisis Began in Detroit,” says Seattle can learn from that other “hotbed of resistance.” (Crosscut)

The Southern Poverty Law Center counts 21 “hate groups” as having at least a small presence in Wash. state. (KIRO-TV)

There's a petition asking the city to remove the memorial to Confederate soldiers at Lake View Cemetery. (Change.org)


A third bike-share competitor shows up in town tomorrow. This one, founded in China, has vast experience in similar operations overseas. (Seattle Bike Blog)


To absolutely nobody’s surprise, the final vote tally in the mayoral primary sends Jenny Durkan and Cary Moon on to the final in November. (Slog)

Third-place vote-getter Nikkita Oliver said she won’t ask for a recount (at least not yet), and won’t endorse Moon or Durkan (at least not yet), but called her close result a “victory” and vowed to continue working for Seattle’s people after the end of her primary run: “The work we’re doing is much bigger than a single election.” (KUOW) (Joel Connelly) (PubliCola) (KING)

Those “democracy vouchers” had their quirks this past election cycle. One mayor candidate only got his money from them the day before hte primary. (KUOW)

The City Council today may approve the latest plan for the ex-Public Safety Building block, vacant for 12 years. (KING)


Latest to call on Ed Murray to quit the rest of his term: the Seattle Human Rights Commission. (KUOW) (Slog)

Jeff Simpson, one of Murray’s accusers, claims to have been groomed by Murray since age 8, then subjected to sexual abuse starting at age 13. Murray has repeatedly denied Simpson’s allegations. (KUOW)

Meanwhile, the King County ombudsman’s office officially chided Sheriff John Urquhart’s “handling of rape allegations” against himself. (SeaTimes)


State AG Bob Ferguson, following up on previous public accusations, started legal proceedings against the Pierce County Democrats for allegedly repeated campaign-finance violations. (News Tribune)


How can Seward Park’s “fern die-off” be stemmed? (South Seattle Emerald)

The state health department ordered Hanford to stop shipping radioactive waste, after finding the operation “made repeated errors” since 2014. (AP)

Energy Secretary Rick Perry visited Hanford, and vowed to preserve waste-cleanup funding. (NWNews via KNKX)


“In the event of a nuclear blast, don’t condition your hair.” (NPR)


Carl Arnold “Arne” Bystrom, 90, was an architect behind several preserved and revamped Pike place Market buildings. He also designed the Madrona Dance Center and several affluent country homes. (SeaTimes)


The Mariners stopped a five-game losing streak, beating the Orioles 3-1. The three-game series, and the homestand, end today.

Storm at home vs. Minnesota tonight.


“Found: A Life in Mountain Rescue” author Bree Loewen. (Outdoor Research)

“Why Poetry?” author Matthew Zapruder. (Sorrento)

“History Cafe” panel on “Reenacting History Through Theater.” (MOHAI)

“Discovering Seattle Parks” author Linnea Westerlind. (Kenyon Hall)

Allegra Levy, Carmen Staaf. (Royal Room)

“Library Love: Art on the Plaza.” (Central Library, 5 pm)

“Westlake Idol.” (Westlake Park)

Rancid, Dropkick Murphys. (WaMu Theater)

Pauline Black (The Selecter). (El Corazon)

White Tears, Miscomings, Quid Quo. (Timbre Room)

Haunted Horses, Into the Storm, more. (Highline)

Tyler Childers, Eddie Berman. (Sunset)

Opening of “Gimme Shelter,” group exhibit about “dislocation.” (Columbia City Gallery)

Communist Eyes, Clint Westwood, Emerald City Rebels. (Funhouse)

“Persuasion,” new musical based on Jane Austen book. (Taproot Theater, thru Sat)




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