Consider, if you will, an elderly “flasher.”

He believes, in his addled mind, that he’s all powerful, daring, and fear-inducing. But everyone else considers him to be merely sad and pathetic.

A lot of the dorks we’ve seen online and in the news these days are just like him.


Back to morning clouds before the afternoon sun.



Thirty years ago, local freelance photog John Stamets made a book about the Pike Place Market. “Portrait of a Market” is long out of print (its publisher, the Real Comet Press, folded not long after it came out). Stamets passed away in 2014. But images from the book are on display at the Market starting today, with an opening presentation at the Market’s Atrium Loft this afternoon. (SeaTimes)



Does the Lenin statue in Fremont “celebrate Communism,” as some right-wingers claimed on Wednesday? “Its history suggests otherwise.” (Weekly) (Slog) (Seattle mag) (KIRO-TV)

Some Republican policitians from our state are making statements denouncing racism and white supremacism. (Some of the statements are more hedged than others.) (KING)

Rep. Jayapal’s introduced another resolution. This one wants the White House occpant censured for his failure to condemn the Virginia neo-Nazis. The last sitting president to be thusly officially chided was Andrew Jackson. (Slog)

Sen. Maria Cantwell believes the occupant should not only have explictly denounced racism, but should have gone to Charlottesville to say it. (Joel Connelly)

Remember: When the White House occupant bashes Amazon, he’s really bashing the Bezos-owned Washington Post. The occupant doesn’t really care about local stores or state tax revenues. (Charles Mudede) (GeekWire)

Mayor Murray wants the independently-run Lake View Cemetery to take down its monument to Confederate vets. The whole cemetery (home to Bruce Lee’s grave and those of many “old Seattle” families) is closed until further notice. (Capitol Hill Seattle)

James Allsup, the now-resigned head of the WSU College Republicans who’d been part of the white-power rally in Virginia, says he’s really not a racist. Some of his past YouTube vids and Tweets® suggest he really is (and is a sexist and anti-Semite too). (Slog)

“FLASH,” the lauded sexuality-ed currciulum developed in King County, was going to have been offered nationally. But federal funding cuts have stymied the effort for now. (Weekly)

Some Presidential executive boards were disbanded, relieving CEOs such as Boeing’s Dennis Muilenburg from public pressure to resign from them. (PS Biz Journal) (GeekWire)


Can’t get any (real) eclipse glasses? Welders’ glasses work too. And besides, they’re great for that “Flashdance” look. (Weekly)


A fast-moving wildfire in Grant County forced several home evacuations, and cut off elecricity to the town of Quincy. (KOMO)


The next neighborhood proposed for major “upzoning”: “Uptown,” or lower Queen Anne. (Space Needle views from outer neighborhoods be damned.) (SeaTimes)


Sound Transit says Tim Eyman’s latest car-tab rollback initiative could cost the agency up to $8 billion over the next 20-25 years, jeopardizing light-rail expansion. (KCPQ)


SDOT and the school district have reached an administrative compromise to reopen the short walking path next to Lowell Elementary. (Capitol Hill Seattle)


Three Arlington police officers were hospitalized for violent reactions to “secondhand heroin smoke,” after they’d served an arrest warrent at a hotel room off I-5. The suspect allegedly blew the smoke at them. (KCPQ)


Another state Fish & Wildlife facility’s been caught engaging in explicit “locker room talk” and sexual harassment. This time it’s a fish hatchery, where four male employees have been fired. (KNKX) (News Tribune)


Farm workers who walked off the job to protest working conditions at a Whatcom County blueberry farm have described the “grueling pace” expected of them; and also that “when we were sick, we were yelled at.” Because their visas only let them work at the one farm, many of those who walked off will have to go back to Mexico. (Slog)

The Seattle Police Officers Guild says it should have been consulted before the SPD ordered the use of body cams. Now a state labor-relations board will hear the case. (SeaTimes)

Local Teamsters have gone on strike against five local concrete companies, putting a snag into the schedules of many big construction projects. (SeaTimes)

Would you believe total construction jobs around here, even with all the big projects in central Seattle, are still way down from a decade ago? (Jon Talton)


The Storm edged Minnesota 62-61. At Chicago Sunday.

The Mariners took two of three vs. the Orioles, winning Wednesday 7-6. At Tampa Bay starting Friday.

Some Bellevue HIgh parents, mad that the school was officially sanctioned for recruiting violations, want the state to reduce the Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association’s ability to make and enforce such judgments. (KING) 


Supposably, Mike Votava, Sister Brother, Jini Palmer, Jenny Littlefield. (Cafe Racer)

Hisham Mayet, editor of the book “Photographs of Charles Duvelle.” (Mortlake & Co.)

“Splash,” group art exhibit based on the locks’ centennial. (Ballard Locks)

“Pause and draw” screening of “Josie and the Pussycats.” (Central Cinema)

"Dissent," photos by James Rooney. (The Vestibule)

“Comic Life 3: Strange Worlds” group exhibit. (Push/Pull, thru Sept. 19)

Guantanamo Baywatch, Dreamdecay, Steal Shit Do Drugs. (Neumos)

Amandala. (Triple Door)

“Seattle’s Best Damn Happy Hour.” (Seattle Center Armory)

Kid Koala, Blueyedsoul, Indica Jones, Rosby. (Nectar)

Priests, Lithics, Casual Hex, Sleepover Club. (Black Lodge)

Redhook Brewlab grand opening. (714 E Pike)

R.E.M. tribute night. (Sunset)

Titillation Sinsations Burlesque in “Been a Thong Time Comin’.” (Rendezvous)

Overton Berry/Bruce Phares Duo. (Royal Room)

“Roommate Court with Judge Taylor Clark.” (Laughs Comedy Club)

Tiny Orchestral Moments. (Chapel Performance Space)

DoNormaal, Emma Lee Toyoda, Michete, Chong the Nomad (Washington Environmental Council benefit). (Fred Wildlife Refuge)

Native Sibling, Drew Martin, Steven Moore (Washington Trails Association benefit). (Fremont Abbey)



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