Let’s get this straight here.

That statue of Lenin in Fremont was purchased by a local collector from a scrap yard in what’s now the Czech Republic, literally from “the ash heap of history.” 

It’s displayed on private property, in a retail district known for both capitalism and a “funky but chic” atittude. 

And it’s been for sale all these years, with no buyer.

In its current context, it doesn’t celebrate Lenin’s work. It scoffs at it.

But you can’t expect white nationalists to be able to think with that level of complexity (or any level of complexity).


Morning clouds, afternoon sun. Should be all clear for the Monday sky spectacle.



An onlooker views one of the late John Stamets’ 1980s photos of the Pike Place Market, displayed Thursday evening at the spots where they were shot.



Mayor Murray called for the removal of both the Civil War veterans’ memorial at Lake View Cemetery and the Lenin statue in Fremont. Since both are on private property, he can’t order them gone. (Slog) 

By calling for the Lenin statue’s disappearance, Murray’s handed right-wing agitators “a big win.” (P-I)

Lake View Cemetery remains closed until Monday. (KIRO-TV)

Want to know how a “real [Republican] leader” dealt with far-right extremists? Take the example of ex-Gov. Dan Evans. (Mike Vaska, SeaTimes oped)

Now that the phrase “white supremacy” is being spoken aloud, perhaps more people can be motivated to “work for an America in which racist ideas are intolerable.” (Jerry Large)

One of the last local members of the United Daughters of the Confederacy tries to explain why someone might abhor slavery but still honor those who fought to preserve it. (KUOW)

One sitting Congressional Republican who’s spoken out against the White House occupant’s less-than-condemning statements about the hatemongers: Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. (Joel Connelly) 

A big rally against hate and violence is scheduled in Portland this evening. (KATU)

At a Starbucks employee forum, Howard Schultz said the events surrounding the Virginia white-power rally have given him “profound concern about the lack of character, morality, humanity…. The moral fiber, the values, and what we as a country have stood for is literally hanging in the abyss.”  (AP)

Nick Hanauer (of Sounders FC, Pacific Coast Feather, and Civic Skunk Works fame) has a Change.org petition demanding Congress approve “not one penny in tax cuts for millionaires, billionaires, and wealthy corporations.”


Third-place mayoral primary finisher Nikkita Oliver says “I will obviously vote for Cary Moon” in the final, but insists this statement is not an official endorsement by her or by her People’s Party. (Slog)

Moon’s opponent Jenny Durkan got endorsed by both the KC Labor Council and the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. (Slog) (Joel Connelly)

Sheley Secrest not only finished well back in the pack in the mayoral primary, but now she’s accused of trying to defraud that newfangled “democracy voucher” program. (SeaTimes)


In Oregon and southern Washington, “eclipse traffic is already awful,” and we’re still three days away from the event. (KCPQ) (News Tribune)

“Yes, your camera and smartphone need protection during the eclipse.” (Unless you’re not photographing the eclipse.) (News Tribune)


A gray whale’s gotten stranded on the shores of the Olympic Peninsula. (KING)


The big Grant County fire is now under control. (KOMO)

Private drone aircraft sent out to photograph wildfires are still officially discouraged. But state officials are seeking federal approval to send up authorized, pilotless spy-cam planes to check fires’ trajectories. (NWNews via KNKX)


Zillow says the Seattle metro area now has 38 neighborhoods with median home prices above $1 million. That’s up from just 16 such areas three years ago. (GeekWire)


A settlement was announced in the ACLU’s lawsuit against two Spokane psychologists who helped the CIA devise and implement its “harsh interrogation” program against terror suspects. Terms were not announced, but ACLU attorneys called it an historic victory. (AP)


The UW’s Clean Energy Institute is developing solar-power cells that could be printed with special ink onto rolls of plastic film. They could, in turn, go onto house siding, vehicles, clothes, “wearable electronics,” whatever. (KCPQ)


Titleist’s parent company is suing Costco over the latter’s highly popular golf balls, saying they infringe on a bunch of patents. (P-I)


The Seahawks’ home preseason opener vs. Minnesota tonight.

The Mariners at Tampa Bay starting tonight.

Sounders FC home vs. Minnesota Sunday.

Storm at Chicago Sunday.


Chief Seattle Days. (Suquamish, Fri-Sun)

26th Hempfest. (Myrtle Edwards Park, Fri-Sun)

Hillbilly Headbanger Ball. (Slim’s Last Chance, Fri-Sat)

Gigantic Bicycle Festival. (Snoqualmie, Fri-Sun)

“Much Better,” new play by Elisabeth Frankel. (12th Ave. Arts, Fri thru Sept. 2)


“Say No to the Nazis” rally. (Westlake Park, Fri)

Lady Rizo. (Triple Door, Fri)

Sylvan Esso, Dana Buoy. (Neptune, Fri)

Quantico, Flamingos, ¡Manos Arriba! (Nectar, Fri)

Star Anna. (Occidental Park, noon Fri)

Grace Love. (Neumos, Fri)

Thunderpussy, Dude York, the Courtneys. (Mural Amphitheatre, Fri)

Peacers, Lavender Flu, Dyed. (Funhouse, Fri)

Film “But I’m a Cheerleader.” (Cal Anderson Park, Fri)

Market Sunset Supper. (Pike Place Market, Fri)

The Murkies (Kyle Hanson). (Chapel Performance Space, Fri)

“To Love the Coming End” novelist Leanne Dunic. (Third Place Books Ravenna, Fri)

Short films by Japanese collective NOddIN. (NW Film Forum, Fri)

“Her Fractal Rooms,” music/performance piece. (Pocket Theater, Fri)


Viking Days Festival. (Nordic Heritage Museum, Sat-Sun)


Mercer X Summit Block Party. (Summit Public House, Sat)

Boogie Up the Block Urban Arts Festival. (Washington Hall, Sat)

Layne Staley tribute. (Moore, Sat)

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Lumineers. (Safeco Field, Sat)

Washed Out. (Showbox, Sat)

Bowievision, DJ Atticus. (Nectar, Sat)

Pop-Up Day bazaar. (Beats and Bohos, Sat)

Pacific NW Chalk Fest. (Redmond Town Center, Sat)

Washington Beer Collaboration Festival. (SLU Discovery Center, Sat)

Composer-pianist Neal Kosaly-Meyer. (Chapel Performance Space, Sat)

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” with live-cast accompaniment. (Rendezvous, Sat)

Pioneer Square Ice Cream Social and Rummage Sale. (E. Smith Mercantine, Sat)

“Undertones” podcast recording with Erin Jorgensen. (NW Film Forum, Sat)

“Big Day of Play.” (Rainier Playfields and Community Center, Sat)

Skateboard contest. (Under the Needle, Sat)

Roo & the Few, Steve Church. (C&P Coffee, Sat)

“All Things Japanese” sale. (Japanese Cultural & Community Center, Sat)

Film “Clue.” (Mural Amphitheatre, Sat)

“Not Too Late with Lee Sanchez.” (Eclectic Theater, Sat)

Comedian Lee Camp. (Fremont Abbey, Sat)


“Unconstrained Constraint: Oulipo,” with writers Paolo Pergola and Doug Nufer reading “works written through formal constraints.” (INCA, Sun)

Brasilfest. (Seattle Center, Sun)

“Bring It! Live,” “hiphop majorette event.” (Moore, Sun)

“Beauty and the Beard” Nina Simone tribute. (Vermillion, Sun)

Kevin Morby, Shannon Lay. (Tractor, Sun)

Gordon Ashworth, Soft Urns, Redneck, Primordial World. (Rendezvous, Sun)

PBS “Genealogy Roadshow” host Kenyatta Berry. (NW African American Museum, Sun)

2 Chainz, Young Dolph, Trap Karaoke. (Showbox Sodo, Sun)

Warlocks, Matt Hollywood & the Bad Feelings, Super 78. (Barboza, Sun)

“Big 3” basketball playoffs. (KeyArena, Sun)

“War on the Catwalk,” with recent “RuPaul’s Drag Race” stars. (Neptune, Sun)




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