Dave Ross said, after that dreadful excuse for a campaign-style rally in Phoenix, that the White House occupier may have succeeded at uniting all of America—at least “all of non-Fox America”—under the common cause of opposing him and everything he represents. 

Coming together is NOT the same as conforming, as pretending to be alike.

As I’ve said here previously, our meta-coalition will, by necessity, include people who virulently disagree on almost every other issue.

But, as I’ve also said here, America’s greatest strength is that it’s the most mongrel nation on earth.

The enemy within promotes aggressive/destructive forms of conformity, obedience, uniformity.

We’ve got everyone and everything else. The freaks and geeks. The gender-queer and the merely “different.” The Christians who really believe in the Prince of Peace. All colors, all creeds. E-pluribus and all that.


Could we get some showers today; I mean significant ones?



Meet the artist who’s been putting up gentle reminders of humanity, in the form of faux street signs around town. (The Evergrey)



Amazon got separate approvals by the feds and by Whole Foods shareholders to take over the upscale grocery chain. The $13.7 billion transaction could close by the end of the year. (GeekWire)

Councilmember Herbold would really like Amazon boss Jeff Bezos to care more about his, and other companies’, contract workers trying to make it in the “gig economy.” (Weekly)

There’s another “brick and mortar” Amazon Books store, opening today in Bellevue. The probable purpose of these stores: not necessarily to make money, but to collect still more customer data. (SeaTimes)

With a freakin’ 8.1 million square feet of downtown office space, “Thanks to Amazon, Seattle is America’s biggest ‘company town.’” (SeaTimes)


House Speaker Paul Ryan will visit Boeing Everett workers today; will attempt to depict himself, or somebody in the GOP regime, as sane. (P-I)


“Here’s what taxing Seattle’s richest residents would look like”—that is, if the new plan survives in the courts. (SeattleMet)


A new Capitol Hill apartment midrise packs 17 units onto a 27-foot-wide lot. (Daily Journal of Commerce)


“Tacoma finds it’s easy to move people into a sanctioned camp, hard to find them housing.” (KNKX)

Mayoral candidate Cary Moon wants to at least study foreign speculation in Seattle real estate, and potential taxes targeting same. Opponent Jenny Durkan: uh-uh. (KIRO-TV)


The head of the Longview School District complains that the Legislature’s school-funding scheme lets “the rich get richer,” while smaller school districts outside the Puget Sound core will still struggle and scramble. (KUOW)

Should the Seattle schools’ special programs to improve the life/career prospects of black boys also be open to black girls? (Erica C. Barnett)


Get ready for a PR campaign coming to Seattle cafes, bars, and other venues against plastic drinking straws, under the hashtag “#stopsucking.” (News Tribune)

“The Alaska permafrost is thawing.” (NYT)


As the last pieces of the deeply boring tunnel machine are disassembled and carted off, (KIRO-TV) (GeekWire)


Two possible Fentanyl OD victims at a Federal Way park “did not respond to Narcan.” Both survived due to “additional efforts” by hospital staff. (KIRO-TV)


A state appeals court ruled a Seattle-area man, who was convicted as a teen for fatally shooting another teen, should get his “decades-long” prison sentence reviewed. It could set a precedent for adults still imprisoned for crimes committed while underage. (P-I)


Those three elderly brothers who had kids’ clothes and photographic and handwritten kid-porn in their north Seattle “hoarder” house: could they be connected to several past missing-child cases? (KIRO-TV)


French automaker Peugeot is thinking about getting back into the US. Seattle officials, on the public dime, quietly pitched our town as a potential HQ city. We won’t know for a while whether the pitch succeeded. (P-I)


Sounders FC played to a 1-1 draw at Vancouver. Home vs. Portland Sunday.

The Storm lost 89-83 at Atlanta. Home vs. Phoenix Sunday.

The Mariners took the series win at Atlanta, winning Wednesday 9-6. Three games at the Yankees start Friday.


“House of Julie” revue with Julie Cascioppo, Char Easter, Emily Purainer, Bmaniphesto, more. (Chapel Performance Space)

“Summer at SAM Bike Night.” (Olympic Sculpture Park)

Mark Lanegan Band, Duke Harwood, Lyenn. (Showbox)

Barrett Martin “The Singing Earth” book release. (KEXP)

“Discovering Seattle Parks” author Linnea Westerlind. (Third Place Books Seward Park)

“What Cultural Traditions Are Alive in Seattle?” panel. (Beacon Hill Library)

Sisters, Hibou, Tilson XOXO, Evan Flory-Barnes. (Piranha Shop)

“Good Ol' Square Dance in the Park.” (Freeway Park)

Maceo Parker. (Jazz Alley, thru Sun)

“Resist/Recharge” panel on empowering young people of color in Seattle. (St. John’s)

“Dis(re)putable Provenances,” presentation by Vikramaditya Prakash on modern art/architecture and India. (Frye Art Museum)

Zoolab x King Snake, Navvi, Katie Kate. (Neumos)

The Carols, Miss Rayon. (Timbre Room)

Kled. (Lucky Liquor)

Seattle Hard Bop Collective. (Tula’s)

“The Sanzen Tape Reservoir (in G minor).” (Gallery 1412)

Music documentary “Wattstax.” (Central Library)

“The Dark Net” novelist Benjamin Percy. (Elliott Bay Book Co.)

Dark Street Salon reading series presents Juan Carlos Reyes and Zachary Schomburg. (Phinney Books)

Evergreen State Fair. (Monroe, thru Sept. 4)

70mm Film Festival. (Cinerama, thru Sept. 6)




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