My website was down briefly both Thursday and Friday mornings, as part of a “distributed denial of service” (DDOS) attack by someone against Dreamhost, the server provider.

The (unconfirmed) public speculation, at the time, was that perhaps Dreamhost was targeted by “trolls,” because it was fighting the feds—who wanted Dreamhost to turn over the IP addresses of everyone who had ever clicked on a website promoting Inauguration Day protests.

Around the time of the attack, a federal court ruled the Dept. of Justice had to drastically scale back the scope of the data it wanted. Dreamhost announced it would comply, and issued a statement calling it a “win for the web.”


Another day of morning clouds and afternoon sun. Heating back up (potentially pushing 90) over the weekend.

Despite Thursday morning’s brief shower, we’ve tied the record for the driest summer in Seattle. (Cliff Mass)



In my Snohomish County upbringing, the Everett Bon Marché was an important nexus. It was one of the few places in the county where “fashion” was a thing. It was done up inside like a scale model of the downtown Seattle flagship store. 

The downtown Everett Bon was replaced by a mall store, which meant it never suffered the tragic fate of Macy-fication.

Now, it’s been revived as a headquarters ancd company store for Funko, the outfit designing and selling those huge-headed dolls representing hundreds of pop-culture icons, ranging from early Hanna-Barbera to the latest superhero movies. The ol’ building couldn’t have had a better fate. (GeekWire) (KING)



The Lummi Nation declared a state of emergency, over the escape of over 300,000 “farmed” Atlantic salmon into area waters. These non-native fish are quickly “heading to every river in Puget Sound.” (KCPQ) (KUOW) (SeaTimes) (KING)

The Dept. of the Interior says it won’t close any national monuments. At least for now. (AP)

A Canadian company got federal permission to dig exploratory holes for potential copper mines, near Mt. St. Helens and the eco-sensitive Green River. (Slog)


A Tacoma eco-activist group, fighting against a natural gas plant/terminal at the Port of Tacoma, calls itself “RedLine.” Some black activists say the name sounds too much like “redlining,” the old practice of preventing nonwhites from moving to many neighborhoods. (News Tribune)


Amazon officially takes over Whole Foods Markets on Monday, and has already announced reductions on some of the latter’s more notorious “whole paycheck” prices. (AP)


US House Speaker Paul Ryan visited Boeing Everett on Thursday. He (1) lauded the cause of corporate tax cuts (soemthing from which Boeing, but not necessarily its Wash. state workers, have greatly benefitted), and (2) insisted that today’s DC Republicans were still reasonable people deserving of support. (Joel Connelly) (KING) (GeekWire)

Gov. Inslee posted an open letter to Ryan on Medium.com, touting our state as having the whole political, economic, and societal thangs far more together than the feds have. (Slog)


The light-rail line from Northgate to Lynnwood hasn’t started construction yet, but it’s already vastly over budget. Among the culprits: hyper-inflating real estate prices, and the feds’ new anti-transit-funding hostility. (Slog)

County Exec Dow Constantine wants Metro Transit buses to have the same fare on every route. (Yes, that means an increase for many.) (KOMO)

The latest threat to Wash. state ferry boats: crab pots along the boats’ rights of way. (KIRO-TV)


Mayoral candidates Jenny Durkan and Cary Moon continue to spar over the idea of identifying, and taxing, foreign speculation in Seattle real estate (which Moon wants to at least consider). Moon claims Durkan’s criticism of Moon’s statements on the topic misrepresented what Moon believes. (Slog) (Curbed Seattle)

BC’s tax on foreign home buyers has done nothing in the long term to cool down the housing market there. (KUOW)

The King County Democrats endorsed Moon. Meanwhile, many Republican and corporate interests are financially backing Durkan. (P-I) (SeaTimes)


Is Seattle offering little more than “therapeutic” remedies to housing-discrimination cases? (Crosscut)


After 38 years of being either mothballed or used to temporarily house programs from other schools, Lincoln High reopens this fall. (Daily Journal of Commerce)


Seattle Police have formed a new task force to try to solve the two-year-old murder of International District activist Donnie Chin. (KOMO)


At a UW conference organized by US Rep. Suzan DelBene, speakers said Seattle’s poised to be a national leader in “establishing smart-city technology and regulations.” I think that has something to do with the next generation of “smart meters,” or something like that. (GeekWire)


The preseason Seahawks home vs. Kansas City tonight.

Sounders FC home vs. Portland Sunday.

Storm home vs. Phoenix Sunday.

The Mariners at the Yankees for three games starting tonight.


Velocity Summer Bridge Project dance fest. (Founders Theater, Fri-Sun)

Seattle Acoustic Festival. (All Pilgrims Christian Church, Fri-Sat)

Sky River Rock Festival Revival. (Sultan, Fri-Sat)


Furniture Girls, Hula Bees, MiNX. (Central Saloon, Fri)

Film “Juno” with its soundtrack singer-songwriter Kimya Dawson. (Cal Anderson Park, Fri)

Film “Holy Mountain” with live soundtrack by Zen Mother. (NW Film Forum, Fri)

Anastacia-Renée Tolbert book release. (Hugh House First Hill, Fri)

Comedian Amy Miller. (Laughs, Fri)

Swans, Okkyung Lee. (Neptune, Fri)

Monty Banks. (Maxwell Hotel, Fri)

Queen Annes, Shagnasty, El Steiner. (Darrell’s, Fri)

Lushy. (Vito’s, Fri)

Mike Love (the Hawaiian musician, not the Beach Boy). (Crocodile, Fri)

Slants, Georgetown All-Stars, more. (High Dive, Fri)

Maldives, Industrial Revelation, Emma Lee Toyoda. (Mural Amphitheater, Fri)

Marc Barreca, Jake Muir, S. Peters. (Chapel Performance Space, Fri)

FIDLAR, Thee Commons. (Showbox)

Beck. (Marymoor Park, Fri)

Arsonists Get All the Girls, Conquer Divide, more. (Funhouse, Fri)

Warren G Hardings, Rain City Ramblers. (Tractor, Fri)

Grieves record release. (Easy Street Records, Fri)


High Tide on the Waterfront dance/music/DJ fest. (Waterfront Park, Sat-Sun)

Arts in Nature Festival. (Camp Long, Sat-Sun)

Tibet Fest. (Seattle Center, Sat-Sun)

Freak Out Weekend, with Sinister Six, Lovesores, Raccoon Lodge, flea market, more. (Darrell’s, Sat-Sun)


Belltown Crush beer and wine fest (Plymouth Housing benefit). (Bell Street Park, Sat)

Central Area “Restructuring” walking tour. (Washington Middle School, Sat)

“Hai! Japantown!” street festival. (S. Jackson St., Sat)

Sodo Block Party. (Sodo Urban Works, Sat)

Seattle Urban Book Expo. (Washington Hall, Sat)

Dry T-Shirt Contest, Voycheck, Multicult, Glose. (Victory Lounge, Sat)

Linda’s Fest, with Chastity Belt, Bread & Buter, Ex Licks, DoNormaal. (Linda’s, Sat)

TUF Fest, with “female/nonbinary” musical acts including Pleather, Youryoungbody, Shine Theory, more. (Judkins Park, Sat)

“Modular on the Spot” synth-music revue. (Volunteer Park Amphitheater, Sat)

Exterminator City comics market. (Push/Pull, Sat)

Frankie Cosmos, iji. (Crocodile, Sat)

Anniversary and ice-cream social. (8th Generation store, Sat)

Zulu Park Jam, with the Ancient Robotz, DJ R’Ray, Stay Happy Collective. (Cal Anderson Park, Sat)

Adarna, Blue Helix, Crashdown Butterfly. (High Dive, Sat)

Frankie Cosmos. (Crocodile, Sat)

Jarrad Powell & Golden Retriever. (Chapel Performance Space, Sat)

“Stay Sexy: A Fundraiser for Planned Parenthood.” (Lo-Fi, Sat)

Duwamish River Festival. (Duwamish Waterway Park, Sat)

NW Connection Fest, with JV, Toarn Midnight Lights, She Thinks I’m Alex, more. (El Corazon, Sat)

Anarchist Book Fair. (Vera Project, Sat)

“Marked Urgent,” workshop on making art for social change. (King Street Station, Sat)


Capitol Hill Garage Sale Day. (Cal Anderson Park and other spots, Sun)

Banh Mi Fest. (Sierra Charter School, Sun)

Ama Trio (with Amy Denio), Arnold Hammerschlag and Friends. (Royal Room, Sun)

Lilac (tape release), DoNormaal, Briana Marela, Toya B. (Werewolf Vacation, Sun)


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