I know three people who moved to Houston. One of them had a good excuse (he’d grown up there). I’ve heard lately from only one of them (who managed to get to Austin before the weather debacle). But I am certain they will all survive. Those three always do.


Cooler today. Significantly cooler starting Wednesday.

Hazy skies returned to western Washington Monday. Yes, they’re due to wildfires; in this case, wildfires in central Washington. (KOMO) (SeaTimes)

We’re about to set several more local summer weather records, including the driest-ever July and August. (KCPQ)



Local artist Peter Gorman, under the Etsy Shop name “BarelyMaps,” has created a lovely, if not very useful, illustration of some of Seattle’s oddest intersections. And he’s selling posters of it. (Reddit)



It’s not charity for Amazon to lower (some) prices at Whole Foods immediately upon taking the chain over. On its own, WF had to self-finance its own nationwide expansion plans and appease investors, by achieving both high volume AND high prices. Amazon has never had to do that. Its retail businesses have run on little to no profits; subsidized at first by patient shareholders, and now by its lucrative computing-services unit. (Aren’t you glad you’re not a Kroger or Safeway exec right now?) (CNN) (GeekWire) (SeaTimes)

Meanwhile, the would-be founders of a co-op grocery in the “food desert” Delridge neighborhood may finally, almost, have their financing. (West Seattle Blog)


The Africatown development at 23rd and Union has a new partner. Forterra’s out, and the nonprofit Capitol Hill Housing group’s in. (Daily Journal of Commerce)


Locally-based disaster response teams are in Texas. More will be there by the time you read this. (KING)

“Houston is drowning—in its ‘freedom’ from regulations.” (Newsweek)


Two trans women currently in the Army at Joint Base Lewis-McChord are joining the parties (along with Lambda Legal and the Gender Justice League) suing the White House in a Seattle court, over its proposed ban on trans personnel in the military. (AP) (Weekly) (Slog) (KNKX)

UW prez Ana Mari Cauce: “Now is a time in our country’s history when we must recommit ourselves to pushing the boulder of justice up the hill…. We must unite our voices in unambiguous condemnation of bigotry.” (SeaTimes oped)

The city, the county, and the Seattle Foundation got together to award $2.25 million to 38 local nonprofits, to provide legal and other services to immigrants and refugees. (KOMO) (Slog)


Trying to pitch herself as not just a candidate for the upscale, mayoral finalist Jenny Durkan proposed a city program to get all Seattle public school grads free two-year-college tuition. She says it can be arranged without new taxes. (Weekly) (SeattleMet) (Slog) 


A King County sheriff’s dept. detective was put on administrative league, after a video showed up on YouTube depicting him “holding his gun on a motorcyclist during a traffic stop.” (KCPQ)


A then-20-year-old area man, accused of trying to transport an underage girl to be a sex worker in Portland, got a suspended sentence in return for promising to attend college. Now he’s accused of trying to convince a female classmate to work as a stripper and give him all her earnings. (P-I)


Some of those escaped farmed salmon have now reached Pacific Ocean waters. That’s “not good.” (KUOW)

There’s a ban on recreational shellfish harvesting at most beaches off Vashon Island, due to excessive toxin levels in the critters. (AP)


Sound Transit’s speeding up its planning and permitting process, in hopes of speeding up its massive light rail expansion. (Seattle Transit Blog)

Coming soon, probably: even more bike-share bikes. (KUOW)


Dara Khosrowshahi, who guided Expedia into the nation’s top travel dotcom (and who will probably soon jump ship to Uber), was the highest-paid CEO of an S&P 500 company in 2015. (GeekWire) (PS Biz Journal) (SeaTimes)


The Mariners got edged 7-6 at Baltimore. Same teams tonight.

A Cathlamet, WA man had brought in $250,000 a year scalping (er, “reselling”) Portland TImbers soccer tickets. But a change in MLS’s season-ticket selling systems led him to sue the team for infringing on his business. (P-I)


Memorial for local music-scene fixture Tark Martinson. (Tractor)

“Fake News Survival Guide.’ (Central Library)

Crystal Beth, Maluhia. (Royal Room)

Concha Buika. (Jazz Alley, thru Wed)

Comedy Nest series presents Finn Cottom, Birungi Birungi. (Rendezvous)

Stop Biting album release. (LoFi)

“This Impossible Light” novelist Lily Myers. (Third Place Books Ravenna)

“Violin to Vietnam” benefit concert with Stephane Ngoc Tran. (Wing Luke Museum)

1971 film “Girl Slaves of Morgana le Fey.” (Grand Illusion)


(Stanisław Lem, “Solaris”):

“We have no need of other worlds. We need mirrors. We don't know what to do with other worlds. A single world, our own, suffices us; but we can't accept it for what it is.”


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