I’m old enough to remember when Bumbershoot wasn’t just for the ultra-upscale.

Then again, I’m old enough to remember when Seattle wasn’t just for the ultra-upscale.


After Thursday’s unexpected spot showers, heating back up Friday. Should get back into the 80s by Saturday.



If you thought the blue turf in Boise State’s football stadium looks weird, just give a peep at Tenino High’s new black turf. (KING)



Meet a few of the local folk doing (or are preparing to do) what they can to help the Texas hurricane/flood victims. (KING)


Residents of more than 150 homes were ordered to evacuate from the path of the big “Jolly Mountain” wildfire in Kittitas County. (KOMO)

A burn ban is in effect from Snohomish County to the border; and campfires at Olympic National Park are restricted. (KCPQ)


The plaintiffs in the original “McCleary case,” in which the state Supreme Court ruled the Legislature had to finally fully fund K-12 education, say the Legislature’s most recent funding deal is too little, too late, and relies on “fuzzy math and a complicated tax swap” to make it look like it allocated more money for schools than it did. Special-ed advocates added that they believe the funding plan short-changes special-needs students. (KNKX) (SeaTimes)

A recently-terminated employee of the GET prepaid-tuition program alleges the serious “gross mismanagement” there, including improper accounting and “unnecessarily high administrative fees.” (KNKX)


As the days go by with no word on the DACA program’s future, its local beneficiaries struggle with “a stalemate of stress.” (KUOW)

Several Muslim employees at the Kent School District got racist hate mails. (KUOW)

A white Puyallup man flew from Seattle to Spokane, hired a cab, instructed the Sikh driver to head to a rural area across the Idaho state line, and then stabbed him. The murder victim’s relatives call it a racial hate crime. The  confessed killer told police he was merely angry about not getting into Gonzaga University (to which he apparently hadn’t even applied). (Charles Mudede)

Remembering the two-decade crusade to drive Richard Butler’s neo-Nazis out of the Idaho panhandle town of Coeur d’Alene. (CS Monitor)


A Bellevue-based Libertarian-leaning legal group is joining the challengers to the city’s high-earner income tax. The group’s argument: it discriminates against the rich. (Slog)

The arts-and-advocacy group Gay City, nominated for a Mayor’s Arts Award, did not attend Thursday’s award ceremony at the Mural Amphitheatre, in light of the continuing abuse allegations against Mayor Ed Murray. (Slog)


The Seattle Community Police Commission wants to know how and why the city settled with ex-officer Cynthia Whitlatch for two years’ back pay and an official “retirement” instead of firing. (Slog) (SeaTimes)

Puget Sound Energy “respectfully denies” claims for damages from business owners impacted by last year’s Greenwood gas-pipe explosion. PSE claims it’s not at fault for the blast, blaming it instead on “trespassers.” (KIRO-TV) 

Eagleson Williams, nephew of Native American woodcarver John T. Williams (killed by police seven years ago this week) and a woodcarver himself, claims he was “roughly and wrongly arrested” after a recent brawl outside VIctor Steinbrueck Park. (Crosscut)

Two of the three elderly brothers accused of spending decades producing and collecting child porn issued not-guilty pleas at an arraignment hearing. The third brother was bedridden at Harborview and couldn’t attend. (KIRO-TV) (SeaTimes)


You know that majestic, sloping front lawn at the PacMed building, Beacon Hill’s signature landmark? Imagine it replaced by 325 apartment units. (Daily Journal of Commerce)


“Atlantic salmon have no business being here.” Especially as native salmon runs “are already on life support.” (Amy Gulick, Crosscut)


A new “low barrier” 100-bed shelter opens today in the basement of First Presbyterian Church. (Capitol Hill Times)

The new school year’s seeing a lot more homeless students in Seattle and Tacoma schools. (KCPQ)


A writer-comedian, who happens to be married to a Seahawks player, has designed a women’s purse (in Seahawk blue, natch) small enough to avoid the NFL’s “clear bags only” rule. (KIRO-FM)


A perfect Seahawks preseason ended with an almost-last-minute win at Oakland, 17-13. “For real” games start a week from Sunday at Green Bay.

UW Husky football opens tonight at Rutgers.

Storm at Washington Saturday.

Mariners return home for three games vs. Oakland starting tonight.

The Seattle Times has forbidden its sports reporters from appearing on KJR-AM, citing the sports-talk station’s “off-color, sexist commentary.” (Seattle mag)


Bumbershoot music/arts fest, with too many acts to mention here. (Seattle Center, Fri-Sun)

NW Psych Fest, with Sky Cries Mary, WEEED, Julia Dream, many more. (Sunset, Fri-Sun)

PAX Fest West, and assorted “satellite events”. (Convention Center and other spots, Fri-Mon)

Washington State Fair. (Puyallup, Fri thru Sept. 24)

“Vanya & Sonia & Marsha & Spike,” Chekov-inspired farce. (Lamplight Productions at Bathhouse Theater, Fri thru Sept. 17)

Documentary “Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World.” (SIFF Uptown, Fri thru Sept. 7)


Gipsy Kings, Nicolas Reyes, Tonino Baliardo. (Chateau Ste. Michelle, Fri)

The Winking Tower. (Cafe Racer, Fri)

Super Secret Standup Show. (Atlas Theatre, Fri)

Town hall on the trans military ban. (All Pilgrims Church, Fri)

Jack Bruno, She Wants Revenge, William Control. (Neumos, Fri)

“Fish in the Percolator: A ‘Twin Peaks’ Drag Show.” (Timbre Room, Fri)

Comic-essayist Nate Dern. (U Book Store, Fri)

1960 film “Atom Age Vampire.” (Scarecrow Video, Fri)

Film “Moana.” (Cascade Playground, Fri)

Seattle Composers’ Salon. (Chapel Performance Space, Fri)

“Stump naming and dedication ceremony.” (Growler Guys, Fri)

“Generation What”,” comedy play by Brendan Thatcher. (Pocket Theater, Fri) 

Aline Vida. (Edgewater, Fri)

Eldridge Gravy & the Court Supreme, Yada Yada Blues Band. (Peddler Brewing, Fri)


Americana Festival. (Pier 58, Sat-Sun)


Squirrels, Zhobgyu, Mark Nichols. (High Dive, Sat)

Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio. (Conor Byrne, Sat)

System 7. (2312 Gallery, Sat)

Mud On My Bra, The Mews, Little Edie. (Substation, Sat)

Simple Plan, Set It Off, Patent Pending. (Neptune, Sat)

Jisun. (Royal Room, Sat)

Tubaluba, McTuff. (Nectar, Sat)

Ukulele Night. (Outlander Brewing, Sat)

“Celebrity Meet and Greet” with Wesley Eure. (Spooked in Seattle, Sat)

Rachelle DeBelle and the Jamfest Miracles. (Whisky West, Sat)

Pieta Brown. (Triple Door, Sat)

Alma y Azucar Quartet. (SeaMonster, Sat)


“Twin Peaks” finale viewing party. (Little Maria’s Pizza, Sun)

Guns n’ Roses. (Gorge Amphitheater, Sun)

Andy Mckee. (Triple Door, Sun)

“Pop Up Art, Music, and Food Show.” (Generations, Sun)

Watch Rome Burn, Of the Heavy Sun, Nothing Sounds Good. (High Dive, Sun)

“Weird & Awesome with Emmett Montgomery.” (Annex Theater, Sun)

“Okstupid,” comedy show about online dating. (Naked City Brewery, Sun)


“Labor of Love” DJ party. (Monkey Loft, Mon)

Pearl, So Pitted, DoNormaal. (Chop Suey, Mon)

Jodie Watts, Finger Guns, Planet of Giants. (Slim’s Last Chance, Mon)

“The People’s Think Tank.” (Couth Buzzard Books, Mon)


We’ll have a Monday edition if the news warrants it. Otherwise, back Tuesday for y’all.




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