The “Twin Peaks: The Return” finale was exactly what I expected it would be: 

A quick resolution of sorts to the main story arc. 

No resolution at all for some of the subplots. 

A turn by the end toward Lynch's favorite thing to do, which is to express emotion and mystery in pure image and sound. 

That it makes no “rational” sense is fine with me. 

That Cooper just comes back to being his "self”, and then gets lost in timelines and alternate worlds, is essentially a full-circle ending of the sort seen in Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive, and Inland Empire.

In other words, a pure Lynch spectacle.


Back to hot n’ hazy for the next couple of days at least.



Spokane’s installed rough boulders under a freeway overpass, to help prevent camping there. (NWNews via KNKX)



Gov. inslee declared a fire emergency in every county in the state. (KIRO-TV)

The Cle Elum-area fire alone now covers more than 20,000 acres, and has prompted new evacuation notices nearby. Among the threatened spots: some of the “Northern Exposure” filming locations. (KUOW) (KOMO) (KING) (SeaTimes)

A massive brush fire burned near the Tacoma Mall—and a home for retired nuns. Old sisters shooed the flames away with brooms. (KOMO)

Meanwhile in Oregon, parts of I-84 are closed, and some of Portland’s exurban outskirts are under evacuation orders. (KATU)


That now-collapsed Atlantic salmon farm “was on its last legs, and Washington state knew it.” (KUOW)

At least one of the farm’s fish has made it all the way to the Puyallup River. (News Tribune)


Bellevue Police held a “prostitution sting.” Over 100 men answered online escort ads, only to get busted. (KCPQ)

City Attorney Pete Holmes defends the settlement to ex-cop Cynthia Whitlatch, saying the terms of her newly official “retirement” mean she’ll never work again for our or any other police department. (Weekly) (SeaTimes)


Did Holmes’ office originally “discourage” the municipal income-tax law it’s now obligated to defend? (Weekly)


In the rush to finish a budget, did the Legislature “cut mental-health funding by mistake?” (Danny Westneat)


The Puyallup fairgrounds were used 75 years ago as a temporary holding facility for US citizens of Japanese descent being forcibly moved to internment camps. An exhibit at the fair this year commemorates this chapter in the site’s history. (KING)


As we prepare to fight against any federal DACA repeal, local and state officials scramble to see how they can protect local “Dreamers”. (South Seattle Emerald) (SeaTimes) 

State Attorney General Bob Ferguson vows the state will sue to dfend DACA. (Joel Connelly) (Slog)

Corporate bigwigs, here and elsewhere, called for DACA to stay. (SeaTimes)

Some local “Dreamers” say an attempt to kill DACA will “jump start” a resurgent immigrant-rights movement. (KING) (KCPQ)


“Hospitals in Washington regularly hang up on Spanish speakers calling about charity care.” (Slog)

Older gays and lesbians face more health “disparities” than older straights. (KUOW)


Someone’s suing Amazon over faulty eclipse glasses sold by a third party on the site. (KCPQ)

A commentator at the UK Guardian wants that country’s government to “nationalise” in-country assets of Amazon, Google, and Facebook, saying they’re “monopoly platforms” that are too big to serve “the public interest” unless they’re publicly controlled.


The World Trade Organization (remember them?) upheld the state’s 2013 B&O tax break for Boeing. (SeaTimes)


The Mariners swept the Oakland A’s over the weekend, winning Sunday 10-2. Then on Monday in the first of three home games, the Ms fell 6-2 vs. division leading Houston. Same teams tonight. 

UW Husky football won its opener at Rutgers 30-14 (not as big a rout as the team would need to maintain its #8 national ranking). The home opener’s Saturday vs. Montana.

The Storm lost at Washington in overtime on Friday, 110-106. Sue Bird became the WNBA’s all-time assist leader early in that game. Then in Sunday’s regular-season finale, the Storm came back to win 85-80 at Chicago. The Storm secured the last playoff spot despite a 15-19 record; first playoff game Wednesday at Phoenix. 


“Opera on Tap” series. (High Dive)

Quicksand, No Joy. (Neumos)

Greenblatt Generaitons Band. (Royal Room)

Wovenhand, King Dude, Witch Bottle. (Highline)

“A Secret History of Witches” author Louisa Morgan. (U Book Store)

Lionel Richie, Mariah Carey. (KeyArena)


(John Ashbery, "A Snowball in Hell"):

"In the beginning there are those who don't quite fit in

But are somehow okay. And then some morning

There are places that suddenly seem wonderful:

Weather and water seem wonderful,

And the peaceful night sky that arrives

In time to protect us, like a sword

Cutting the blue cloak of a prince."


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