Just when we were (almost) about to laud Dave Reichert as one of the few incumbent Republicans who hasn’t gone all bat-guano crazy, he says he’s leaving. I suspect he probably saw internal poll numbers that suggested no hope for him in an increasingly “blue” district.


The smoke’s supposed to clear away from local skies starting this afternoon or evening. A few showers may occur late Thursday and Friday.



As one might expect, online commenters had a (CenturyLink) field day with the Seahawks’ new “face to beak” team logo. One guy claimed he’d replicated the design in 15 minutes, by manipulating the team’s existing logo in Adobe Illustrator. Others compared it to the Muppets’ Sam the Eagle and other pre-existing characters. (KCPQ) (SeaTimes)



The historic Multnomah Falls Lodge was saved from the giant Columbia Gorge wildfire. But otherwise, “one thing is certain: the Columbia Gorge as you knew it is gone.” (Portland Mercury) (KGW) (AP) (P-I)

A teenage boy had allegedly been seen throwing a smoke bomb into a ravine, potentially starting the gorge fire. (KATU)

Here in Washington, the Jolly Mountain fire (could there be a more inappropriate name?) still threatens hundreds of homes and businesses. (KIRO-TV) (SeaTimes) (KING)

The fire threatening Crystal Mountain now covers 43,000 acres, double what it covered on Tuesday. (KUOW)

The fires continued to “drench” the Seattle area in ash and smoke. Officials say the local air is still “moderate to unhealthy for sensitive groups.” (P-I) (PhinneyWood)


After seven terms, US Rep Dave Reichert (R-WA 8) announced early Wednesday he won’t run again. Several Democrats had already announced plans to run against him next year; several more are now expected to enter the race. Local Dems say Reichert’s departure makes the 8th District seat, held by a succession of Republicans since 1980, “eminently winnable.” (WaPo) (KUOW) (Weekly) (Joel Connelly)


State Attorney General Bob Ferguson is suing the White House over the DACA scuttling. Fourteen other states and DC are joining in. (News Tribune) (Joel Connelly) (Crosscut) (KNKX)

Also joining in legal action to protect DACA’s “Dreamers”: Microsoft, Amazon, and Starbucks. (GeekWire) (CNN)

“The buck-passer-in-chief bails on the Dreamers.” (Danny Westneat)

Meet another young-adult “Dreamer” whose dreams “are in limbo.” (Weekly)


Seahawk Michael Bennett was leaving a prize fight in Las Vegas on Aug. 26, when someone allegedly heard gunshots. Bennett claims local police held a gun to his head and threatened to “blow [his] fucking head off.” He says another officer “jammed” a knee in Bennett’s back. Bennett says he felt “frantic” and “frightened,” and that he might sue. His Seahawk teammates and coach have issued statements supporting him. The LVPD officially denies Bennett had been detained due to race. (Slog) (Art Thiel) (KCPQ) (Crosscut)


Can Jeff Bezos be persuaded to help alleviate the affordable-housing crisis his company’s growth helped to cause? (Crosscut)

Recent city actions have resulted in more “sweeps” and more shelter beds, but precious little new housing for Seattle’s homeless. (Weekly)

King County home prices jumped 18.2 percent over a year ago, a record for August. (SeaTimes)

Seattle’s the worst big US city for the amount of home equity held by single women. (P-I)


If you die in Pierce County “alone and unclaimed,” your ashes might be scattered into Puget Sound in a monthly rite. (KNKX)


State ferry officials have a word for passengers affected by this summer’s service interruptions: “We’re sorry.” (KING)


The Seattle Mystery Bookshop’s been for sale for a while now. With no serious buyer in sight, the store may start a close-out sale soon. (SeaTimes)


Starbucks’ first female (and first African American) to hold its #2 exec position has the coincidental name of Rosalind Brewer. (SeaTimes)


The Storm’s playoff drive went one-and-done, losing a single-elimination game at Phoenix 79-69. 

The Mariners got series-swept by Houston, losing Wednesday 5-3. Anaheim’s in town starting Friday.


Andrew Morrison. (Daybreak Star)

Tara Thomas: “Prize Inside the Box.” (Party Hat)

John Criscitello: “In Code." (4Culture)

Chris Engman, Dan Webb. (Greg Kucera)

Sofie Knijff. (Mariane Ibrahim)

Leiko Ikemura, Alwyn O’Brien. (James Harris)

Max Cleary and Meg Hartwig: Art from trash. (165 S. Jackson)

Peter Christianson, Phillip Mud: “Juried Performance.” (CoCA)

Marsha Burns: “Look Again.” (Photographica/KDR)

“Molten Menagerie” group show. (Soil)

Urban ArtWorks Summer Celebration. (Bar Ciudad)


Grace Love, the Guessing Game, Joyfield. (Crocodile)

Daniel (“Lemony Snicket”) Handler with Sherman Alexie. (Temple de Hirsch Sinai)

Thundercat, PBDY. (Showbox)

Pianist Eric McElroy. (Chapel Performance Space)

“Thin Skin” film fundraiser with Ahamefule J. Oluo, Lindy West, Charles Mudede. (Cloud Room)

“A Place to Call Home” group reading. (Wing Luke Museum)

“Starball,” performance piece with platetarium imagery. (West of Lenin, thru Tue)


(Simone Weil):

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