For more than three decades, romance-novel writers and readers have been fascinated with the “Regency Era,” a mere 10-year blip in English history. 

Will anyone write a romance set in the Bruce Harrell era of the Seattle mayoralty?

If they do, the love story would be less a “’til death us do part” and more of a “brief encounter.”

ALSO: The last weekly issue of The Stranger is out. Or should we call it the first biweekly issue, since the first official "new-format" issue doesn't show up until the Wednesday after next?


Morning clouds and afternoon sun Fri-Sat. Rain (as in not just a scattered sprinkle) may finally be back with us by late Sunday.



Happy PARK(ing) Day! Once again, dozens of on-street parking spaces will be turned into temporary parks, for recreation, amusement, or just standing on artificial turn and watching the passing parade of urban life. (My Ballard) (image: SDOT)

Of course KIRO-FM, which for business reasons always sides with cars and drivers, ran a story about how PARK(ing) Day means “Seattle to lose 47 parking spaces.”



Jason Schmidt opines that, by making it less and less possible for anyone not in its employ to live here, “Amazon has earned Seattle’s hostility.” (Crosscut)

Some worry that once a second headquarters is established, Amazon will have more leverage to make demands, taking an “our way or the HQ2-way” approach. But if this is the case, then City Hall needs to learn how to get tougher with Amazon, not nicer.” (Weekly editorial)

Weird Amazon Patent of the Day: “underwater warehouses.” (PS Biz Journal)


Do we really need to talk about interim mayor Bruce Harrell’s “priorities” in office, since he might not even be in that office by Tuesday morning? (KIRO-FM) (KING)

Mayoral candidate Jenny Durkan has “de-accepted” Ed Murray’s endorsement, but she just got endorsed by ex-mayor Norm Rice, ex-County Exec Ron Sims, and ex-Gov. Gary Locke. (via South Seattle Emerald)

At the same site, Brett Hamil calls Durkan an “avatar of white comfort”: “Durkan, with her authoritative resume and establishment pedigree, grants us the reassuring fantasy we so deeply crave. She gives comfortable white Seattleites the permission we need to cast our ballots and tune out once more.”

City Councilmember Rob Johnson says the massive citywide rezoning process will likely continue, unaffected by the mayor’s-office changes. (PubliCola)


Amnesty International asked Northern Ireland’s police to determine what, if anything, Ed Murray did when he lived there in the 1970s. (KUOW)

Victim advocates are angered but not surprised that “it took five accusers to bring down Ed Murray.” (Lilly Fowler, Crosscut)

Murray’s sister is speaking out in his defense: ”My brother isn’t a pedophile.” (KING)

Now that Ed Murray’s out of office, “it’s time to focus on child abuse.” (Jerry Large) (KUOW)


A superior court judge blocked the initiative that would have asked Burien residents to rescind the suburban city’s “sanctuary” status. That means it won’t be on the November ballot. (Slog)

Lost in the high visibility of white male tech bros, census data shows Seattle’s population is actually less white than it’s been in ages. We’re still two-thirds Euro-mongrel-American. But the other ethnicities are gaining. Especially Asians, historically King County’s most populous minority. (Gene Balk)

Charles Mudede ponders what it means that the #3 local ethnicity is now “mixed.”


What will be left of the traditional “black neighborhood” in the Central District, after Paul Allen’s minions have their re-developing way? (Seattle mag)

For that matter, what will happen to the Capitol Hill gay-bar circuit, after the techbros have their gentrifying way? (P-I)


A State Supreme Court ruling upheld a verdict of “trading in child pornography” against a male Spokane teen who’d “sexted” a nude selfie to a local girl’s mother. Complicating circumstances: the boy was already a “convicted juvenile sex offender," and the girl’s mother interpreted the image-sending as an act of harassment. (KNKX) (Slog)


Starting the end of this month, King County Metro will run more hours of bus service than it ever has. (Seattle Transit Blog)


The mountain goats in Olympic National Park are threatening to overwhelm other life forms, and may be forcibly “removed.” (SeaTimes)


The Seahawks’ home, regular-season opener’s Sunday vs. the 49ers.

UW Husky football’s home vs. Fresno State Saturday. 

Sounders FC at FC Dallas Saturday.

The Mariners won series ender at Texas by 10-4, good buddy! The Ms start three at Houston tonight. 


“The Rocky Horror Aerial Show.” (Versatile Arts, Fri-Sat)

“Off the Walls,” site-specific installation. (Asian Art Museum, Fri-Sat)

Salmon Homecoming 25th anniversary celebration. (1301 Alaskan Way, Fri-Sat)

Boats Afloat Show. (Chandler’s Cove, Fri-Sun)

Duwamish Native Arts & Crafts Market. (Duwamish Longhouse, Fri-Sun)


Chris Rock. (McCaw Hall, Fri)

“The Living Room Project,” temporary art installation and “public living room” in the space of an alley. (1415 NE 43rd St., Fri)

Artist James Allen on “book excavations.” (Bellevue Arts Museum, Fri)

Hugo Literary Series presents Meghan Daum, Solmaz Sharif, Sonora Jha, musician Joy Mills. (Fred Wildlife Refuge, Fri)

“Survivor Cafe” author Elizabeth Rosner. (Elliott Bay Book Co., Fri)

Black Nite Crash, Blackpool Astronomy, New Age Healers. (Lo-Fi, Fri)

Leif Totusek. (Hounds Tooth, Fri)

“Blue Rose Burlesque.” (Rendezvous, Fri)


Seattle Mini Maker Faire. (MoPOP, Sat)

“Disk Migration: A Pop Up Record Shop.” (Mokedo, Sat)

Deerhoof, Christina Schneider, Mayya and the Revolutionary Hell Yeah! (Crocodile, Sat)

Evan Flory Barnes Trio (anniversary party). (Vito’s, Sat)

Glass Animals. (WaMu Theater, Sat)

DoNormaal, Fantasy A, Patrick Galactic, L80, more (Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast benefit). (Substation, Sat)

“Undertones,” live podcast with Erin Jorgensen. (NW Film Forum, Sat)

Comedian Jim Gaffigan. (KeyArena, Sat)

Neal Kosaly-Meyer reads from the opening of “Finnegans Wake.” (Gallery 1412, Sat)

Jim Wallis on “Race, Privilige, and the Bridge to a New America.” (McCaw Hall, Sat)

Photay, Bardo:Basho, Hanssen. (Barboza, Sat)

Tokimonsta. (Showbox, Sat)

Academy of Burlesque faculty showcase. (West Hall, Sat)

“AMDEF X” variety show. (Neumos, Sat)

“Summer Blockbusters Protégé Show.” (Emerald City Trapeze Arts, Sat)

“Rat City Recon,” with Whores., Brackets, Cages, Dry T-Shirt Contest, more. (White Center, Sat)

“Not Too Late with El Sanchez.” (Eclectic Theater, Sat)

“#ARTempowers,” short films by local artists. (King Street Station, Sat)


Leslie Odom Jr. (Moore, Sun)

SZA, Smino, Ravyn Lenae. (Neptune, Sun)

Weeed, Kululkan. (Central Saloon, Sun)

“Hubfest” street fair. (Mt. Baker Station, Sun)

Romanian documentary “Wild,” and Romanian chamber concert. (Benaroya Hall, Sun)


(Bertolt Brecht):

Don’t start from the good old things, but the bad new ones.”


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