Just as autumnal weather conditions suddenly have made their most-welcome return, Seattle’s going to have its third mayor in six days. We’re going through ‘em faster than this season’s Mariners have gone through starting pitchers.


Would you believe, not just showers and sunbreaks but temps barely touching 60?

We could easily get another “La Niña” winter, with colder and wetter conditions than normal (or what used to be “normal”). (KIRO-FM)



The ceremonial fleet of tribal canoes on its way toward the 25th annual Salmon Homecoming Celebration on the waterfront Saturday.



Bruce Harrell could have been mayor for two and a half months. Instead, he quit the post after two days, to return to his City Council post. The Council will pick another of its own members to play out the rest of Ed Murray’s term. (Crosscut) (Slog) (KCPQ) (KUOW)

At Harrell’s one and only press conference as interim mayor, Harrell proposed a solution for the “No Youth Jail” activists: perhaps put up a new youth jail, but outside the city limits. Even as construction's getting underway on the project. (KUOW)

One of the candidates to become for-real mayor, Cary Moon, says she supports a “right to shelter for the homeless.” What does that, in a practical sense, mean? (SeaTimes)


“Did it take a white accuser to bring down Ed Murray?” (KUOW)

“Just as the Greeks told, it was hubris” that brought down Ed Murray. (Danny Westneat)


At the same press conference, Harrell said Seattle would indeed apply to host Amazon’s “HQ2” campus. (KING)

More areas where folks are at least thinking about responding to Amazon’s offer: Chicago, Raleigh, Ottawa, Edmonton, Las Vegas, LA. (Chicago Tribune) (Salisbury Post) (CTV) (Edmonton Journal) (Las Vegas Weekly) (LAT)

Like the rest of us, corporate bosses at Amazon and other companies “want free stuff…. But how much is too much?” (Bill Virgin)


Some folks are looking into the possibility of “city-level health services,” should the latest ACA repeal try (or any subsequent such attempt) take root. (Seattle mag)

A mysterious “influx” of new patients is further straining our state’s already troubled mental-hospital system. (News Tribune)

The fired, “whistleblowing” doctor whose revelations fanned Swedish Cherry Hill’s surgery-assembly-line scandal has settled for $17.5 million. The hospital chain claimed it had fired him because he’d been caught in a police massage-parlor “sting.” He said he was really canned for telling what administrators hadn’t wanted to be told. (SeaTimes)


During Saturday’s brief reprise of wildfire smoke invading west-of-the-Cascades skies, Portland recorded the worst air quality in the nation. (KATU)

Some popular hiking trails along the fire-stricken Columbia Gorge won’t reopen until next spring. (EarthFix) (AP)

The US Forest Service has spent a record $2 billion battling wildfires throughout the western states. (AP)


People of color are exposed, on the whole, to dirtier air than whites. (EarthFix)

Really tiny plastic bits (such as “microbeads” from skin-care products) are ending up in the seas and getting into oysters and other shellfish. (EarthFix)


Author/journalist Jonathan Rosenblum endorses community activist Ahmed Abdi’s run for the Port of Seattle Commission; saying Abdi could bring the “reset” the Port needs. (via South Seattle Emerald)

A “battle for Tacoma’s identity” is being played out on its tideflats, as eco-activists question the city and the port’s “industrial development above all” policy. Specifically, the activists (and the Puyallup Tribe) want to pause development of “any new coal, oil, or gas terminals” at the tideflats. (KNKX)


Hate-crime-ers vandalized a Monroe mosque and a Bellevue activist couple’s driveway with racist graffiti. Don’t let this become “normal.” (Jerry Large) (Slog)


Everett’s drive-up espresso “bikini baristas” won’t have to dress more fully, while the courts decide the city ordinance that would make them do so. (KCPQ)

“The” Evergreen State College settled with the prof who’d publicly complained about Black Lives Matter actions on the campus, leading to protests against him. As part of the settlement, he and his wife will both leave the college. (News Tribune)


The Seahawks finally achieved a touchdown in the eighth quarter of the season, beating San Francisco 12-9. At Tennessee Sunday.

Before the game, Michal Bennett was the first Seahawk player announced, “receiving one of the loudest ovations.” (AP)

UW Husky football predictably slammed Fresno State, 48-16. Despite this, pollsters dropped the Huskies one notch, to a #7 national spot. Pac-12 conference play starts Saturday at Colorado.

Sounders FC played to a scoreless draw at Dallas. At Real Salt Lake Saturday.

The Mariners were swept at Houston over the weekend, losing Sunday 7-1. Home vs. Texas starting Tuesday.


Glades. (Crocodile)

Feedtime, Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand. (Sunset)

Game Night. (Push/Pull)

Bonobo. (Paramount)

“The Magic Hat presented by Emmett Montgomery and Friends.” (Rendezvous)

“The Information Wars: Fake News, Piracy, and Big Data.” (Impact Hub)




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