The “mayor du jour” phase is over. Just think of it: we won’t have to install a new chief municipal exec for more than ten weeks!


The “autumnal normal”: Coolness, variable clouds, rain and/or showers here and there.

We had more rain on Sunday than we had almost all summer. (SeaTimes)

Rain (and a little snow!) in the mountains hasn’t yet killed the wildfires. But it’s helping. (KING)



Scaffolding and a donut-shaped giant platform are now part of the Space Needle’s visage, during its major remodel. (SeaTimes) (KING)



The short version: When Ed Murray finally quit, City Council President Bruce Harrell automatically became temp-mayor. But Harrell decided he didn’t want to give up his Council seat. So the Council had to pick another of its members. One of the front-runners, Lorena Gonzalez, said she didn’t want the gig either. That essentially left Tim Burgess, who was leaving the Council this fall anyway. On Monday afternoon, the Council formally picked him (with Kshama Sawant voting “no”). Now, the Council’s got to appoint a temp-councilmember for the rest of Burgess’s term. (Joel Connelly) (Slog) (Crosscut) (KIRO-FM) (KUOW)

Prior to picking Burgess to fill the mayoral slot, the Council voted to endorse “Medicare for All.” (Slog)

The Council also heard citizen comments about the KeyArena redo plan. During this, it was revealed the developers’ $40 million contribution to help alleviate traffic jams would be spread out over 39 years. (KCPQ) (SeaTimes)


Ed Murray’s first accuser, Delvon Heckard, says Murray “still needs to be held accountable.” (KING)


A “Dreamer” from Wash. state is now an attorney, and is one of seven people suing the White House over DACA. (Slog)

A young man sporting a swastika arm band started some fights on a downtown street, finally getting socked in the face. (Slog) (P-I)


Gov. Inslee travels to New York and Connecticut this week, to talk about how “states are leading the way” on climate issues. (SeaTimes) 

Even before last month’s tragic collapse and release of Atlantic salmon into the Sound, activists were organizing a campaign to ban “net pens” at fish farms. (KING)

Can we save orcas with mud? Yes, if it’s used to help build chinook salmon habitat. (Crosscut)

A group called “Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics” filed a federal suit to stop the Navy’s plans for “electronic warfare training” in Olympic National Forest. (AP)


With no buyer in sight, the Seattle Mystery Bookshop will close Sept. 30. (Seattle Review of Books)


You know how almost all the new housing units being built in Seattle are intended for affluent single tech-dudes? Imagine what that means to a family with kids looking for a place. (Curbed)


Town Hall exec director Wier Harman announced last year that he was stepping aside from most of his work duties so he could fight a “complex cancer diagnosis.” But now he says he’s made great progress under a “new target therapy/wonder drug,” and will resume running the event center’s renovation and its in-exile programming. (Slog)

The maker of OxyContin wants a federal judge to dismiss the City of Everett’s suit, which seeks to hold it and other big-pharma firms to task for allegedly helping to stoke today’s opioid epidemic. (AP)

UW prof Mary-Claire King shares her life story as a medical researcher: “The week my husband left and my house was burgled, I secured a grant to begin the project that became BRCA1” (discovering a gene involved in hereditary breast cancers). (HuffPo)


Canadian PM Justin Trudeau renewed a threat to stop buying Boeing fighter jets, unless Boeing stops its trade complaint against Canadian-owned Bombardier. (CNN) (AP)

Boeing’s stock is “the undisputed king of Wall Street,” up more than 60 percent so far this year. (CNN)


Charles Mudede wants Vancouver to be Amazon’s “HQ2” host city, because that might help spur high-speed rail between the cities.


The Mariners’ last home stand of the season begins tonight vs. Texas.


“How Can We Increase Seattle’s Climate Resilience?” (Central Library)

Big Business, Selene Vigil et Amicis. (Tractor)

Dhani Harrison. (Crocodile)

“I’m the One: The Music of Annette Peacock.” (Royal Room)

Martha Wainwright. (Sunset)

“Side Hustle” author Chris Guillebeau. (U Book Store)

Pee Wee Ellis with Fred Wesley. (Jazz Alley, thru Wed)

“Chain Letter Vol. 4.” (Vermillion)

South Sound Tug & Barge. (Parliament)

Short musical plays “Las Mariposas Y Los Muertos” and “No More Sad Things.” (West of Lenin, thru Oct. 7)


(John Dunne):

“No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face.”


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