I believe most of us will agree with Lee LeFever that, by this time of year, pretty much all of Western Washington is “ready for rain… a change of season that strikes at the core of how it feels to live in the Pacific Northwest.… The drear has a certain dark beauty; a low-contrast softness. There’s no need to squint or close the blinds. Even the sound of the rain on our house is music to my ears, a lullaby.”


Partly sunny after morning showers, but still cool temps.



The Madison Park Group (née Madison Park Greetings), Seattle-based maker of hip-cute-modern greeting cards and related products, was bought out by an out-of-state paper-mill company. That firm suddenly shut down the whole operation, without the legally required 60-day warning. Ex-employees and freelance artists are suing for back pay. (SeaTimes)



State Attorney General Bob Ferguson is suing the owners of the for-profit immigration jail in Tacoma, for paying inmate laborers $1 day (or just food or snacks). (“Government facilities” are officially exempt from state minimum-wage laws, but not privately-run operations.) (Crosscut) (News Tribune) (Weekly)


SeattleMet ran an article a few months back, about the White House occupant’s company’s failed project to build what would have been Seattle’s tallest building. The mag’s illustration depicted the occupant as a short, egocentric Napoleon, charging on a steed toward his Waterloo. A neo-Nazi website stole the image, apparently (and foolishly) believing it to be a sincerely supportive portrayal of their hero. 

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is coming to Bellevue, to appear at a $350-a-plate fundraising dinner for a Republican policy think tank. Expect some non-fans to show up outside the event, critical of what one magazine called DeVos’s “war against public education.” (Weekly)

Swedish anti-fascist activist Patrik Hermansson spent a year “undercover inside the alt-right.” One of his sojourns was to Seattle, where he attended a “forum” of hardcore white nationalists—and also went to “an exclusive barbecue in a suburb of Seattle at the house of Charles Krafft, the infamous Nazi ceramicist.” (Hope Not Hate) (Slog)

The “nation of immigrants” is real. Steve Bannon’s notions otherwise are mere fiction. (Knute Berger)


Mayoral candidates Cary Moon and Jenny Durkan still feel the need to explain they’re really different from one another (which, in fact, they are.)  (KING)

Stranger staffer Eli Sanders is going to work for Temp-Mayor Tim Burgess, then return to the formerly-weekly paper after Burgess’ gig is done. (The C Is For Crank)

Can we get at least some public input into the hiring of a Temp-Councilmember to fill Temp-Mayor Burgess’ seat? (South Seattle Emerald)

City Hall attempts to get back to something approaching business as usual, including the annual budget process. (KING)


After revealing some staff emails to/about Ed Murray, Slog has now posted citizen messages to Murray. Sent between April (when the first accusations against Murray surfaced) to July, they range from prayerful support to disgust.


A handy primer about the sexual-assault allegation against King County Sheriff John Urquhart. Is it credible? Has it been “buried” by the bureaucracy? (Weekly)

City auditors say the SPD’s been doing a poor job of tracking hate crimes, which could result in under-reporting. (KUOW)

The FBI’s investigating claims that off-duty police officers engaged in “intimidation and price fixing”, while doing outside traffic-handling gigs at garages and construction sites. (SeaTimes)


Why is Sen. Maria Cantwell co-sponsoring an omnibus bill that, among other things, would make it harder to challenge natural-gas plants and ports? (Crosscut)


Hollow Earth Radio, the eclectic and venerable Internet radio station with its own storefront studio/performance space on Esat Madison, has finally become a regular over-the-air broadcaster, as KHUH at the “low power” frequency of 104.9 FM. (Capitol Hill Seattle)

Another new TV season, another crop of shows “set, but not filmed, in Seattle” and environs. O well, at least we had the “Twin Peaks” sequel. (SeaTimes)


“We can have single-payer in Washington state by 2020, if we want it.” (Slog)

Kaiser Permanente will spend up to $400 million rebuilding the former Group Health campus. (Capitol Hill Times)


The People’s Harm Reduction Alliance might offer space for a “safe consumption site,” even before a King County initiative vote on whether to fund such facilities. (KUOW)


Microsoft’s opened a small office in Silverdale, Kitsap County. Its apparent purpose: to attract one star software exec who didn’t want to commute to Redmond. (GeekWire)


The Mariners’ playoff chances slipped a little further away withn an 8-6 loss to Texas. Series ends today.

Seahawk Michael Bennett was one of four current NFL players to endorse a 10-page letter asking the league to support their campaigns for racial equality and criminal-justice reform. (SeaTimes) Bennett was also honored by several hundred supporters outside the Seahawks’ home opener, “standing for his right to sit.” (South Seattle Emerald)


Kremfest. (Kremwerk, thru Sun)

“Ay, Carmela!”, play by José Sanchis Sinisterra. (Theatre Off Jackson, thru Oct. 8)

“Luminata 2017” lantern parade. (Green Lake)

Generative Writing Workshops. (Cafe Racer)

Pecha Kucha “Invent Together,” night of short slide presentations. (Central Library)

Bob Sutton on “How to Deal With People Who Treat You Like Dirt.” (Impact Hub)

“Illuminating Kubrick.” (SIFF Film Center)

“Going All the Way, This Time With Feeling,” erotic-art show. (Push/Pull, thru Sun)

Anne Marie Grgich exhibition. (Black Lab Gallery, Everett)

“The Solace of Trees” novelist Robert Madrygin. (Elliott Bay Book Co.)

Ephrata, Motopony, Temple Canyon. (Chop Suey)

Kyle Craft, And And And. (Crocodile)

Mura Masa. (Showbox)

Goldfrapp. (Showbox Sodo)

Saxophonist Evan Smith. (Chapel Performance Space)

Comedians Cameron Esposity and Rhea Butcher. (Neptune)

“Roommate Court with Judge Taylor Clark.” (Laughs)

Film “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.” (Ark Lodge Cinema)


(Chuck Klosterman):

Art and love are the same thing: it’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you. It’s understanding the unreasonable.”


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