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October 15th, 2009 by admin

This is where I plug all the great things I can do as an employee, contractor, or freelance contributor. And it’s quite a lot of great things indeed.

You might think of me as “A Writer.”

But I see my self as something greater.

I’m a worker.

A doer.

A maker.

I can make so many different things. Some of them involve written words. Many of them don’t.

Some of the things I can make that have words in them are:

  • Corporate web pages and blogs.
  • Promotional web pages and blogs.
  • Marketing documents, brochures, and flyers.
  • Technical writings (manuals, instructions, tip sheets, help files; anything that’s got to explain techie concepts to non-techie readers).
  • Slide presentations.
  • Interviews, and transcriptions thereof.
  • Transcriptions of other people’s interviews, legal statements, and oral histories.
  • Articles and essays on most any topic, thoroughly researched, drafted, and edited. (My specialties include rock/pop music, Seattle and Northwest history/culture, “social media” and its antecedents, the news media, newspapers, magazines, TV/radio, film, and general North American pop culture.)
  • Walking tours, particularly of Seattle, its neighborhoods, and its history.
  • That book idea you’ve always had in your head. (I’ll help you organize vague ideas into a concrete outline, then polish your prose into elegance, then design a handsome package for it, then help you get it out in e-books and/or print on demand books.)

Some of the outfits I’ve worked for (as a freelancer or employee) have included TidBITS/Take Control Books, Dataversity.net, City Living Seattle, the Capitol Hill Times, the Seattle Times, the Stranger, Fantagraphics Books, Arcadia Publishing, and Wilderness Press.

And I’ve written and/or edited and/or contributed to several books. Some of these are Walking Seattle, Vanishing Seattle, Then and Now Seattle, Seattle’s Belltown, Take Control of Digital TV, and Loser: The Real Seattle Music Story.

And please, look around at some of the many, many things I’ve written and posted here. Some are what they used to call “web originals;” others were made for print clients. You might start with these:

Some of the other things I can make are:

  • Digital photographs (for documenting local scenes and events, selling stuff, or just telling your life story).
  • Graphic design and layout (for print or online usage).

And let’s not forget the myriad of assorted services I can perform for you!:

  • Research for any task you require, through both online and “real world” documents.
  • Files and records, again both online and “real.”
  • Data entry and maintenance.
  • Admin support, of any kind you may require (phones, logistics, correspondence, scheduling, meeting support, or just making printouts and copies of things).

I’ve got a lovely (if I do say so myself) resumé of my writing-type work.

And an equally lovely resumé of my office-type work.

Either way, my work will more than meet your needs.

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