Vanishing Seattle
October 15th, 2009 by admin


book coverI’ve compiled a picture book all about disappeared Seattle landmarks.Thanks in part to many of you loyalMISCmediareaders, the book’s chock full of photos, post cards, and memorabilia from Seattle’s recent past, specifically the second half of the 20th century (restaurants, bars, nightclubs, TV/radio personalities, local celebrities, amusement parks, stores, locally-made consumer goods, signs, buildings, bridges, and Bubbleators).

Seattle’s still a young city, growing and changing. But a lot of its short past is gone. But not forgotten. Generations of Seattleites have fond memories of past icons and landmarks. They evoke a less sophisticated, more freewheeling, more optimistic city.

Vanishing Seattle explores a city where timber and fish were more lucrative than airplanes and computers, a place of kitschy architecture and homespun humor, a place bounding with hope for a brighter future (as seen at the 1962 World’s Fair). We’ll recall shopping trips at Frederick & Nelson, dinners at Rosellini’s, burgers at Dag’s, and dancing at the Trianon Ballroom. We’ll root for baseball’s Rainiers. We’ll travel on the ferry Kalakala and on the Interurban Railway. We’ll meet some local personalities of that time (Stan Boreson, J.P. Patches, Wunda Wunda).

Vanishing Seattle is a book every Seattleite and ex-Seattleite of a certain age will crave.

Here are some of the book’s many, many subjects:


  • Frederick & Nelson
  • The Bon Marche
  • Downtown Penney’s
  • Rhodes of Seattle
  • Lamonts
  • I. Magnin
  • McDougall-Southwick
  • Jay Jacobs
  • Woolworth and Kress
  • Gov-Mart
  • Marketime and Valu-Mart
  • Doc Freeman’s
  • Warshal’s
  • Chubby & Tubby
  • Pay ‘n Save
  • Ernst Hardware
  • G.O. Guy
  • Trident imports
  • Shorey’s Books
  • Fillipi’s Books
  • Beauty and the Books
  • Squire Shops
  • Wigwam
  • Jafco
  • Fallout Records
  • (old) Nordstrom
  • Glamorama
  • Ruby Montana’s
  • S&M Market
  • A&P
  • Tradewell
  • Art’s Family Center
  • Food Giant

dog house menuRESTAURANTS

  • Dog House
  • (original) El Goucho
  • Twin Teepees
  • Dag’s
  • Rosellini’s 410, 610
  • Captain’s Table
  • Last Exit on Brooklyn
  • Speakeasy Cafe
  • Manning’s
  • Abruzzi’s Pizza
  • Herfy’s
  • Clark’s chain
  • Cloud Room
  • Ben Paris
  • Copper Kitchen
  • Pizza & Pipes
  • Western Coffe Shop
  • 2nd Ave. Pizza
  • Brasserie Pittsbourg
  • Longshoreman’s Daughter
  • King Oscar’s
  • Woerne’s European Pastry Shop
  • Lion O’Reilly’s
  • Great American Food and Beverage Co.
  • Manca’s


  • Trader Vic’s
  • (old) Place Pigalle, aka Pig Alley
  • (old) Frontier Room and other dive bars
  • Jake O’Shaugnessey’s
  • Trianon Ballroom
  • Spanish Castle
  • Wrex
  • (old) Rainbow
  • OK Hotel
  • Sit & Spin
  • Colourbox
  • The Vault (jazz club beneath the original 211 Club)
  • Penthouse (original Pioneer Square jazz club)
  • Gibson House
  • Admiral Benbow Inn
  • Ernie Steele’s/Ileen’s
  • Golden Tides
  • Shelley’s Leg
  • Boren Street Disco
  • The Monastery


  • Twin Teepees
  • Jolly Roger
  • Coon Chicken Inn
  • The First Avenue sleaze district
  • “The Blob”
  • Cyclops restaurant/Jell-O mold building
  • Grandma’s Cookies sign
  • Wonder Bread sign
  • Pacific Lincoln-Mercury sign
  • Blue flame neon
  • Broadway and Queen Anne high schools
  • First Christian Church
  • Temple de Hirsch
  • Municipal Building
  • Old Seattle Public Library
  • White-Henry-Stuart Building
  • Burke Building


  • Seafirst and Rainier banks
  • Frye’s and Bar-S meats
  • Societe candy
  • Fisher flour
  • Pomerelle wines
  • Vitamilk
  • Sunny Jim peanut butter and jams
  • Mary Pang’s frozen foods
  • Rainier and Olympia beers


  • Rainiers
  • Kingdome
  • Sick’s Stadium
  • Hydros, the early years
  • Longacres
  • 211 Club
  • Warren Harding monument, Woodland Park
  • Luna Park
  • Playland
  • Leilani Lanes
  • Showboat Theater
  • Cinemas: Coliseum, Music Hall, Broadway, UA 70/150, Orpheum
  • Pioneer Square Theater/Angry Housewives
  • Aqua Theater
  • Namu and the original Seattle Aquarium


  • Hat n’ Boots
  • America’s first gas station (by Standard Oil of Calif. on East Marginal Way)
  • The Kalakala
  • Old ferry terminal
  • Trolleys
  • Interurban Railway
  • Old Lacey V. Murrow floating bridge
  • Old West Seattle bridge
  • Boeing Field
  • Old Sea-Tac terminal
  • Toe Truck


  • Bubbleator
  • Boats inside Memorial Stadium
  • Hawaii pavilion
  • Union 76 Skyride
  • Fun Forest’s Flight to Mars
  • Gracie Hansen’s Paradise International
  • Civic Auditorium
  • Jones Fantastic Museum


  • J.P. Patches
  • Captain Puget
  • Ivar Haglund
  • Brakeman Bill
  • Stan Boreson
  • Wunda Wunda
  • Sheriff Tex
  • Bob Cram and Bob Hale
  • Leo Lassen
  • Wayne Cody, Pete Gross, Don Heinrich
  • KVI: Hardwick and co.
  • KOMO: Larry Nelson and co.
  • KJR: Pat O’Day and Charlie Brown
  • Almost Live!

The 128-page (6″ x 9″) paperback has 215 large monochrome pix, meticulously captioned.Vanishing Seattle is published by Arcadia Publishing. It’s also available thru Amazon.

11 Responses  
  • Carolyn Crow writes:
    September 28th, 20125:03 pmat

    Do you know when the Societe Candy Co. closed? I have a vaseline jar with their sticker on it, and a metal chocolate container with an art nouveau design on the top.
    Would love to have more information. Thanks.

  • Clark Humphrey writes:
    September 28th, 20125:28 pmat

    I know it closed in Seattle some time in the late 1960s, and continued in Bellevue another few years. But I don’t know more specific than that.

  • Clark Humphrey writes:
    August 29th, 201312:24 amat

    I don’t own the rights to the images. The cover image is owned by the Museum of History and Industry. You should contact them.

    Clark H.

  • Jeffrey Ochsner writes:
    February 18th, 20148:03 pmat

    I am looking for historical photos of Hat ‘n’ Boots such as the one shown on your Web site. I am trying to find where the originals are to possibly obtain a high-res scan for use in publication.

    There seem to be a number of historical photos, but not in collections such as MOHAI.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated


  • Clark Humphrey writes:
    December 22nd, 20148:20 pmat

    Sunbeam Bread was a national franchise operation. Plenty of images of the logo are findable online.

  • Bill M writes:
    June 6th, 20151:26 pmat

    Cool site! I grew up in greenwood in the 60’s-70’s I so remember Pizza & Pipes, I think before that it was the jolly troll or something like that. Also fond memories of the Greenwood movie theater which eventually turned into a porn theater before closing. Next door during the mid 70’s was the Greenwood Arcade, the original Arcade was around the corner on Greenwood ave & had a huge slot car track which we spent all or paper route money on. Other Greenwood favorites…Lucky Grocery Store, Maries Cafe,Greenwood Bowl & Roller Rink, Herfy’s Burgers on 85th, Atlantic Richfield Gas Station, The G-Note Club on 85th & 3rd. Great memories for sure!

  • Carl Alexander writes:
    April 22nd, 20177:36 pmat

    You’ve do a homesick middle-aged man’s heart good.

    About a half-hour ago, the mood struck me and I started Googling the haunts of my misspent youth and looking in street view at the places they had once been. The Wikipedia entry on The Last Exit surprised me by having a picture of Irv in the Kitchen, taken about the time I worked there. Surprised because it looks like it was taken from the first or second marble table, and the Exit’s regulars were generally all over anyone who looked to be about to violate the No Pictures policy. Though I suppose it could have been taken through the window. (In which case I’ll pat myself on the back for having done a good job cleaning it the night before.)

    Having forgotten briefly how to find a photo’s citation on Wikipedia, I looked at the footnotes, Googled your book, and thence found my way here. I look forward to the arrival of your book.

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  • Claudia Denholm writes:
    November 17th, 201811:56 amat

    Another store to add to your list: Casual Corner. It was located in Westlake Mall (on the SW corner) and I used to buy clothes there in the late 80s and early 90s. I still have a couple of winter coats with the CC label on them tucked away in storage.

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