1/1/7/20: THE NEXT PAGE
Jan 16th, 2020 by Clark Humphrey

University Book Store turns 120; Gov. Inslee’s carbon-cap law partly survives state Supreme Court; Microsoft vows to become ‘carbon negative’; Julia Sweeney defends her ‘Pat’ character as more ‘annoying’ than androgynous.

1/15/20: FLAKY
Jan 14th, 2020 by Clark Humphrey

Some parts of the region will get a bunch of snow, maybe; Boeing had more orders canceled than delivered in ’19; Sawant’s latest ‘Tax Amazon’ plan still isn’t fully revealed; Ken Jennings disses Courtney Love.

1/14/20: ICE NOT NICE
Jan 13th, 2020 by Clark Humphrey

A 30-vehicle crash and more power outages result from the winter blast; Sawant blasts Amazon again; Durkan defends police again; anti-trans meeting’s still on at the downtown library.

Jan 13th, 2020 by Clark Humphrey

Some places get a little snow, others a lot; Seahawks’ last comeback try falls short; Boeing accused of deliberately hiding MAX system revisions just to save on pilot training; (most) crime in Seattle’s way down.

1/10/20: IT’S SNOW USE
Jan 9th, 2020 by Clark Humphrey

Will we get snow? (maybe), icy coldness? (oh yeah); more damaging Boeing internal documents unearthed; Jay Inslee’s witty snap-back to Tim Eyman; UW medical residents take a ‘wellness day off.’

Jan 6th, 2020 by Clark Humphrey

More fallout over citizens of Iranian descent detained by the feds at Blaine; Boeing ‘training pilots’ may go nonunion; another potential MAX hardware flaw’s found; the state’s presidential primary will ‘count’ this year.

12/19/19: CAR2GONE
Dec 18th, 2019 by Clark Humphrey

Seattle’s last ‘free floating car share’ company goes away; ‘The Far Side’ returns (sorta); Andrew Yang raises 100 grand here; the 737 MAX production halt’s national economic impact.

12/9/19: SEA AND HEAR
Dec 8th, 2019 by Clark Humphrey

What the waters off the Northwest coast sound like; private surveillance cams in a low-crime (but high-fear) neighborhood; Amazon’s fast-delivery mania leads to slower deliveries; Bill Nye’s suing Disney.

12/6/19: NO ‘BABY,’ NO JOKE
Dec 6th, 2019 by Clark Humphrey

Duff McKagan’s video spotlight on the homeless; it’s already time for a new police labor deal; just how regressive our local taxes are; Puget Sound was supposed to be healthy by now (it’s not).

12/5/19: WHAT THE HECK
Dec 4th, 2019 by Clark Humphrey

US Rep. Denny Heck will retire; Pocket Theater space will close; two local restaurant empires will shrink; first Native American justice will join state Supreme Court.

11/29/19: WTO AT XX
Nov 28th, 2019 by Clark Humphrey

Lessons & legacy of the World Trade Org. protests; a judge stops I-976 for now; Gordon Sondland accused of sexual misconduct; Seattle’s Watergate hero Bill Ruckelshaus RIP.

Nov 7th, 2019 by Clark Humphrey

Some politicos deal with the aftermath of Tim Eyman’s anti-transit initiative, others try to stop it; no major changes in City Council races (yet); music/performance spaces try to stay alive in an expensive city.


Oct 9th, 2019 by Clark Humphrey

Trashing an RV as a hate-filled ‘statement’; big support for burned-out Ballard businesses; Durkan’s ‘traffic czar’ may be leaving; could the 737 MAX be back by January?

9/30/19: CE N’EST PAS ‘BON’
Sep 29th, 2019 by Clark Humphrey

Seattle’s oldest department store will close next year; Beth’s Cafe (but not its building) is for sale; Mariners’ season ends; a UW prof tells why tech execs are all positive all the time.

Aug 29th, 2019 by Clark Humphrey

The locals behind some powerful political posters; making virtual reality more like reality (i.e., less all-white); a south-end landmark’s sold; memories of Bumbershoots past.

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