MISCmedia MAIL for 11/11/16: LEST WE FORGET
Nov 10th, 2016 by Clark Humphrey

We end a bad, terrible, horrible, not-good week with a Veterans Day remembrance and many calls for solidarity, action, and empathy. Also the usual dozens of weekend event possibilities, and the death of a music legend.

MISCmedia MAIL for 5/24/16
May 23rd, 2016 by Clark Humphrey

The Mariners came home and, yes, lost. Also today: Vandalizing salmon pens; hospital workers stealing opioids; a suburban city official who wanted to know where every Muslim in town lived; human-rights activists claim “victory” at Amazon; and a big artificial-intelligence conference in town (for all us fake-smarties).

MISCmedia MAIL for 4/14/16
Apr 13th, 2016 by Clark Humphrey

Today’s topics feature a much-less-appetizing truck cargo spill; Muslim-bashing in Mukilteo of all places; yet another Hendrix memorial (the biggest yet); Capitol Hill Art Walk choices; and how the news biz can’t both “foster diversity” and expect young adults to work for free.

MISCmedia MAIL for 4/8/16
Apr 7th, 2016 by Clark Humphrey

Comicon begins, as does the Mariners’ home season. And we’re still here as before, pondering alleged racist “microaggression” at a certain cable news channel (NOT “that one”); how “diverse” Seattle’s neighborhoods really aren’t; folks in high rises who don’t like the prospect of other high rises; a Bauhaus Coffee resurrection?; and the usual scads of weekend things.

MISCmedia MAIL for 4/4/16
Apr 4th, 2016 by Clark Humphrey

Hope springs eternal (or at least for a day) as the Mariners’ season begins. We also mention: whales vs. whales; the new 520 bridge non-charity walkathon; another hyper-sleazy “war against the poor” move; and, yeah, the end of the UW women’s hoop dreams (for this year).

MISCmedia MAIL for 3/7/16
Mar 6th, 2016 by Clark Humphrey

The work week begins anew with secret sweetheart deals in Kent; attempts to bring commercial air travel back to Everett; the still-unapologetic Shell ship invader in Bellingham; Fantagraphics’ most prestigious contributor yet; and the Sounders’ season-opening meh.

MISCmedia MAIL for 2/16/16
Feb 16th, 2016 by Clark Humphrey

It’s back to work and back to the news, including strange bedfellows against Trans restroom rights; a threat to a self-managed homeless camp; the death of a local theater legend; and Comcast rains on KING’s new-studio parade.

MISCMedia MAIL for 2/15/16
Feb 14th, 2016 by Clark Humphrey

On Presidents’ Day in a Presidential year we talk about expressing your love with potatoes (really); cutting down old trees before neighbors can make a protest; Seattle’s biggest remaining manufacturing company may split for the ‘burbs; funding tech startups via bankrupt Australian mining firms; and just a little about the Supreme Court.

MISCmedia MAIL for 2/1/16
Jan 31st, 2016 by Clark Humphrey

A new month finds us still dealing with old problems: vast homelessness in Seattle and Tacoma; the still-not-over siege in eastern Oregon; the floundering of Seattle’s bike-share program; GOPers vs. reality.

MISCmedia MAIL for 1/15/16
Jan 15th, 2016 by Clark Humphrey

Another pre-Seahawks playoff weekend begins with the sad fate of (some of) the Waterfront Streetcars; a poignant account of surviving poverty thru music; a fetishistically disgusting legislative proposal; fear of immigration raids; and the usual gazillion weekend activity options.

MISCmedia MAIL for 1/7/16
Jan 7th, 2016 by Clark Humphrey

The Kid’s in the Hall. In other news today: Who’s really the rightful owner of that Oregon wildlife-refuge land?; Inslee’s campaign to reduce the “public health” crisis of gun violence; a respected sex-worker website’s shut down; don’t worry about all those li’l underground tremors.

MISCmedia MAIL for 12/15/15
Dec 14th, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

Your Tuesday e-mail missive discusses a beautiful, doomed Ballard warehouse; the law to let ride-share drivers organize; a professor who warned about Chipotle eight years ago; and why Krampus and why now?

MISCmeida MAIL for 12/9/15
Dec 8th, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

As KEXP moves into its super-deluxe new digs, our midweek report remembers its far-less-slick precursor KCMU. Also: dampness everywhere; Amazon’s plans for the Dog House/Hurricane Cafe block; Troy Kelley refuses to quit.

MISCmedia MAIL for 12/4/15
Dec 3rd, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

Our biggest-yet MISCmedia MAIL (our six-month anniversary, in fact) has hordes of weekend activity listings, plus potential hockey hopes; potential freeway-lid hopes; ginormous “cocktail napkins” at a tech-biz gala; and the end of a Belltown institution.


MISCmedia MAIL for 12/3/15
Dec 2nd, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

MISCmedia MAIL, still fiercely independent, watches yet more local media consolidation. Also: just how “hate talk” inspires shooters; Redhook returns to Seattle (sort of); and Seattle’s (and the U.S. Northwest’s) real birthday.

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