October 15th, 2009 by admin

Looking for something good to read that’s more “real” than facts?

Then look no further. I’ve got enough weird hetero-sex fiction here to last you for a little while at least.

Many of these stories are based on dreams or half-awake visions, so I can’t guarantee they’ll make sense. Some of the stories have more or less sex in them than others, and the sex they have is mostly of the interpersonal-turmoil-narrative type, not the steamy or gross-out type (in other words, don’t expect Penthouse Forum or Hot-Hot Action here).

Also see the separate pages for The Myrtle of Venus and The Perfect Couple, two long-form fiction works by me.

In 2000-2001, I experimented with a set of continuing characters. The result, in my opinion, was one good little parable, “A Dot-Com Christmas Carol:”

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  • Dex Quire writes:
    April 24th, 20137:16 pmat

    Clark, (Doug Anderson here, via my pen name) let’s start a lit rag …again…I don’t know why but I keep thinking Seattle could use a tactile or palpable tabloid with an emphasis on literary things, stories, arias, novellas comics..Misc, Inc things…a merger between klang and Misc…I’m employed now so I’ve got a bit of income if we start humble…someting along the lines of the klang or misc tabloids of yore…I know everyone is headed towards the web for entertainment and reading but I can’t shake the sense that a hand-held coffee house tabliod could catch on…talent abounds…coffee houses abound…we’ve got Briggs, August Avo and many more…what do you think? Am I deluded…?

    Doug (a.k.a. Dex)

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