MISCmedia MAIL for 12/1/15
Nov 30th, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

It’s a new month, and also World AIDS Day. MISCmedia MAIL remembers that, and also discusses Bill Gates’s clean-energy initiative and its discontents; a UW urban-planning initiative and its discontents; and the secret history of a major Capitol Hill building.

MISCmedia MAIL for 11/30/15: BACK IN BLACK
Nov 30th, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

whites at black lives matter 1fiddler ignoring protests

Monday’s MISCmedia MAIL includes the bizarre cognitive dissonance between shoppers and protesters on Black Friday, which in turn was overshadowed by out-of-state news of yet another psycho bigot shooter. Also: What Bill Gates may announce at the big climate conference; outsourcing Santa; two big football wins.

MISCmedia MAIL for 11/27/15
Nov 26th, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

MISCmedia MAIL is back to accompany you while shopping and/or protesting today. We’ve got tons of weekend activities; Bernie Sanders as a symbol of global awakening; the truth behind Oregon’s greatest invention; and a meat vending machine.

MISCmedia MAIL for 11/26/15
Nov 25th, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

Yes, MISCmedia MAIL is here for the holiday. And with it: Feeling unsafe on the WWU campus; a scheme to save KPLU; caring for aging LGBTQs; yet more Chipotle troubles.

MISCmedia MAIL for 11/25/15
Nov 25th, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

In your pre-holiday MISCmedia MAIL: MAD magazine (yes, it’s still a thing) discovers the Amazon bookstore; the “coal train” threat returns; WWU vs. hate threats; dangers of bicycling under the Aurora Bridge.
MISCmedia MAIL for 11/24/15
Nov 23rd, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

Begin your (probably) snowless day with MISCmedia MAIL, including: The boring truth about Starbucks’ holiday cups; Tini Bigs threatened; more KPLU defiance; why would Amazon cover NY subway seats with swastikas?
MISCmedia MAIL for 11/23/15
Nov 22nd, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

In Monday’s magnificent MISCmedia MAIL: Snowpocalypse Not Now; Cliff Mass bashes KUOW again; a local TV legend resurfaces; the local crab season’s delayed. 

MISCmedia MAIL for 11/20/15
Nov 20th, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

Your weekend MISCmedia MAIL has the usual exhaustive weekend activity listings, plus: Does the Eitel Building really deserve to be “restored” into just another “boutique hotel”?; racist bigots again falsely imagine themselves to be righteous; we’ve got more homeless folk while the US as a whole has fewer; the real reason there’s no Arctic oil drilling this year.
MISCmedia MAIL for 11/19/15
Nov 19th, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

#MISCmediaMAIL High-school kids will get the same morning-commute times as all the techies; Windstorm 2015 aftermath; cutting Eyman down to size; the odd career and swift downfall of State Auditor Troy Kelley.
MISCmedia MAIL for 11/18/15
Nov 17th, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

In your drying-out MISCmedia MAIL for Wednesday: Windstorm 2015 of course; an attempt to save a tiny and allegedly ugly UW building; Arctic oil won’t help pay for Norway’s generous public benefits; Chicago’s the supposed new hot spot for young coders.
MISCmedia MAIL for 11/17/15
Nov 16th, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

In your blustery-day MISCmedia MAIL: Two Wash. enviro-stars get honored; how Bill Gates could’ve made more money but didn’t; trees on a condo tower?; no City-owned broadband this year.

MISCmedia MAIL for 11/16/15
Nov 16th, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

The world goes on, and so does MISCmedia MAIL. Today: Remembering Paris; trying to forget the Seahawks game; a college basketball game called due to dangerous (indoor) conditions; and suburban subdivisions are still being built.
MISCmedia MAIL for 11/13/15
Nov 12th, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

One less “public” news source; UW basketball’s season starts in Shanghai; many weekend activity listings; TPP vs. the “open Internet;” and a Mt. Rainier pint glass. All this and more in your Friday the 13th MISCmedia MAIL.
MISCmedia MAIL for 11/12/15
Nov 11th, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

In Thursday’s MISCmedia MAIL: Remembering another practical li’l apartment building; a posthumous arts bounty from the Kingdome; the predictable truth behind the anti-Starbucks ranter; can KeyArena be rebuilt without taxpayer funds?
MISCmedia MAIL for 11/11/15
Nov 11th, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

Remembering “Remembrance Day;” heroin deaths rise; Pronto bike renters are mostly young & male & white; we’re not as parched as we were this summer. All this & more in Wednesday’s MISCmedia MAIL.
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