Damn. Just damn, I tell you. Another week, another deadly mass shooting. This time, it's in a bucolic corner of southwest Oregon, on a campus near streets named "Songbird Court" and "Singing Waters Road". And, of course, the gun-lobby-owned politicians will only find ever more euphemistic excuses for doing absolutely nothing about it.


Maybe just a day or two of clouds and intermittent showers, then back to The Summer That Won't Go Away.

The summer drought means smaller apples this year. (KPLU)




A local resident wants the Port of Seattle's Pier 86 grain elevators to bear artworks of some kind. Considering the family whose company now leases the terminal, maybe the art should depict highlights from "Seinfeld" and "Veep." (KUOW)



A 20-year-old lone male short more than 30 people at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, OR (yes, named for the same local river that inspired Umpqua Oats and Umpqua Bank). He killed nine people and injured at least seven others. The shooter died in a standoff with police, in a possible "suicide by cop" situation. The 26-year-old shooter allegedly asked students' religion between shooting instances. There's no word whether he'd left any statements explaining his actions. (KOMO) (Oregonian) (AP)

President Obama made a statement asking Americans "to think about how they can get our government to change these laws and to save lives and to let young people grow up, and that will require a change of politics on this issue." (AP)

Washington Gov. Inslee called the shooting, and instances like it, a "national scourge." (KUOW)

The local sheriff, a "second amendment" absolutist, has said in the past that he won't enforce any gun-control laws that he deems unconstitutional. (KPIC)


If and when Ride the Ducks resumes running, it won't do so on the Aurora Bridge. (SeaTimes)


The Committee to End Homelessness has renamed itself "All Home," and revised its stated mission to address the causes of homelessness as well as the results. (Seattlish)

The owner of a dilapidated Rainier Valley apartment buyilding suddenly doubled all the rents. There may be little the City can do but complain. (KIRO-TV)


Antioch University's long-running Seattle branch, currently in a doomed-to-development Belltown building, will move late next year to a new low-rise being built by Martin Selig at Third and Battery (a project that will help preserve waterfront views from Selig's Fourth and Battery Building across the alley). 


At a Sound Transit hearing on Mercer Island, locals said they don't really like transit that doesn't give assigned seats to Mercer residents, or park and rides that are open to non-Mercer residents, or to HOV lanes that Mercer residents don't get single-occupancy privileges on, or just about anything else that makes Mercer Islanders have to share anything with anyone else. (Crosscut)


A regional franchisee is bringing Steak 'n Shake, the midwest-based "steakburger" chain, to Seattle. (Still no White Castle, alas.) The SeattleMet blurb about it originally listed the first planned S&S Seattle location (the old KFC/Bruno's spot on Third near Union Street) as in "Belltown," but that error's now been fixed.


A last-minute change in green-card application rules leaves many local Asian-born tech workers scrambling. (AP) 


Tonight's the release event at Hugo House for "Seattle: City of Literature," the Ryan Budinot-edited anthology created as part of an application for a UNESCO designation as a world "city of lit." Donna Miscolta at the Seattle Review of Books (a great site; be sure and check it out) complains the anthology features almost all-white writers with essays about other almost all-white writers. 


Last year, Alabama required all voters to have current driver's licenses or state picture IDs. This year, they're closing the only licensing offices in eight of the state's 10 most Black-majority counties. (AL.com)

Congress has failed to reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund, which has used oil-leasing revenues to support more than 40,000 outdoor-recreation projects around the country. (Joel Connelly)


Seattle Reign FC lost 1-0 to Kansas City in the women's pro-soccer title game at Portland.

Sounders FC at home vs. LA Galaxy Sunday.

The Mariners have Fan Appreciation Night tonight, starting a final three-game series vs. Oakland. 

Seahawks don't play until Monday at home vs. Detroit. 

UW Huskies don't play until Thursday at USC.


Macefield Music Festival, with over 20 live acts including Thunderpussy, Mark Lanegan, Prom Queen,  Don't Talk to the Cops, Blod Drugs. (Various Ballard sites, Fri-Sun)

Westside School giveway of furnishings and fixtures from old location. (7740 34th Ave SW, 10-3 Fri)

"Seattle City of Literature," group reading with Ryan Boudinot, Charles Mudede, Elissa Washuta, and more. (Hugo House, Fri)

Rafael Toral, Bill Horist. (Good Shepherd Center, Fri)

Haptic Animation Amplifier launch party, benefit for nonprofit to promote Northwest animators. (NW Film Forum, Fri, free)

Childbirth record release. (Chop Suey, Fri) 

My Morning Jacket. (Moore, Fri-Sat)

Brick Con, exhibit of Lego architecture. (Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, Sat-Sun)

Racer Runts, monthly all-ages, youth-driven show. (Cafe Racer, Sat)

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, Tomten. (EMP, Sat)

Fisherman's Fall Festival. (Fisherman's Terminal, Sat)

Tijuana Panthers, Toiling Midgets, Grandparents, Boone Howard. (Lucky Liquor, 10325 E. Marginal Way S., Sat)

Monster Planet featuring TimHeld. (Vera Project, Sat)

Symphony X, Overkill. (Showbox, Sat)

"Bollywood Mania" dance concert. (Rainier Valley Cultural Center, Sat)

Death Cab for Cutie. (Paramount, Sat-Mon, sold out)

"Piketoberfest." (Pike Brewing, Sun)

Neil Young. (WaMu Theater, Sun)

Titus Andronicus, Baked, Spider Bags. (Crocodile, Sun)

Dick's Drive-In Walkathon, walking past all six Dick's locations to benefit the homeless. (Sun)


Next week, we'll have been at this venture four whole months, and we're ready to start accepting your ads. Watch this space next week for more info.


(W.S. Merwin, "Separation"):

"Your absence has gone through me   

Like thread through a needle.

Everything I do is stitched with its color."


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