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Clouds should show up late Tuesday, with potential showers Wednesday.



Low-water conditions mean the dam-made Rattlesnake Lake (near North Bend) has receded to reveal remains of the short-lived town of Moncton, deliberately flooded 100 years ago. (KING) (HistoryLink)



The battle for women's reproductive health is not, and should not be, just for or about white middle-class women. (Seattle Globalist) 

Most banned or "challenged" books from schools and/or libraries are "either written by people of color or are about them," or are about LGBTQ issues. Among the formeris last year's most "challenged" title, our own Sherman Alexie's "Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian." (Real Change)


Our state still doesn't have a viable school-funding plan, but legislators are hard at work on other causes, such as making it legal to lose money at fantasy-sports betting websites. (KING)


A North Seattle College student injured in the Aurora Bridge crash is suing Ride the Ducks, the driver, and the firm's vehicle supplier. (AP)


The next big Seattle tax-levy proposal might be for a new police North Precinct building and other "public safety" items. (Crosscut)


The Urban Rest Stop, a downtown facility for laundry and other services to the homeless, is expanding into Ballard, opening next week. (KUOW)

The UW has a Center for Human Rights. It's a research group looking into, among other things, the 1980s civil war in El Salvador. The researchers are suing the CIA for access to historical documents of the period, which the researchers claim could help determine what really happened during violent crackdowns by the US-backed government vs. leftist rebels. (KING)

Tales from attempts to enforce the state's ban on workplace discrimination against ex-offenders. (South Seattle Emerald)


The EPA could've caught the software cheats UW used to hide how unclean its "Clean Diesel" vehicles were. Except that operation got its budget cut in the GW Bush years. (WaPo)


Windermere Real Estate's prez sez Seattle's "on the verge of a housing-market slowdown." (PS Biz Journal)

The Trans Pacific Partnership, a fledgling international global-trade deal, might be good for Washington produce exports. AND it might be horrible for labor and the environment. (PS Biz Journal)


"Business analytics." It's the high-complexity number-crunchin' that allowed the big banks to create those mortgage-burger securities in the mid-200s, and allowed the insurance companies to only insure healthy people. And now, both Amazon and local software firm Tableau have new high-end software tools for it. (PS Biz Journal) 


Troubled Haggen made a deal to re-sell 36 of the supermarkets it had just bought. (PS Biz Journal)

American Apparel, the once-hot maker-retailer of "hip" cheap clothes, filed for bankruptcy protection. The stores and LA factory will all remain open; but disgraced founder Dov Charney will pretty much lose his shirt, and a hedge fund will control the firm. (NYT)


Can you buy an offensive line on eBay? The Seahawks could use one. Russell Wilson was seriously sacked several times on Monday Night Football vs. Detroit. But a Kam Chancellor-engineered fumble by Lions player Calvin Johnson (who, to our knowledge, has never sung any teenage-crush punk songs) gave Seattle a 12-10 win. At Cincinnati Sunday.

Two local high school football players were severely injured during games last Friday. One of them died Monday. (KOMO)


"The End of the World," new works on "hand-processed, black and white 16mm film." (Grand Illusion)

"I Love Poke," Hawaiian food festival. (Stone House Cafe and Bakery, 9701 Rainier Ave. S.)

Harry Belafonte reading from his memoirs. (UW Meany Hall)

"Shriek," screening/discussion series about "women of horror film" with Evan J. Peterson, opens with "Carrie." (Screcrow Video, weekly thru Nov. 24)

Author Elizabeth Gilbert ("Eat, Pray, Love," "Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear." (Benaroya Hall)

Theater of War Project presentation, with founder Bryan Doerries and actors David Strathairn and Lili Taylor. (Town Hall)

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Hippo Campus. (Neumos)

Chastity Belt, Wet Nurse, Lisa Prank, Powwers. (Lo-Fi)

Rufus Wainwright. (Showbox)

Photo Interactive Experience (PIX2015), "family friendly photography expo." (Seattle Center Exhibition Hall and McCaw Hall, thru Wed)


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