Yep, another member of our extended virtual family goes away (see below). But at least the rest of us are still around to remember.


Rain may return Friday and Saturday, then may go away again on Sunday.



Dennis P. Eichhorn, 70, was a Montana/Idaho boy who came to Seattle by the '80s, where he wrote for the Seattle Sun and the Rocket as "Ike Horn." By theat decade's end he'd created a zine called Northwest Extra! (mostly art and stories by his out-of-state "alternative celebrity" friends/acquaintances) and created/written the comic book Real Stuff ("energetic, sex-. drug-, and alcohol-ridden tales" from his wide and varied life). 



The Waterfront Seawall Project that was supposed to have been done more than a year ago has resumed. But waterfront businesses, including Ivar's and Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, won't have to close this time. 


On these occasion of Seattle's second official Indigenous People's Day, improved services for urban Native Americans remain "off to a slow start." (Seattle mag)

"Poor, minority students in Washington are more likely to be labeled 'truant.'" (KUOW)


After eight years, the hole where the Public Safety Building had been will finally be filled. With an office/condo tower, natch. (Daily Journal of Commerce)

So long, Richlen's market (or whatever it's called now). Yet another six-story, mixed-use blah-blah-blah is planned for the northwest corner of 23rd and Union. (Capitol Hill Seattle)

In Portland, a 12-story building's going up that's all wood frame construction. (KUOW)


After 24 years and some 5,000 class-action defendants, a major federal lawsuit by Hanford "downwinders" is ending. (AP)


Gov. Inslee's proposing new state clean-water rules, tied somehow to average fish consumption rates. (KPLU)

When rain water that falls on urban roads later drains into streams, it can kill fish in less than three hours. (SeaTimes)

Details from Inslee's formal request for Federal wildfire-recovery aid: This summer's fires destroyed 146 homes and damaged 476 others; at least two-thirds of those had little or no insurance. (SeaTimes)


Traffic on parts of 405 is so clogged up, buses now have permission to use the shoulder lanes when they have to. (KING)

Feliks Banel believes some of us have over-romanticized Seattle's pre-WWII streetcar and Interurban rail transit. But from his piece, all I get is that the lines were often underfunded and couldn't turn a profit from the fare box alone, just like transit today. (KIRO-FM)


Even if Bruce Harrell essentially "bought votes" in the 37th District Democrats' City Council endorsements, the numbers show he would have still won the endorsement without those extra votes. (Slog) (Seattlish)


Police chief Kathleen O'Toole reversed the disciplinary action against the officer who unnecessarily pepper sprayed a 65-year-old teacher during a Black Lives Matter protest. The teacher and his advocates, including Councilmember Sawant, don't like it. (PubliCola)

The Seattle Police's highly publicized new "Real Time Crime Center"? It's a video wall, with graphic displays on it. More useful for live TV-news remotes and other PR uses than for practical crime fighting. (Capitol Hill Seattle)


Boeing's union machinists say they trust the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, and its promises to raise environmental standards and working conditions in Asian countries, about as much as they trust Boeing management. Hint: that ain't much. (KING)


Could Amazon be planning a real-world (aka "brick and mortar") store in U Village? Not known for sure yet. What is known is the company's quietly opened what it calls "pickup stores" near a few US college campuses. The next of these will be in Cincinnati (HQ city, as you may know, to both Kroger and today's Macy's). (SeaTimes) (PS Biz Journal)

Amazon's gunning after Etsy, trying to lure maker/sellers of artisanal stuff with its new sub site Handmade. (KUOW)

Is Costco a more influential (er, "transformative") retail company than Amazon? (Crosscut)


The UW Huskies delivered a stunning 17-12 upset at USC. Home vs. Oregon next Saturday.

Seahawks at Cincinnati Sunday.


President Obama's flying in around 3:45 p.m. for (among other things) a Patty Murray fundraiser at the Westin. Plan your getting-around accordingly. (KOMO)


"A Taste of Iceland in Seattle" continues. (Various spots, Fri-Sun)

St. Demetrios Greek Festival. (St. Demetrios Orthodox Church, 2100 Boyer Ave. E., Fri-Sun)

Oktoberfest Northwest. (Puyallup Fairgrounds, Fri-Sun)

Seattle International Auto Show. (CenturyLink Field Events Center, Fri-Sun)

"Made in Seattle," with experimental artists Anna Conner, Babette DeLafayette, John Marc Powell. (Velocity Dance, Fri-Sun)

"Best American Poetry 2015" presentation with Sherman Alexie, Natalie Diaz, Ed Skoog, Cody Walker, Jane Wong. (Hugo House, Fri)

Annual "Plush You"! artisinal plush toy event. (Schmancy, Fri)

Industrial Revelation, jazz/cabaret record release. (Frye Art Museum, Fri)

Viking Disco. (Swedish Cultural Center, Fri)

Bootie Seattle, cosplay-theme DJ party. (Neumos, Fri)

Scorpions, Queensryche (without Geoff Tate). (Kent ShoWare Center, Fri)

John Lennon Birthday Tribute. (Sunset, Fri)

"Depressed Cake Shop" popup store. (Sole Repair, 10 am-2 pm Sat)

Reading/panel with Matt Briggs, Gary Groth, John Olson. (Frye Art Museum, 2 pm Sat)

"Ritual" exhibit by artist Cait Willis. (COCA at Equinox Studios, 6555 5th Ave. S., Sat)

"Some Places Are Forever Afternoon: 11 Places for Richard Hugo," chamber jazz piece by Wayne Horvitz. (Cornish Poncho Concert Hall, 710 E. Roy St., Sat)

Novelist Andrew Ghosh. (Hugo House, Sat)

"Star Wars Reads Day." (Museum of Flight, Sat)

Felt-A-Con, workshops and networking for puppeteers. (Theatre Off Jackson, Sat)

Benefit to Help Eddie Spaghetti (Supersuckers) Kick Cancer's Ass; with Mudhoney, Zeke, and more. (El Corazon, Sat)

V. Contreras with Seattle Rock Orchestra, Fly Moon Royalty. (Triple Door, Sat)

I Love Myselfs, King County Queens, Less Than Equals. (Darrell's, Sat)

Hella Sunshine. (Skylark, Sat)

Munster Piece Theater, with DJ Goo Goo. (Carlile Room, 820 Pine, Sat)

Geek Girl Con. (Convention Center, Sat-Sun)

Seattle Ayurveda Fair. (Sunset Hill Community Association, Sat)

Horror Hangover, flea market sale of VHS tapes and horror memorabilia. (El Corazon, noon Sun)

BAHFest (Festival of Bad Ad Hoc Hypotheses). (Town Hall, Sun)

Wayne Shorter Quartet. (Benaroya Hall, Sun)

Hinds, Public Access TV. (Vera Project, Sun)




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