The World Series begins today, far from Seattle, as it always has been. But MISCmedia MAIL always delivers in the clutch.


Showers may disappear today, then reappear starting Wednesday. 



The Seattle Elks Lodge #92 had once been in an ornate downtown structure, razed for the old Seafirst Tower. They moved to a handsome low-rise on Westlake, then later consolidated into that building's basement. In 1995 the lodge moved to even smaller quarters, the ex-Bloch's restaurant building on lower Queen Anne. As of this week, that's also closed. Where the Elks had been, a developer plans to put up 182 luxury apartments. (PS Biz Journal) (image: Eric Mandel, Queen Anne News)

The Parlor Live comedy club downtown abruptly closed on Sunday. Live standup comedy continues at the Bellevue Parlor Live, and at Pioneer Square's venerable Comedy Underground. (SeaTimes)

After nearly two decades, the Capitol Hill Value Village (store of choice for lesbians in search of vintage small-size menswear) is closing. The building (built for REI in 1963) has been declared a historic landmark; developers still want to subject it to "facadism" and put a new monstrosity behind its front. (Capitol Hill Seattle) 

A city without trees, the old bumper sticker says, isn't fit for a dog. And to save Seattle's trees, we may need to save more of the yards they're in; I.e., saving more single family homes. (Crosscut)



There's a sun 1,400 light-years away, that seems (from the best telescopes we've got) to have "dips in light intensity" at almost even intervals. A sign of intelligent (or at least industrious) life? A natural phenom that could challenge our theories about the universe? (PI.com)


Could the Puget Sound area fare better than other parts of the world from extreme climate change? If so, will that result in yet more people moving here? (KIRO-FM)


If Kshama Sawant is not only re-elected but becomes part of a left-O-center majority on the next City Council, districts won't be the reason. (Josh Feit)

Sawant and Pike/Pine mogul David Meinert got together to propose a rent-stabilization plan for small businesses. (Capitol Hill Seattle)

An 80-ish Aurora Avenue businesswoman is the driving force behind both the anti-Move Seattle campaign and the initiative that created today's City Council districts. (SeaTimes)


If the new incarnation of the Halo game franchise, out today, fails, could it mean the collapse of Microsoft's whole XBox operation? (PS Biz Journal)

Microsoft would rather not participate in efforts to unionize one of its big "perma-temp" labor suppliers. (SeaTimes)

Amazon's rumored to be planning its own global, in-house delivery network, cutting UPS et al. out of the picture. (PS Biz Journal)


REI will be closed on Black Friday, and will encourage customers to play outside that day instead of shopping. (PS Biz Journal)


Units in the new condo project near CenturyLink Field are priced at a cool million (for two-bedrooms). For that, you get views of the container docks, fan noise, and post-game traffic jams! (PS Biz Journal)


Traffic congestion in the Puget Sound area's 19 percent higher than it was less than a decade ago, even though actual miles driven haven't increased by anything close to that. (SeaTimes)


People (even trustees and donors) really, really, really hate the Seattle Public Library "rebranding" drive. (Seattle Review of Books)


A Seattle startup is creating a tabletop home-brewing machine. It'll use prepackaged ingredient mixes to create five liters of beer at a time. It'll cost about a thousand bucks, with half off for crowdfunding investors. (GeekWire)


"Brave Portland woman breaks up Planned Parenthood protest by yelling 'Yeast infections!'" (Slate)


Florence + The Machine. (KeyArena)

Pianist Alexander Melinkov, performing Shostakovich's Piano Trio No. 2 in E minor. (Benaroya Hall)

Tav Falco's Panther Burns. (Tractor)

Christopher Bayley, ex-King County prosecutor, reading from his book "Seattle Justice: The Rise and Fall of the Payoff System in Seattle." (Central Library)

Richard Wolff, economist/author, talks about "economic justice, sustainability, and transition beyond capitalism." (UW Communications Building)

Booktoberfest presents "Ales from the Crypt: Spooky Stories n' Suds." (Pine Box)

Key Nyata, FKi 1st, Tommy Genesis, Beau Young Prince, Undisputed. (Crocodile)

Vinyl WIlliams, JJUUJJUU, Kingdom of the Holy Sun. (Vera Project)

"The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and "Beetlejuice." (Chop Suey)

"Welcome to Night Vale: A Novel" discussed by Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor, and Hank Green. (Town Hall)




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