It took the Kansas City Royals 14 innings and five hours to outlast the Mets in Tuesday's World Series opener. But it always takes five minutes or less to get caught up on local happenings with your loyal MISCmedia MAIL. 


Showers may return Wednesday, leading to heavier rain later in the week.



Lummi Nation youth, who played such a big part in the anti-Shell protests earlier this year, want to bring a canoe to the Paris climate talks in December. They've got a crowdfunding campaign.



A recent re-interpretation of an obscure state law may effectively end a "host family" program for housing homeless teens. (KING)


Teenagers who skip Metro bus fare could be criminally charged. But the County Council finally ended that. (KIRO-TV)

A semi toppled, spilling 45,000 pounds of frozen food onto westbound I-90 near Rainier Avenue. The truck blocked every lane of the freeway. Crews got the mess cleaned up in two hours. No word whether the spillage will find its way to Grocery Outlet any time soon. (SeaTimes)

WSDOT says the I-405 toll lanes are working just fine, thank you. (KING) But a state legislator wants to kill 'em. (KCPQ)

No, Halloween zombie dolls won't get you legally on the HOV lanes, any more than store mannequins. (SeaTimes)

The US Dept. of Transportation won't help fund a pedestrian overpass over I-5 at the future Northgate light rail stop, at least not this year. But it will grant money to help replace the Mukilteo ferry terminal and enlarge downtown Tacoma's short light-rail line. (SeaTimes)


Councilmember Tim Burgess wants Capitol Hill businesses and residential structures to "share parking," reducing the need for parking spaces at each site, and to divert a slice of city parking-meter proceeds to neighborhood uses. (Capitol Hill Seattle)


Someone stole a garbage truck early Tuesday on Capitol Hill, leading police on a 20-minute slow speed chase. When it was all over parked cars, Pronto® bikes, and another garbage truck were hit. (Capitol Hill Seattle)


Seattle will likely see an earthquake at least as big as the one we had in 2000. We're mostly still not ready. (KING)

A new elementary school in Westport can double, if needed, as a "vertical tsunami refuge." (AP)


Two female ex-Microsofties are joining a would-be class action suit, accusing MS of gender discrimination. (PS Biz Journal)

SXSW Interactive (the techie branch of the long running music industry fest) scheduled panels on "gaming culture" and on sexual harassment in tech circles. Both were called off, after anonymous (of course) sexist trolls threatened violence against anyone who would dare accuse anonymous online people of being sexist and violent. Some big participants pulled out of SXSWI in protest of the cancellations. (Bloomberg) 

Seattle's settled a lawsuit by a woman who said she was injured while being arrested in 2011, while she was protesting police officers' handling of two suspects. (SeaTimes)


So much for "labor saving devices:" "Technology makes us work more, Seattleites say." (PS Biz Journal

A local company called Glowforge set a crowdfunding record, raising $28 million to start producing a "3D laser printer" that can operate like a digitally-controlled jigsaw. (KING)


Walgreens wants to take over Rite Aid. If the Feds approve (and they very well might not), it'd create a near-monopoly on drug stores in this and several other states. (CNN)

Boeing lost a huge Air Force stealth-bomber contract to Northrop Grumman. (AP)

Appropriately for Halloween week, the Export-Import Bank, on which Boeing depends heavily for financing foreign sales, may come back from the dead. (KING)


Sounders FC is in a "knockout round" playoff match, at home vs. LA Galaxy tonight.


Opening of play "Buyer and Cellar," "one-man comedy about Hollywood haves and have-nots." (Seattle Rep, thru Nov. 22)

'60s Vinyl Shindig with DJs Vodka Twist, Emmanuelle, and Sofa King. (Revolver Bar)

Seattle Radio Theatre presents "Two Floors Below." (Town Hall)

"Bernie Man," Bernie Sanders fundraiser DJ party. (Kremwerk and Re-bar)

"UnCaged: Thrill Night," evening of horror-themed music, comedy, etc. (Rendevous)

JMPW, Madeleine Cocolas, Braeyden Jae, Nathaniel Kennon Perkins. (Vermilion)

Films "The Ghost Ship" and "The Leopard Man." (Scarecrow Video)

Author Sarah Vowell. (Neptune)

Grimes, Nicole Dollanganger. (Showbox) 

Machinedrum, Tom Kha Soup, more. (Q)

Blowfly, The Gods Themselves, more. (Highline)


(Steve Toltz, "A Fraction of the Whole"):

“The past is truly an inoperable tumour that spreads to the present.”


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