It's Halloween tomorrow, the night of all things dark and scary, creepy and campy. Then the very next day, Standard Time begins and things really do get dark and scary; it's the effective start of "winter" around here. (Though we haven't had any real winters lately.) And the skies are helping set the mood with heavy clouds and precip. Naturally, MISCmedia MAIL remains with you through (cloud covers) thick and thin, through short dim days and long damp nights.


Heavy rain through Saturday, perhaps lightening (or lightning) a little Sunday. Flooding in the lowlands; maybe a little snow in the mountains. (KOMO)

But we're still under drought conditions. Even worse east of the mountains. 

"Federal fish managers" prepare for another year of warm Northwest waters. (KUOW)



Value Village doesn't support charities nearly as much as you might imagine. (InvestigateWest via Weekly)

Macklemore sent out a Tweet® expressing his displeasure at the Capitol Hill Value Village's looming closure. (Capitol Hill Seattle)



…Bremerton high-school-football Satanists! (KING)


Even the KIRO-FM wingnuts (except Monson, natch) dislike Tim Eyman's latest kill-the-public-sector initiative. (NW Progressive Institute) 


Even with a settlement with tenant-activists, Mayor Murray says Triad Partners' "Civic Square" tower project is still dead. (PS Biz Journal)

Some UW "urban researchers" are getting together with city and state officials, on a long-range project to best learn how to "plan for enormous growth." (PS Biz Journal)

Real-estate agent Joe Nabbefeld claims "techies and towers are good for Seattle's soul." We already know they're good for real-estate agents. (Daily Journal of Commerce)

A four-story boutique hotel is planned for 12th and Jefferson, with an artisinal bakery on its ground floor. (Capitol Hill Seattle)


The "justice gap" for low-income people in Washington just keeps a-growin'. (KUOW)


The state's Dept. of Natural Resources has gone over its wildfire-fighting budget five of the last six years. This year, it's gone $137 million over. (KIRO-TV)


A UC Berkeley economist told a local audience that Seattle's high-paying tech jobs will "become commodified" at some point, and will likely be moved to places with cheaper costs of doing business. What Seattle does then will make or break the place, he claims. (PS Biz Journal)


The number of drivers in fatal crashes testing positive for THC has grown 44 percent in five years, the Washington State Traffic Safety Commission claims. (KING)


Parts of the old Olympia brewery property went up for auction this week. Three of the four parcels on offer received bids "well below market value." (AP)


"Coon Creek" isn't our only racist place name. For another, there's a peak in Yakima Valley that was known until 1999 as "Squaw Tit." (Knute Berger) 


Sea-Tac's terminal is getting so crowded, some passengers might have to take shuttle buses to their planes. (PS Biz Journal) 

After making part of Pike Street bus-only downtown, the city might do the same for a similar piece of Pine Street. (KOMO)


Yes, big oil companies can lose money. Shell lost over $6 billion in the last fiscal quarter alone, thanks to depressed oil prices and the defunct Arctic drilling venture. (AP)

Coal keeps getting cheaper, too. Thus, coal-export terminals keep becoming shakier investments. (Sightline Daily)


Seahawks at Dallas Sunday.

Portland and Sporting Kansas City played to a 2-2 draw yesterday. That means, due to the intricacies of Major League Soccer's playoff rules, that Sounders FC will host FC Dallas in a second-round playoff match, at home Sunday evening.

UW Huskies are home vs. Arizona on Halloween night. Fans are asked to wear "blackout" attire.

The Sodo arena plan got approved by the City's Dept. of Planning and Development. SDOT and the City Council need a final sign-off on the project. (KING)


"Psycho" with live score by Seattle Symphony. (Benaroya Hall, Fri-Sat)

"Spookhaus 3," artistic haunted house by the Satori Group. (NW Film Forum, thru Sat.)

"This Is Halloween: The Ninth Annual Halloween Spooktacular," cabaret based on "The Nightmare Before Christmas." (Triple Door, Fri-Sat)

Freaknight dance party with Deadmau5, Tiesto, more. (Tacoma Dome, Fri-Sat)

"17th Annual Animation Show of Shows." (SIFF Egyptian, Fri thru Nov. 5)

Opening of "A Glimmer of Hope or Skin or Light," "dance-theater-cabaret-glam rock musical" by KT Niehoff. (ACT, Fri thru Nov. 15)

Sondra Perry, NYC installation/performance artist. (INCA, 2 W. Roy St., Fri)

Film "Creature from the Black Lagoon," plus live demo on "the eating habits of dragonfly larvae." (NW Stream Center Auditorium, Fri)

Dia de los Muertos celebration, with live music, dance, hands-on art demonstrations. (Seattle Art Museum, Fri)

"Boo-Kakke Circus Party." (The Eagle, Fri)

Daniel Bell, Josef Gaard, Fugal, Miles Mercer. (12th Ave. Arts, Fri)

Film "Alien." (EMP, Fri) 

Scandinavian Holiday Bazaar. (Swedish Cultural Center, Sat-Sun)

Dia de Muertos celebration with performances, rituals, a musical procession, and a community altar. (Seattle Center Armory, Sat-Sun)

Short Run Comix and Arts Festival. (Fisher Pavilion, Sat) 

"Dreams Come True, Almost," talk with Korean artist Yung Yeondoo. (Seattle Asian Art Museum, Sat)

"Haunted History Hike." (Lake View Cemetery, Sat)

Of Montreal, Diane Coffee, Aqueduct, Holy Komodo. (Neptune, Sat)

Troll-O-Ween 2015, outdoor party with live music/performance, costume parade. (Fremont Troll, Sat)

"House of Whorrors," performance event with Ursula Android and an all star cast. (Pony, Sat)

Pulse, "adult Halloween party" with a costume contest, live entertainment, and theme-decorated rooms. (EMP, Sat)

Bushwick Book Club presents original songs inspired by the film "Carrie." (Hale's Palladium, Sat)

Weirdfest, with Rattlesnake Dick, Operadisiac, Meowkestra. (Darrell's, Sun)

Alice Wheeler book signing. (Frye Art Museum bookstore, Sun)

National Theatre Live presents "Hamlet" with Benedict Cumberbatch. (Sundance Cinemas, Sun)

Kurtis Blow, Abyssinian Creole, more. (Crocodile, Sun)

"Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery." (Annex Theatre, Sun)

Shakey Graves, Tennis. (Moore, Sun)


(Franz Kafka):

“I can love only what I can place so high above me that I cannot reach it.”


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