It's the last Friday the 13th of the year! Celebrate by petting the nearest black cat, walking under the nearest ladder, or having sex at Camp Crystal Lake. 


Continued strong rain and winds, with occasional lulls and sun breaks, through the weekend. Potential mountain snow and lowland flooding.



A Portland startup company that specializes in custom pint glasses now has one with an accurate scale model of Mount Rainier molded into its base. It's already got one depicting Mount Hood. (With climate change, maybe the real peaks will also become completely immersed one day.) (PS Biz Journal) (image via Brewpublic)



Pacific Lutheran University plans to sell KPLU to the UW-owned KUOW. The result would be a "duopoly" of bigtime public radio here. The existing KPLU frequency would go all-music (mostly jazz), and all the news programming would go to KUOW. Yep, that means one less local newsroom around here; there's no word yet whether KUOW would absorb any of KPLU's current 15-person news staff. And it leaves the News Tribune as the last major Tacoma-based news operation (though most of KPLU's news staff was based in Seattle lately).


Homeless advocates insist Mayor Murray's $5 million plan to combat homelessness isn't close to enough. They want him to divert $2 million more out of the City's "rainy day fund." (Slog)

Kate Burnett of Housing Now Seattle wants us all to pressure the next City Council to "build all the things." (Seattlish)

Mary's Place, a nonprofit helping homeless and recently-homeless women and families, is launching a drive to make sure that "No Child Sleeps Outside." (KIRO-TV)


Black Lives Matter marchers came out on the UW campus and onto University Way Thursday evening, in solidarity with their U of Missouri brethren. (Of course, mainstream media coverage did not cover the issues being protested, only the march's effect on traffic.) (KIRO-TV)

How to "Make Seattle Politics More Inclusive:" Put out campaign flyers in multiple languages; hire people of color in campaign and public-office leadership; etc. (Seattle Globalist) 


Seattle's got an app for people to report junk illegally dumped around the city. People have reported A LOT of junk. (SeaTimes)

The City's taking legal action against the ex-Seattle Times building's current owner. It's been squatted several times; a small fire broke out in there Wednesday night. (KCPQ)


Thieves took all the tools from a nonprofit that builds wheelchair ramps for needy families. (KCPQ)


Metro's planning a "Bus Rapid Transit" line along East Madison Street. It would have its own bus-only lane, but only for four blocks. (Capitol Hill Seattle)

The South Lake Union Trolley will be upgraded to new tech, allowing cars to run "unwired" if needed. This means the three current cars are up for sale. (KING)


Danny Westneat believes the Legislature could work around Tim Eyman's latest nonsense legislation and create a working progressive tax system for the state at long last.


After Thursday's "ballot drop," City Council candidate Shannon Braddock's lead over Lisa Herbold increased from six to 18 votes. (PI.com)

Mayor Murray wants to open more blocks as potential legal-pot-store sites. (SeaTimes) 


Charlie's on Broadway will reopen, with new owners but the old name (and, they promise, a similar vibe) Nov. 27. (Capitol Hill Seattle)


Could computer-assisted tectonic-plate mapping help predict earthquakes? (KING)

You may have read how the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a 12-nation mammoth trade and tariff pact, could adversely affect environmental, workers'-rights, and other causes. But it could also "blow up a free Internet," giving censors and the media industry more power to scrub the Web. (Guardian)


The Seahawks are home vs. the Arizona Cardinals Sunday night.

The UW football Huskies are at the U of Arizona Saturday afternoon; WSU's at UCLA Saturday night.

The UW men's basketball team opens its regular season in Shanghai tonight, vs. Texas. Gonzaga's men's team, ranked #9 in the nation, opens its season in Okinawa tonight vs. Pitt. The UW women's team opens at home Saturday afternoon vs. Santa Clara. 

Mayor Murray officially turns down a developer's offer to redo KeyArena, claiming that facility's tied up in the currently-pending deal with Chris Hansen for a new Sodo arena. (KING)


Film "Smoke Signals," plus post-film discussion with actress Elaine Mile. (Rainier Valley Cultural Center, Fri)

"Hello Kitty Supercute" exhibit opening party. (EMP, Fri)

COCA Art Marathon auction. (Summit Building, 420 E. Pine St., Fri)

Katie Kate, Erik Blood ("Band in Seattle" TV taping). (Victory Studios, 2247 15th Ave. W., Fri)

The Guessing Game, Shawn Smith. (Highway 99 Blues Club, Fri)

"'Mo-Wave," festival of queer music and art; with Young Evils, Seth Bogart Show, Le1f, more. (Chop Suey, Pony, Vermillion; Fri-Sat)

"Sloggoths on the Veldt, a Cthuhlu Adventure Comedy." (Inscape, Fri-Sun thru Dec. 5)

"The Vaudvillians in Bringing Up the Baby," with Jinks Monsoon and Major Scales. (Teatro ZinZanni, Fri-Sat)

Actor/author Jesse Eisenberg talking with Sherman Alexie. (Broadway Performance Hall, Fri)  

FHTAGN and Driftwood Orchestra (playing on real driftwood). (Chapel Performance Space, Fri)

"connect/reposition," site specific dance performance by Tia Kramer and Tamin Totzke. (Georgetown Steam Plant, Fri-Sun)

Menagerie Pizza Party, with Bgeezy, Mikey Mars, more. (Kremwerk, Fri)

Wimps "Suitcase" record release. (Funhouse, Fri)

Richard Thompson Electric Trio. (Neptune, Fri)

Public Defender Association presents "Drug User Health, Safe Injection Sites." (Town Hall, Fri)

Goodwill Glitter Sale. (Seattle Goodwill main store, Sat-Sun)

Russian Bazaar. (Russian Community Center, 704 19th Ave. E., Sat-Sun)

Latvian Christmas Bazaar. (Latvian Cultural Center, 11710 3rd Ave. NE, Sat-Sun)

The Building's 3rd Fall Arts Extravaganza. (6316 SW Othello St., Sat)

Duo Melis, Spanish/Greek classical guitar team. (Benaroya Hall, Sat)

Central Area Cultural Arts District public meeting. (Langston Hughes Center, Sat)

Actor/comedian Rainn Wilson discussing his memoir "The Bassoon King." (University United Methodist Temple, Sat)

Aaiiee! (Cafe Racer, Sat)

Forterra presents Ampersand Live, magazine release party. (Town Hall, Sat)

Tatiana Gill "Living in the Now" book release. (Fantagraphics Bookstore, Sat)

"Scratch Night" with C. Davida Ingram. (Town Hall, Sat) 

"This Wonderful Life," one-man version of "It's a Wonderful Life" with Chris Carwithen. (Firdale Village Theatre, Edmonds, Sat thru Nov. 28)

The Intelligence. (Frye Art Museum, Sun)

"Canções Profundas (Deep Songs)," composer Steve Peters' tribute to the Azores and their culture. (Luso Food and Wine, Sun)


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