What can be said that has not been said so many times before? Once again, innocents have been murdered for no good or even militarily-strategic reason, merely for PR and power-madness. In one city, as well-documented by the media; but also in other places, on other continents, in just the same week. I will leave it to others to parse the particular whys and wherefores. I'll suffice to say that fanatical inhumanity knows no creed, no color, and no century.


Following a Sunday dry-out, rain and heavy winds (50 mph+) return today. Damp and damper for the foreseeable future.

Looks like we'll have enough mountain snow for at least some ski areas to open before Thanksgiving. (Cliff Mass)



Gathering at Belltown's La Parisienne French bakery, in solidarity with the people of Paris. (Kyle Stokes, KPLU)

Rick Steves wants Americans to keep traveling to Paris and other destinations, in spite of last Friday's tragedy. Not just for the sake of the tourist industry he's part of, but for understanding and personal growth. (KIRO-FM)



Friday's late returns show Lisa Herbold surpassing Shannon Braddock in City Council District 1, for now. (West Seattle Blog) And in District 2, Bruce Harrell increased his lead over Tammy Morales, and is likely to win. (Crosscut)


The state's Public Disclosure Commission is investigating an NRA-affiliate group, over its handling of campaign finance disclosure forms. (SeaTimes)


KPLU fans express their displeasure that their favorite local news station will be devoured and digested by KUOW. (Slog)


Yes, suburban subdivisions are still being built. And one, according to critics, is being built on a mudslide waiting to happen. (KIRO-TV)

The Space Needle's owners want to install higher-capacity elevator cars, a glass floor in the revolving restaurant, and glass walls to replace the metal ropes around the Observation Deck. (Daily Journal of Commerce)


For those who came in late, "the Salish Sea" is a term for the inland waters of Washington and BC (Puget Sound, the Strait of Juan de Fuca, etc.). And scientists have discovered a lot more different kinds of sea life in it than they'd previously known about. (SeaTimes)


Seattle First Presbyterian Church, whose membership has shrunk greatly in recent decades, may split from its national denomination, which has become more liberal about gay marriage and other social issues than the Seattle congregation's leaders. (SeaTimes)


Albertsons/Safeway bought back 12 of the Washington stores it had sold late last year to Haggen. That's all but one of the in-state stores it had bid on in Haggen's bankruptcy auction. (KCPQ)

There's a new Seattle magazine all about real estate and "luxury living," and it's all in Mandarin. (PS Biz Journal)

Another non-aluminum-smelting use for Washington's hydro power: a massive new grocery warehouse in Richland, containing "the largest freezer in North America." (AP)


The Seahawks came back from a sluggish first half but it wasn't enough, dropping their fifth loss of the season to the Arizona Cardinals 39-32. From now on it'll be a struggle just to make the playoffs. Home vs. the 49ers Sunday.

The UW football team blew a 17-3 halftime lead, losing 27-17 at Arizona State. At Oregon State Saturday.

WSU's football Cougars upset UCLA 31-27. Home vs. Colorado Saturday.

The UW men's basketball team beat Texas 77-71 in Shanghai Friday. GeekWire was there. Home opener vs. Mt. St. Mary's Thursday. 

The UW women's season opened Friday with a 100-55 shellacking of Santa Clara. Home vs. Seattle U Wednesday.

Gonzaga's basketball team played half a game in Okinawa. Pitt was ahead 37-35 when referees ended the game after halftime, citing a dangerously "moist and slippery" floor. The game won't be resumed. Home opener vs. Northern Arizona Wednesday.

It's Canada's second greatest sport. And its US championship comes to Everett in 2017. Yep, talkin' about curling. (KING)

The head of the state House Transportation Committee changes her mind; now says she doesn't want Seattle to vacate a street block needed for Chris Hansen's Sodo arena scheme. (KING)


Holly Golighty and the Brokeoffs, Bakelite 78, Insect Man. (Funhouse)

"Sh!tstorm: Kiley," a "no-holds-barred discussion" on local theater criticism in general and Brendan Kiley's tenure at the Stranger in particular. (Rendezvous)

Gardens & Villa, De Lux. (Crocodile)

Ride, Nightmare Fortress. (Neptune)

Author Betty Caroli, discussing her bio of Lady Bird Johnson. (Town Hall)

Convention Center expansion public design meeting. (Capitol Hill Library)




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