If you're reading this, then you've either survived Windstorm 2015 or you've at least got access to a phone charger. Be kind to those who don't, including anyone who shows up at school or the office in still-damp clothes.


After Tuesday's fracas, conditions could be calm and mostly dry today. Maybe even some sun on Thursday. Temps down to the high 40s or below.


When we quoted a Weekly article yesterday, saying the Gates Foundation could've made a lot more money by divesting from fossil-fuel stocks, we should have added "before it did." For the foundation has indeed sold off some of its oil and coal stock holdings; either for eco reasons or for purely fiscal ones. (SeaTimes)



A tree fell on a Metro bus near Shoreline Community College. Only the driver was on board; he survived with minor injuries. (PI.com) (image: King County Sheriff's Office)

At one point or another Tuesday, more than 330,000 people in Western Washington were without electricity. A lot of them still are; many (but not by any means all) in rural and exurban areas. Three people died from falling trees. (KIRO-FM) (SeaTimes)

A sewage treatment plant along the Puyallup River lost power, leading to a small flood that dumped untreated wastewater into the river. (KCPQ) 

The wind tipped over the landmark fiberglass cow on the roof of a West Seattle deli. (It's been tipped over before.) (West Seattle Blog) 



The UW has done a good job of keeping its historic campus buildings up and active. (Principal exception: the Showboat Theatre.) But the little, "brutalist" former Nuclear Rector Building (yes, they had tiny test reactor on the West's largest college campus), a supposed "eyesore" of midcentury concrete "brutalist" architecture, has been threatened with demolition so the UW can put up more comp-sci and engineering classrooms and labs. Knute Berger entertains the idea of saving it. (Seattle mag)

Inside the decline and fall of a would-be local restaurant empire. (Capitol Hill Seattle)


Tammy Morales conceded her City Council District 3 candidacy to Bruce Harrell, who will likely become president of the next Council. (Crosscut)


Yep, there are loud, stupid bigots at the UW. (KUOW)


King County's just established an extensive plan to deal with climate change here at home. (Slog)

As if the known effects of climate change aren't bad enough, a UW study says folks around here are at risk for more floods and landslides. (Slog)

A mill owner admitted to trafficking in wood from illegally-cut, protected maple trees in public forests. (AP)


People who post online "meme" graphics about Norway's generous public programs sometimes don't like to hear how those programs are largely funded by oil revenue. Maybe they'll like to hear that Norway's state-owned oil company is giving up on its plans for drilling off the Alaska coast. (Joel Connelly)


Tacoma's got a beautiful, long abandoned Elks Lodge building. McMenamin's is going to renovate it at long last. (PS Biz Journal)


The Debacle Fest and Motor Records, two mainstays of the local underground-music scene, have new leaders with big plans. (Slog)

The Highway 99 Blues Club on Alaskan Way had been threatened with fatal rent hikes, despite being co-owned by a son of the late Seahawks cofounder Herman Sarkowsky. (Even he can't afford to lose THAT much money.) But the club just signed a new two-year lease, thanks to the waterfront's never-ending construction/destruction. (NW Music Scene)


We're not #2 anymore! The new flavor O' the month destination for coding careerists: Chicago! At least, that's what this story at CodeFellows thinks.


Inside the decline and fall of a would-be local restaurant empire. (Capitol Hill Seattle)


Seattle U at UW in men's basketball tonight.

How much do we know about, and can we trust, the guy who says he can renovate KeyArena for new NBA and/or NHL teams with just private funds? (SeaTimes)


Local authors Devid R. Montgomery and Anne Bikle discuss "The Hidden Half of Nature." (Town Hall) 

Anthony Doerr, author of "All the Light We Cannot See." (Benaroya Hall)

Peter Gurnalick, biographer of Sun Records mogul Sam Phillips. (Elliott Bay Book Co.)

Beacon Bards Poetry Reading Series. (The Station, 2533 16th Ave. S.) 

Misfits, She Demons, more. (Showbox Sodo)

Modern Baseball, PUP, more. (Neumos) 

Elephant Stone, Black Nite Crash, Dirty Sidewalks. (Lo-Fi)

Cell biologist Mark Roth on "Altered States: Can We Control Time?" (Cloud Room, 1424 11th Ave.)

Born Ruffians. (Barboza)




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