Shoppers got to shop and protesters got to protest in Seattle on Friday.

But it was overshadowed by yet another white "Christian" right-wing murderer, this time in Colorado Springs (home of the Air Force Academy, where guys still complain about having to study alongside women, and of the falsely-named pressure group "Focus on the Family").

Our country and our people are under attack by homegrown terrorism and institutionalized inequality. Both are enabled, and sometimes overtly supported, by a major political party. To change this requires more than protests or even "disruption." It requires winning hearts and minds.


After a clear and cold weekend, showers return today, and remain for the rest of the week.

"Freezing fog" over the weekend caused several car accidents and spinouts around western Washington. (KING)



First thing I noticed about Black Friday downtown: the annual "Holiday Parade" wasn't televised. The Store Formerly Known As The Bon Marché apparently didn't renew its deal to have KING cover it.

The second thing I noticed: the number of white people, including but not limited to overt radicals/anarchists, who were in (and provided some of the loudest and most over-the-top moments during) the Black Lives Matter protest.

 The third thing I noticed: the requisitely laid-back and mellow musical acts on stage for the official Westlake Center tree lighting ceremony, and how (apparently under instructions) they made no mention of the 300+ chanting protestors among the crowd.

The fourth thing I noticed (though I don't have an image of it): how KING's "official" coverage of the tree lighting ended with a shot of a FUCK THE POLICE sign.



It's not just at Western (or at Missouri) that black collegians are feeling isolated, persecuted, and threatened. (SeaTimes)

In more positive news, a rally downtown on Saturday supported bringing Syrian refugees here. (KCPQ)


The big Paris global-climate conference is happening. Bill Gates will be there today, to announce the "biggest clean-energy fund ever." Gates, Jeff Bezos, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, and other tech CEOs will launch something called the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, to invest in developing "zero carbon energy technologies." (GeekWire)

When ex-Gov. Gregoire negotiated with a Canadian company to shut down its Centralia coal-fired power plant, she may have set a precedent for how other places can speed up their own clean-energy transitions. (HuffPo)


Patients at Western State Hospital are attacking staff members so often, it costs the state millions in compensation and lost time. (AP)


After fears of toxic algae infecting local crabs, the state's decided to open winter crabbing season in the Seattle-Bremerton area after all. (AP)


We now know the value of (one of) the tax breaks the state's given Boeing: $19.5 million. (SeaTimes) 

The local photo studio that's produced Santa displays at Seattle stores since 1942 doesn't have a downtown location this year, thanks to chain management bringing in its own multi-state Santa operations. (Danny Westneat)

Per capita income increased everywhere in Washington except Lincoln County this past year. Yes, that's a figure that lumps in the rich with everyone else. (SeaTimes)


Call it revenge for Super Bowl XL. Call it a team finally jelling. Whatever you call it, the Seahawks came from behind to beat Pittsburgh 39-30, with five Russell Wilson touchdown passes and four interceptions. But wide receiver Jimmy Graham got hurt and won't be back this season. At Minnesota Sunday.

Without injured QB Luke Falk, but with seven turnovers, the WSU Cougars collapsed in the 108th Apple Cup. The UW Huskies became bowl eligible with the 45-10 win.

Gonzaga finished third in the "Battle 4 Atlantis" men's b-ball tournament in the Bahamas, downing UConn 73-70. The UW took 7th place (among eight teams), beating Charlotte 71-66. Huskies' next: Home vs. Cal State Fullerton Sunday. Zags' next: At WSU Wednesday.

In the "South Point Thanksgiving Shootout" tourney in Vegas, the UW women lost to Syracuse 66-62, but then beat Texas Tech 77-73. Home vs. Portland Wednesday.


Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. (Benaroya Hall)

"Post T-Day Decompression," with music/dance acts from Africa, Brazil, and Puerto Rico. (Union Cultural Center, 803 S. King St.)

Industrial Revelation. (Seamonster Lounge)

"Homeslice" hiphop showcase with Mic Flont, Zuke Saga, Wizdumb. (Crocodile)

Brothertiger. (Barboza)

Jon Beacham, biographer of George H.W. Bush. (Town Hall)

"xkcd" cartoonist Randall Munroe, talking with "The Internet Guy" Hank Green. (Town Hall)

First Aid Arts benefit, with dinner, live music, and talks on using the arts to help "survivors of abuse and tragedy." (Triple Door)

Chris Marker film screening. (Scarecrow Video)

Exhibit opening with Erika Sanada's "eerie sculptures of animals" and Calvin Ma's "wooden robotic action figures. (Abmeyer + Wood, thru Jan 2)




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